The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Rob PensalīŦni (2002). Vowel harmony in Jingulu.

URL: http://www.ai.mit.edu/projects/dm/featgeom/pensalfini-harmony.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 1587&langcode=jig (2018-10-23).


Example #1:

    (6) a. bininja            bardakurra
    man                good(m)
    `good man'
Example #2:

    b. nayurni            bardakurrirni
    woman              good(f)
    `good woman    '
Example #3:

    c. babirdimi          bardakurrimi
    yam                good(v)
    `good yam'
Example #4:

    d. darrangku          bardakurru
    tree               good(n)
    `good tree'
Example #5:

    (7)   a.     Ngangarra ngaja-nga-ju.
    wild_rice see-1sg-do
    `I can see wild rice.'
Example #6:

    b.     Ngangarra ngiji-ngurru-ju.
    wild_rice see-1plInc-do
    `We can see wild rice.'
Example #7:

    c.     Ngiji-kunyi-ju ngangarra?
    see-2dl-do wild_rice
    `Can you two see the wild rice?'
Example #8:

    d.     Mankiya-ju ambaya-ju.
    sit-do         talk-do
    `He's sitting down talking.'
Example #9:

    `You and I are sitting, talking language.'
Example #10:

    f.       Ngininiki        dika maja-nga-yi kurlukurlu.
    this(n)          fat get-1sg-fut      small(n)
    `I'll get a little bit of this fat.'
Example #11:

    g.       Ngunu buba miji-yirri!
    dem (n) fire         get-goImpv
    `Go get some firewood!'
Example #12:

    h.       Ngarrabaja-mi jamaniki-rni marliyi-ngirri-ju!
    tell-irr             this(m)-foc     sick-1plExc-do
    `Tell that person that we're sick.'
Example #13:

    i.       Ngirribiji-ji       ngininiki-rna.
    tell-negImpv this(n)-foc
    `Don't go spreading this around!'
Example #14:

    (8)      a.     Wawa-rni ngaja-nyu-nu.
    child-erg see-2Obj-did
    `The child saw you.'
Example #15:

    b.     Ngangarra ngaja-mi!
    wild_rice     see-irr
    `Look at the wild rice!'
Example #16:

    c.     Kijurlurlu-ngkami ngaja-ni-ngurru-ju.
    stone-abl             see-inv -1plInc-do
    `He sees us from the rock.'
Example #17:

    (9) a. *Maja-nya-yirri!/*Miji-nyi-yirri!
    `Go and get it!'
Example #18:

    b. *Ngarrabaja-nya-ji!/*Ngirribiji-nyi-ji
    `Don't tell anyone!'
Example #19:

    c. *Maja-arna-yirri!/*Miji-irni-yirri!
    get-1Obj- goImpv
    ` Go/come and get us!'
Example #20:

    d. *Ngarrabaja-arna-ji!/*Ngirribiji-irni-ji!
    `Don't tell us!'
Example #21:

    e. Arduwa-nama kunyila             langalanga-nya-mi.
    slow-time         2dlnom        think-2sg-irr
    `You just think about it first!'
Example #22:

    f. Ngunya-arna-mi kungka.
    give-1Obj-irr     another(n)
    `Give me another one!'
Example #23:

    g. Ngiji-ngirri-nyu-nu kunyaku.
    see-1plExc-2Obj-did 2dlacc
    `We saw you two.'
Example #24:

    (10) a. Yabanju maja-wanya-mi dunjuwa-kaju wanyu-mi!
    small(n) get-2dlimpv -irr burn-th r u 2dl-irr
    `You two get a little fire going!'
Example #25:

    b. Kunyiyirrini dalkbaja-anya-mi!
    2dlerg    pull-2dlimpv -irr
    `You two pull this!'
Example #26:

    c. Ngaja-arra-mi!
    see-2plimpv -irr
    `Look, you mob!'
Example #27:

    (14) a. Ya-jiyimi bininja.
    3sg-come man
    `The man is coming.'
Example #28:

    b. Ya-ngku            ngurrarrungka.
    3sg- will_com e tomorrow
    `He'll come tomorrow.'
Example #29:

    c. Ya-miki      murdika-mbili.
    3sg-came car-loc
    `He came in a car.'
Example #30:

    (15) a. Nga-ardu.
    `I'm going.'
Example #31:

    b. Nga-rriyi.
    1sg- will_go
    `I'll go.'
Example #32:

    c. Nga-rruku idajku.
    1sg-went yesterday
    `I went (there) yesterday.'
Example #33:

    (16) a. Wayabij            nya-ju.
    tired              2sg-do
    `You are tired.'
Example #34:

    b. Ngindi-mbili       nga-nu.
    here-loc           1sg-did
    `I did it here.'
Example #35:

    c. Wurraka-na         ya-yi.
    3plgen- m          3sg-fut
    `He'll do it for them.'
Example #36:

    d. Yukulurrubi        ya-marriyi             nginimbili.
    grass_species      3sg-did(dist)          here
    `Yukulurrubi used to be here.'
Example #37:

    (17) a. Ajuwara manyan nya-nu?                   - Ngindi-mbili nga-nu.
    where          sleep             2sg-did   d em -loc       1sg-did
    `Where did you sleep?'                   - `I did it there.'
Example #38:

    b. Ajuwara manyan nya-nu?                   - *Ngindi-mbili (manyan) nga.
    where          sleep             2sg-did   d em -loc       sleep         1sg
    `Where did you sleep?'                   - `I (slept) there.'
Example #39:

    d. Ngini-mbilimankiya-nga-yi,                 ngawu           nga-yi.
    here           sit-1sg-fut                 home            1sg-fut
    `I'll stay here, I will (stay) home.'
Example #40:

    (22)     Ngaja-ana-ju.
    He/she sees me/us.
Example #41:

    (23) a. Bininja-rni           ngurraku ngaja-ana-ju.
    man-erg               1plIncaccsee-1Obj- do
    The man can see us.
Example #42:

    b. Bininja-rni           ngurraku ngaja-ni-ngurru-ju.
    man-erg               1plIncaccsee-inv-1plInc-do
    The man can see us.