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The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:


URL: http://csli-publications.stanford.edu/LFG/9/lfg04bauer.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 1712&langcode=mri (2020-08-13).


Example #1:

    (b) kei te haere tonu
    PROG go        still
    `am/is/are still going'
Example #2:

    (c) e      waiata ana
    PROG- sing       -PROG
    `am/is/are/was/were singing'
Example #3:

    (3) (a) te      tangata
    DEF SG man
    `the man'
Example #4:

    (b) ng pukapuka nei
    DEF PL book           PROX
    `these books'
Example #5:

    (c) t-a-ku waiata hou
    SG-A-1SG song        new
    `my new song'
Example #6:

    (d) -a-ku      waiata hou
    PL-A-1SG song     new
    `my new songs'
Example #7:

    (4) (a) i        te      Mane
    at.PAST DEF SG Monday
    `on Monday (past)'
Example #8:

    (b) a        te      Mane
    at.FUT DEF SG Monday
    `on Monday (next)'
Example #9:

    (c) ki taku whare
    to my       house
    `to my house'
Example #10:

    (c) I     whngai-a ng ngeru e te               tangata
    PAST feed-PASS. DEF PL cat      AG DEF SG man
    `The cats were fed by the man.'
Example #11:

    (6) (a) I          te      Mane     ka        haere ahau ki Taup
    at.PAST DEF SG Monday REL TAM go           1SG to Taupo
    `I went to Taupo on Monday.'
Example #12:

    (b) N te         ngwh ka           waikura ng     whare
    by DEF SG sulphur REL TAM rust            DEF PL house
    `Because of the sulphur, the buildings rusted.'
Example #13:

    (c) N te        mahi rtou i       hoki   ai     ki Pneke
    by DEF SG work 3PL PAST return PART. to Wellington
    `They returned to Wellington because of the work.'
Example #14:

    (7) Ko te            pahi o te         kura tnei
    PREP DEF SG bus       of DEF SG school this
    `This is the school bus.'
Example #15:

    (8) He tino kino tnei pahi
    CL very bad this         bus
    `This bus is really terrible.'
Example #16:

    (9) Kei       roto     ng      tamariki i      te      whare kura
    at.PRES inside DEF PL children at.NEUT DEF SG house school
    `The children are in the school building.'
Example #17:

    (10) (a) N-              te       kaiako tnei pukapuka
    ACTUAL-A.POSS DEF SG teacher this            book
    `This book belongs to the teacher.'
Example #18:

    (b) M-          Pani nei pukapuka
    IRR-A.POSS Pani these book
    `These books are for Pani.'
Example #19:

    (c) M         Pani tnei hiho
    IRR-O.POSS Pani this      horse
    `This horse is for Pani.'
Example #20:

    (11) (a) N-            te      kaiako ia      i       whaka-oho
    `The teacher woke him/her up.'
Example #21:

    (12) N-              wai tr i        k?
    ACTUAL-A.POSS who that past say
    `Who said that?'
Example #22:

    (13) M--u            e          horoi ng rhi!
    IRR-A.POSS-2SG NONPAST wash DEF PL dishes
    `You are to wash the dishes.'
Example #23:

    (14) Ko nei ng pukapuka n--ku                           i     tuhituhi
    EQ these DEF PL book           ACTUAL-A.POSS-1SG PAST write
    `These are the books I wrote.'
Example #24:

    (14a) N--ku                  i      tuhituhi ng        pukapuka
    ACTUAL-A.POSS-1SG PAST write           DEF PL book
    `I wrote the books.'
Example #25:

    (15a) N-                  Rewi he       pukapuka i        hari
    ACTUAL-A.POSS Rewi INDEF book               PAST carry
    `Rewi carried a book.'
Example #26:

    (c) *I te       horoi he     tangata i       te        whare
    PASTPROG clean INDEF man            ACC DEF SG house
    (`A man was cleaning the house.')
Example #27:

    (d) Ka         kite-a    e ia      he     pounamu i Arahura
    REL TAM see-PASS. AG 3 SG INDEF greenstone at Arahura
    `Greenstone was found by him at Arahura.'
Example #28:

    (e) E        tangi he        p       i ng       p      katoa
    HABIT sound INDEF flute at DEF PL night all
    `A flute played every night.'
Example #29:

    (f) He       rua i           raro
    INDEF hole at. PAST below
    `Below [it] was a cavern.'
Example #30:

    (16) (a) N-               Koro i       tarai   te        waka
    ACTUAL-A.POSS Koro PAST shape DEF SG canoe
    `Koro shaped the canoe.'
Example #31:

    (b) N-               Koro te          waka i        tarai
    ACTUAL-A.POSS Koro       DEF SG canoe PAST shape
    `Koro shaped the canoe.'
Example #32:

    (c) Ko te          waka n-                Koro i          tarai
    TOP DEF SG canoe ACTUAL-A.POSS Koro PAST shape
    `The canoe, Koro shaped.'
Example #33:

    (16) (d) Ko Rewi kei te waha                 i te         pke kina
    TOP Rewi PROG carry on back ACC DEF SG bag               sea-egg
    `Rewi is carrying the bag of sea-eggs on his back.'
Example #34:

    (16) (e) *Ko te         pke kina     kei te waha            a         Rewi
    TOP DEF SG bag sea-egg PROG carry on back PERS ART Rewi
    (`The bag of sea-eggs, Rewi is carrying on his back.')
Example #35:

    (16) (f) Kei te waha            a          Rewi i te         pke kina
    PROG carry on back PERS ART Rewi ACC DEF SG bag sea-egg
    `Rewi is carrying the bag of sea-eggs on his back.'
Example #36:

    (7) Ko te            pahi o te         kura tnei
    PREP DEF SG bus       of DEF SG school this
    `This is the school bus.'
Example #37:

    (19) (a) N-               Mere i        whaka-pai te           tpu
    ACTUAL-A.POSS Mere       PAST CAUSE-good DEF SG table
    `It was Mere who set the table.'
Example #38:

    i       tuhituhi te       pukapuka r
    PAST write        DEF SG book          DIST
    `This is the man who wrote that book.'
Example #39:

    pukapuka r
    book        DIST
    `The man wrote that book.'
Example #40:

    (b) Kei      te      whare taku whaea
    at.PRES DEF SG house my mother
    `My mother is at the house.'
Example #41:

    (22) (a) Ko tnei te         whare i      moe ai         taku whaea
    EQ this     DEF SG house PAST sleep PART. my mother
    `This is the house where my mother slept,'
Example #42:

    (b) I       moe taku whaea i roto             i te        whare
    PAST sleep my        mother at inside at DEF SG house
    `My mother slept in this house.'
Example #43:

    ai      ahau i      te       reta ki a             ia
    PART. ISG      ACC DEF SG letter to PERS ART 3SG
    `When she arrives, I will show her the letter.'
Example #44:

    (*ai) ahau
    `When she arrives, I will be at the marae.'