The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Liina Pylkkänen (2002). Introducing Arguments.

URL: http://www.ai.mit.edu/projects/dm/theses/pylkkanen02.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 2522&langcode=fin (2018-10-23).


Example #1:

    Sö -i-n          tomaati-n        raaka -na.
    eat-PAST-1SG tomato-ACC           raw-ESSIVE
    `I ate a tomato raw'
Example #2:

    Liisa       kirjoitti Mati- lle kirjee-n.
    Liisa.NOM wrote Matti-ALL letter-ACC
    `Liisa wrote Matti a letter'
Example #3:

    Liisa-lle    tuli     kolme kirjettä
    Liisa-ABL came three letters
    `Liisa got three letters'
Example #4:

    Liisa       myi      Mati- lta    talo-n.
    Liisa.NOM sold       Matti-ABL house-ACC
    `Liisa sold Matti's house' (Lit: Liisa sold a house from Matti.)
Example #5:

    Liisa-lta       tippui   avaimet.
    Liisa-ABL       dropped  keys
    `Liisa dropped her keys'
Example #6:

    Jokui     varasti Sanna -ltaj     avaimet  juovuksissa(i/*j).
    somebody stole Sanna -ABL         keys.ACC drunk
    `Somebody stole the keys from Sanna drunk'
Example #7:

    Sanna -ltaj     varastettiin avaimet juovuksissa(j)
    Sanna -ABL      stole.PASS keys.ACC drunk
    `Sanna got her keys stolen drunk'
Example #8:

    Riikka         näki    Sanna -lta aluspaida -n.
    Riikka.NOM saw         I-ABL          undershirt-ACC
    'Riikka saw Sanna's undershirt' (Lit: 'Riikka saw an undershirt from Sanna')
Example #9:

    (87)           #Riikka        näki    Sanna -lta päällystaki-n.
    Riikka.NOM saw         I-ABL          overcoat-ACC
    'Riikka saw Sanna's overcoat ' (Lit: 'Riikka saw an overcoat from Sanna')
Example #10:

    *Jussi        istui   Riina - lle auto-ssa
    Jussi.NOM sat         Riina -ALL car-INESS
    (Intended meaning: 'Jussi sat in a car that was to Riina's possession)
Example #11:

    *Jussi        istui   Riina - lta auto-ssa
    Jussi.NOM sat         Riina -ABL car-INESS
    (Intended me aning: 'Jussi sat in a car that was from Riina's possession)
Example #12:

    (109)       Jussi       istui     Riina - lla auto-ssa
    Jussi.NOM sat         Riina -ALL car-INESS
    'Riina had Jussi sitting in the car'
Example #13:

    Ikkuna      hajo-si.
    window.NOM broke -PAST
    `The window broke'
Example #14:

    Liisa       hajo-tti     ikkuna -n.
    Liisa.NOM break-CAUSE window -ACC
    `Liisa broke the window'
Example #15:

    Jussi itke-tt- i               las-ta.
    Jussi cry-CAUSE-PAST child-PART
    'Jussi made the the child cry'
Example #16:

    (168)   a. Maija -a         laula -tta -a.
    Maija -PART sing-CAUSE-3SG
    `Maija feels like singing'
Example #17:

    b. Maija -a         naura-tta -a.
    Maija -PART laugh-CAUSE-3SG
    `Maija feels like laughing'
Example #18:

    Maija       aja -a        avoauto-a.
    Maija.NOM        drive -3SG convertible -PART
    `Maija drives a convertible (habitually)'
Example #19:

    Jussi      osa-a        ranska-a.
    Jussi-NOM know-3SG French-PART
    `Jussi knows French (at present)'
Example #20:

    Maija -a         laula -tta -a.
    Maija -PART sing-CAUSE-3SG
    `Maija feels like singing (at present)'
Example #21:

    (170)       Pekka -a         raka ste-ta -an.
    Pekka -PART love -PASS-AGR
    `Pekka is loved'
Example #22:

    Karja -a        juoksi kedo-lla.
    cattle -PART ran         field -ADE
    `Cattle were running in the field'
Example #23:

    Miehi-ä      lauloi kato-lla.
    men-PART     sang roof -ADE
    `Some men were singing on the roof'
Example #24:

    *Miestä      lauloi kato-lla
    man-PART sang roof -ADE
    `A (part of a) man was singing on the roof'
Example #25:

    (172)   a. Minä pidän        sinu-sta.
    I.NOM like        you-ELA
    `I like you'
Example #26:

    b. Sinu-sta pidetään
    you-ELA like -PASS-AGR
    `You are liked'
Example #27:

    c. *Minu-a pidän sinu-sta.
    I-PAR like    you-ELA
    `I like you'
Example #28:

    (173)         Halua -isi-n naura-a.
    want-COND-1SG laugh-INF
    `I would like to laugh'
Example #29:

    (174)     a. Minu-a naura-tta -a        mutt-en         tiedä mikä.
    I-PART     laugh-CAUSE-3SG but-not.1SG         know what.NOM
    `Something makes me feel like laughing but I don't know what (makes me feel like
Example #30:

    b. *Halua -isi-n        nauraa mutt-en          tiedä mikä.
    want-COND-1SG laugh but-not.1SG              know what.NOM
    `I would like to laugh but I don't know what (makes me want to laugh)'
Example #31:

    (175)         *Minu-a naura-tta -a           mutt-en         tiedä kuka.
    I-PAR      laugh-CAUSE-3SG but- not.1SG        know who.NOM
    `Something makes me feel like laughing but I don't know who (makes me feel like
Example #32:

    (213)   a. Opettaja laula -tti      kuoro-a      kauniisti
    teacher      sing-CAUS choir-PAR beautifully
    `The teacher made the choir sing beautifully'
Example #33:

    b. Ulla        rakenn-utti Mati- lla     uude -n    toimistopöydä -n innokkaasti.
    Ulla.NOM build -CAUS Matti-ADE new-ACC officetable -ACC enthusiastically
    (ii) *`Ulla had Matti, enthusiastically, build her a new officedesk'
Example #34:

    *Minä juoks - i-n     Mari-lle.
    I        run-PAST-1SG Mari-ABL
    'I ran for Ma ri'
Example #35:

    *Minä pidin Mari-lle       kassi-a.
    I        held     Mari-ABL bag-PAR
    'I held a bag for Mari'
Example #36:

    Minä       kirjoit -ut- i-n         Marja -lle kir jee-n Miko- lla.
    I.NOM      write -CAUSE-PAST-1SG Marja -ALL letter-ACC Mikko-ADE
    `I made Mikko write Marja a letter'