The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Olga Mišeska Tomić (2003). The Balkan Sprachbund properties.

URL: http://www.lotschool.nl/GraduateProgram/LotSchools/Summerschool2003/Tomic.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 1333&langcode=ron (2021-04-10).


Example #1:

    b.     S         ne vedem               sntoi!                                            R
    that.Mod us see.1Pl.Pres         healthy.M.Pl
    `May we see each other healthy!'
Example #2:

    (5)       a.       Soro!                                 (Nom sor)           R
Example #3:

    b.       Popescule!                            (Nom Popescu)           R
Example #4:

    profesor/un profesor.
    professor/a professor
    `I saw/have seen Ion/the professor/a (specific) professor.'
Example #5:

    b.       Caut           profesor/un profesor.                                             R
    look for.1Sg professor/a professor
    `I am looking for a/any professor.'
Example #6:

    o         floare.
    a.F.Sg    flower
    `Petru   gave the girl a flower.'
Example #7:

    (16)   a.     floara                   fetei                                     R
    flower+the.F.Sg          girl+the.F.Sg.Dat
    `the girl's flower'
Example #8:

    (i)     (*L)-am           vzut             profesorul.
    3Sg.Acc.Cl-have.1Sg        seen    professor+the.M.Sg
    `I saw/have seen the professor.'
Example #9:

    `I saw/have seen the professor/a (specific) professor.'
Example #10:

    (35)        a.       Filmul           sta               *(l-)am              vzut.                   R
    film+the.M.Sg this.M.Sg            3Sg.M.Acc.Cl-have.1Sg seen
    `This film, I haven't seen.'
Example #11:

    b.       Am                                 mncat            petele.                    R
    3Sg.M.Acc.Cl-have.1Sg              eaten             fish+the.M.Sg
    `I ate/have eaten the fish.'
Example #12:

    o       floare.
    a.F.Sg flower
    `Petru gave the girl a flower.'
Example #13:

    sta        capac.
    this.M.Sg lid
    `I covered the pot with this lid.'
Example #14:

    c.      I               se             lucra                n fabric.    R
    3Sg.Dat.Cl      Impers.Acc.Cl work.3Sg.Imperf       in factory
    Not: `(S)he felt like working in the factory.'
Example #15:

    crowd+ the.F.Sg
    `His/her bright face dominated the crowd.'
Example #16:

    n      mulime.
    in      crowd
    `I spotted his/her face in the crowd.'
Example #17:

    (47)       a.       Este frumoas            nevasta-sa.                                                R
    is     beautiful.F.Sg wife-his/her.Sg.F.Cl
    `His wife is beautiful.'
Example #18:

    b.      Intenioneaz s                   mearg/*meargi          la    Paris. R
    intend.3Sg     Subj.Mark        go.3/2Sg.Subj          to    Paris
    `(S)he intends to go to Paris.'
Example #19:

    vin            numaidect.
    come3Sg.Subj immediately.
    `(S)he gave an order for Maria to come immediately'.
Example #20:

    b.   Vrea          s              pleci/plece   la      Bucureti.    R
    want.3Sg      Subj.Mark      leave.2/3Sg to        Bucharest
    `S)he wants you/him/her to leave for Bucharest.'
Example #21:

    tie                    englezete.
    know.3Sg.Subj          English
    `I am looking for a girl that knows English.'
Example #22:

    s-l                            angajm.
    Subj.Mark+3Sg.M.Acc.Cl hire.1Pl
    `Ion is too dangerous for us to hire him.'
Example #23:

    d.     Nu      am           cu     cine s                 vin.          R
    not     have.1Sg     with who Subj.Mark            come.1Sg
    `I have nobody with whom I can come.'
Example #24:

    (61)   a.     Ion    va                    pleca         mine.             R
    Ion    will.3Sg.Mod.Cl       leave.Inf     tomorrow
    `Ion will leave tomorrow.'
Example #25:

    `Ion will ask him for the car.'
Example #26:

    b.      Se            va                         fi      plimbat      Ion.   R
    Impers.Acc.Cl will.3Sg.Mod.Cl            be.Perf walk.Part    Ion
    `Ion will have walked.'