The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Tang, Sze-Wing (1998). Parametrization of Features in Syntax.

URL: http://www.cbs.polyu.edu.hk/tang/Dissertation/Tang%201998b.pdf

(Last accessed 2006-02-18).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 2375&langcode=yue (2018-10-19).


Example #1:

    (35)    Ngo ukkei ting din      lei.
    I  home stop electricity Part
    `My home had a power failure a short while ago'
Example #2:

    (37)   Ngo tai-zo ni bun syu zaa.                           (*Subj/V/Obj)
    I    read-Perf this Cl book only
    `I only read this book.'
Example #3:

    (38)   Ngo tai-zo bun syu jat-ci       zaa.                         (Freq>Obj>V>*Subj)
    I    read-Perf Cl book one-time only
    `I read the book once only.'
Example #4:

    (39)   Ngo hou faai-gam tai-zo      bun syu zaa.            (*Subj/?Adv/V/Obj)
    I    very fast-ly read-Perf Cl book only
    `I only read the book quickly.'
Example #5:

    (40)   Ngo manmangam haang zaa.                             (*Subj/Adv/V)
    I    slowly       walk only
    `I only walk slowly.'
Example #6:

    (41)   Ngo hai tousyugwun tai-syu       zaa.                (*Subj/Loc/V)
    I     in library       read-book only
    `I only read in the library.'
Example #7:

    (42)   Ngo camjat tai-syu       zaa.                        (*Subj/Temp/V)
    I    yesterday read-book only
    `I only read yesterday.'
Example #8:

    (43)   Camjat ngo tai-syu       zaa.                        (*Temp/*Subj/V)
    yesterday I    read-book only
    `Yesterday I read only.'
Example #9:

    (44)   Ngo jung ni zi bat cimmeng zaa.                      (*Subj/Instr/V)
    I    by this Cl pen sign      only
    `I only sign documents by using this pen.'
Example #10:

    (45)   Ngo bei pin man bei Siu Ming zaa.                    (DO/IO)
    I    give Cl paper to Siu Ming only
    `I gave (only) the paper (only) to Siu Ming.'
Example #11:

    (46)   Ngo man-zo Siu Ming jat-tiu mantai zaa.              (DO>??IO)
    I    ask-Perf Siu Ming one-Cl question only
    `I asked Siu Ming only one question.'
Example #12:

    (47)   Ngo man-zo loeng-go jan       ni tiu mantai zaa. (IO>DO)
    I    ask-Perf two-Cl person this Cl question only
    `I asked only two people this question.'
Example #13:

    (48)   Bun syu, ngo saumaai zaa.                               (*Obj/*Subj/V)
    Cl book I store up only
    As for that book, I only store it up.'
Example #14:

    (51)   Ngo tausin sai-zo     gaa-ce (*zaa) lai (*zaa).
    I    just wash-Perf Cl-car only Part only
    `I just (*only) washed the car.'
Example #15:

    (52)   Ngo sai-zo     gaa-ce (*zaa) laa (*zaa).
    I    wash-Perf Cl-car only Part only
    `I have (*only) washed the car.'
Example #16:

    (69)   a.   Nei sik-zo matje laa?                                   (what)
    you eat-Perf what Part
    `What did you eat?'
Example #17:

    b.   ??Nei dimgaai sik-zo go caang laa?                      (why)
    you why    eat-Perf Cl orange Part
    `Why did you eat the orange?'
Example #18:

    (70)   a.      Nei zingwaa sik-zo matje lei?                              (what)
    you just    eat-Perf what Part
    `What did you just eat?'
Example #19:

    b.      ??Nei zingwaa dimgaai sik caang lei?                       (why)
    you just    why      eat orange Part
    `Why did you just eat an orange?'
Example #20:

    (71)   a.      Nei jiwai [keoi zingwaa sik-zo matje lei] a?               (what)
    you think he just      eat-Perf what Part Q
    `What do you think he just ate?'
Example #21:

    b.      ??Nei jiwai [keoi zingwaa dimgaai sik caang lei] a?        (why)
    you think he just      why      eat orange Part Q
    `Why do you think [he just ate an orange t]?
Example #22:

    (73)       Keoi dimgaai sik-zo jat-go caang zaa.
    he why eat-Perf one-Cl orange only
    `Why did he eat only one orange?'
Example #23:

    (84)   Nei sik-zo matje waa?
    you eat-Perf what Q
    (ii) *'What did you eat?'
Example #24:

    (86)   Nei dimgaai siu waa?
    you why      laugh Q
    `Lit.: You laugh WHY?'
Example #25:

    (92)    Nei sik-gwo matje maa?                         (Cantonese)
    you eat-Exp what Q
    `Have you eaten anything?'
Example #26:

    (94)   ?Nei sik-gwo matje lei maa?
    you eat-Exp what Part Q
    `Did you just eat anything?'
Example #27:

    (103) *Nei sing    matje lei?                                            (Cantonese)
    you surname what Part
    `What was your surname?'
Example #28:

    (105) Nei heoi-zo/gwo bindou lei?                                        (Cantonese)
    you go-Perf/Exp where Part
    `Where did you go only a short while ago?'
Example #29:

    (i)       ?Ngo mou taam-gwo Wong sinsaang/go go jan              lei.
    I   not visit-Exp Wong mister/ that Cl person Part
    `I didn't visit Mr. Wong/that person a short while ago.'
Example #30:

    (107) Ngo mou taam-gwo bingo lei.                                    (Cantonese)
    I     not visit-Exp who Part
    `I didn't visit anyone a short while ago.'
Example #31:

    (109) a.       Dip sung, ngo ling-zo-ceotheoi lei.           (Cantonese)
    Cl dish I       bring-Perf-out Part
    `I just brought the dish out.'
Example #32:

    b.      Keoi tautaudei sik    jin   lei.
    he secretly smoke cigarette Part
    `He just secretly smoked.'
Example #33:

    (145) *Siu Ming daa-zo nei, Siu Koeng ngo.                     (Cantonese)
    Siu Ming hit-Perf you Siu Koeng I
    `Siu Ming hit you and Siu Koeng me.'
Example #34:

    (146) Siu Ming bei-zo    loeng-bun syu ngo.
    Siu Ming give-Perf two-Cl    book I
    `Siu Ming gave two books to me.'
Example #35:

    (147) Siu Ming bei-zo    loeng-bun syu nei, saam-bun syu ngo.
    Siu Ming give-Perf two-Cl    book you three-Cl book I
    `Siu Ming gave two books to you and three books to me.'