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The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Dieter Wunderlich (2001). Two comparatives.

URL: http://web.phil-fak.uni-duesseldorf.de/~wdl/two-comparatives.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 110&langcode=hun (2021-12-03).


Example #1:

    Mi-nél      több-et    olvasok, an-nál        keves-ebb-et tudok.
    what-ADESS more-ACC    read.1sg    that-ADESS little-COMP-ACC know.1sg
    `The more I read, the less I know'
Example #2:

    (3)    a. Anna érdekes-ebb        volt Péter-nél /, mint Péter.
    Anna interesting-COMP was Peter-ADESS / than Peter
    `Anna was more interesting than Peter'
Example #3:

    b. Anna gyors-abb-an        olvas Péter-nél       /, mint Péter.
    Anna fast-COMP-ADV reads Peter-ADESS           / than Peter
    `Anna reads faster than Peter'
Example #4:

    c. Anna több könyv-et     olvas Péter-nél         /, mint Péter.
    Anna more book-ACC reads Peter-ADESS           / than Peter
    `Anna reads more books than Peter'
Example #5:

    (4)    a. Anna érdekes-ebb,        mint (a-milyen            érdekes)         Péter (volt).
    Anna interesting-COMP than REL-what.kind           interesting      Peter was
    `Anna is more interesting than Peter was'
Example #6:

    b. Anna gyors-abb-an olvas, mint (a-hogy (gyors-an))                Péter (olvas).
    Anna fast-COMP-ADV reads than REL-how fast-ADV                   Peter reads
    `Anna reads faster than Peter does'
Example #7:

    c. Anna több könyv-et olvas, mint (a-mennyi   (könyve)-t)              Péter (olvas).
    Anna more book-ACC reads than REL.how.many book-ACC                 Peter reads
    `Anna reads more books than Peter does'                                    (KVF:
Example #8:

    (5)    a. Anna kevésbé érdekes volt {*Péter-nél/, mint Péter}.
    Anna less    interesting was than Peter
    `Anna was less interesting than Peter'
Example #9:

    c. Anna keves-ebb könyv-et olvas {Péter-nél/, mint Péter}.
    Anna less         book-ACC reads than Peter / Peter-adess
    `Anna reads less books than Peter'                                        (KFV:1
Example #10:

    (6)        Anna több könyv-et olvas-ott,    mint a-mennyi             cikk-et Péter írt.
    Anna more book-ACC read-PAST than REL-how.many article-ACC Peter wrote
    `Anna has read more books than Peter has written articles'                (KVF:1
Example #11:

    (7)         A-mennyi           cikk-et        Péter írt,     csodálatos/impozáns volt.
    REL-how.many article-ACC          Peter wrote amazing/impressive was.
    `How many articles Peter wrote, was amazing/impressive'
Example #12:

    (8)        Anna olyan érdekes, mint (a-milyen) Péter (volt).
    Anna such interesting as    REL-how Peter was.
    `Anna was as interesting as Peter'
Example #13:

    (9)    a. Ki-nél         volt Péter érdekes-ebb?
    who-ADESS was Peter interesting-COMP
    `Peter was more interesting than who?'
Example #14:

    b. Ki-nél        olvas-ott Péter több könyv-et?
    who-ADESS read-PAST Peter more book-ACC
    `Peter read more books than who?
Example #15:

    (10)       Ismer-t-em       egy ember-t, a-ki-nél         senkisem olvas-ott több könyv-et.
    know-PAST-1sg a man-ACC, REL-who-ADESS nobody read-PAST more book-ACC
    `I knew a man, nobody read more books than he'
Example #16:

    (13)   a. Péter okos-abb volt,      mint   Hans vagy Fritz.
    Peter clever-COMP was     than   Hans or Fritz
    `Peter was more clever    than   either Hans or Fritz' (dispreferred)
Example #17:

    b. Péter okos-abb volt, mint Hans és Fritz.
    Peter clever-COMP was than Hans and Fritz
    `Peter was more clever than both Hans and Fritz'
Example #18:

    c. Péter okos-abb volt Hans-nál és Fritz-nél        / *Hans-nál vagy Fritz-nél.
    Peter clever-COMP was Hans-ADESS and Fritz-ADESS / *Hans-ADESS or Fritz-ADESS
    `Peter was more clever than both Hans and Fritz'
Example #19:

    (16)   a. Péter Hans-nál vagy Fritz-nél        volt okos-abb.
    Peter Hans-ADESS or Fritz ADESS was clever-COMP
    `It was Hans or Fritz that Peter was more clever than'
Example #20:

    (17)   a. A polc     hossz-abb, mint amilyen széles a szoba.
    the shelf long-COMP than what wide the room
    `The shelf is longer than the room is wide'
Example #21:

    b. A polc hossz-abb          a szoba széles-ség-é-nél.
    the shelf long-COMP the room wide-NOML-3sg.POSS-ADESS
    `The shelf is longer than the room's width'
Example #22:

    (i) A csomag          nehez-ebb      a mérleg súly-á-nál           /*súlyos-ság-á-nál.
    the package heavy-COMP the scale weight-3sg.POSS-ADESS / weighty-NOM-3sg.POSS-ADESS
    `The package is heavier than the scale's weight/*weightiness'
Example #23:

    (19)   a. (Én)      Péter-t       jo-bb-an         szeret-em nál-ad.
    I         Peter-ACC     good-COMP-ADV love-1sg ADESS-2sg
    `I love   Peter more than you (love Peter)'                [mint teNOM ]
Example #24:

    b. Péter-t    jo-bb-an           szeret-em, mint téged / mint te.
    Peter-acc good-COMP-ADV love-1sg than 2sg.ACC/ than 2sg.NOM
    `I love Peter more than (I love) you/ than you (love Peter)'
Example #25:

    c. A matek-ot       jo-bb-an         szeret-em nál-ad.
    the math-ACC     good-COMP-ADV love-1sg ADESS-2sg
    `I love math more than you (love math)'
Example #26:

    (20)   a. Anna több könyv-et    ad-ott     Ferenc-nek Péter-nél.
    Anna more book-ACC give-PAST Ferenc-DAT Peter-ADESS
    `Anna gave more books to Ferenc than to Peter'
Example #27:

    b. Anna Péter-nél     több könyv-et    ad-ott  Ferenc-nek.
    Anna Peter-ADESS more book-ACC give-PAST Ferenc-DAT
    `Anna gave more books to Ferenc than Peter'
Example #28:

    (22)      Ez      inkább Péter feladat-a,     mint az enyém        /*nál-am.
    DEM more Peter        task-3sg.POSS than the mine        /ADESS-1sg
    `This is more Peter's task than mine'
Example #29:

    (23)    a. Nek-i      jobban tetszik a könyv nál-am.
    DAT-3sg better like       the book ADESS-1sg.
    `He/she likes the book more than I'
Example #30:

    b. Anná-nak Péter-nél       nehez-ebb          franciául olvas-ni.
    Anna-DAT Peter-ADESS difficult-COMP French read-INF
    `For Anna it is more difficult to read French than for Peter'
Example #31:

    d. A GB fontos-abb       volt        Anná-nak    Péter-nél.
    the GB important-COMP was         Anna-DAT    Peter-ADESS
    `GB was more important for        Anna than   Peter'
Example #32:

    (24)   a. Dániel-nek érdekes-ebb         könyv-e-i                     vannak      Péter-nél.
    Daniel.DAT interesting-COMP book-3sg.POSS-pl                 are         Peter-ADESS
    `Daniel has more interesting books at Peter'
Example #33:

    b. Dániel-nek érdekes-ebb         könyv-e-i                     vannak      a GB-nél.
    Daniel.DAT interesting-COMP book-3sg.POSS-pl                 are         the GB-ADESS
    `Daniel has more interesting books than GB'
Example #34:

    (25)   a. Anna Péter-nek telefonál.
    Anna Peter-DAT telephone
    `Anna calls Peter up'
Example #35:

    b. Anna Péter-rel telefonál.
    Anna Peter-INSTR telephone
    `Anna calls Peter up'
Example #36:

    (26)   a. Gyakra-bb-an      telefonál-t-am        nek-i      Péter-nél.
    often-COMP-ADV telephone-PAST-1sg DAT-3sg Peter-ADESS
    ??`I called him up more often at Peter'
Example #37:

    b. Gyakra-bb-an      telefonál-t-am        vel-e      Péter-nél.
    often-COMP-ADV telephon-PAST-1sg INSTR-3sg Peter-ADESS
    * `I called him up more often than (I called up) Peter'
Example #38:

    b. Anna Péter-nél      érdekes-ebb       könyv-ek-et olvas-ott.
    Anna Peter-ADESS interesting-COMP book-pl-ACC read-PAST
    `Anna read more interesting books than Peter'
Example #39:

    (28)   a. Nál-a      unalmas-abb ember-t         még soha sem      látt-am.
    ADESS-3sg  boring-COMP person-ACC yet never not          saw-1sg
    `I've never seen a more boring person than him'
Example #40:

    b. Anna a könyv-et egy Péter-nél érdekes-ebb              ember-nek küld-te  el.
    Anna the book-ACC a Peter-ADESS interesting-COMP person-DAT send-PAST.3sg PREV
    `Anna sent the book to a more interesting person than Peter'
Example #41:

    c. Ez a könyv még egy Péter-nél          butá-bb       ember-nek       is     tetszett.
    this the book even a    Peter-ADESS stupid-COMP person-DAT          also   please.PAST
    `This book has pleased an even more stupid person than Peter'