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The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Bernard Oyharçabal (1993). Verb Agreement with Nonarguments.

URL: http://www.iker.cnrs.fr/pdf/Oyhar_Allocutive_agreement.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 2917&langcode=eus (2018-10-20).


Example #1:

    (5) Lagunak ni        ikusi n----ai----k-------
    friend.ERG me.ACC seen       1sgA-+Pr.AUX-2sg.masc-3sgE
    'The friend saw me'
Example #2:

    (6) a. Pettek lan egin diz
    Peter.ERG worked       AUX.3E.ALLOvouv   (Vouvoiement)
    'Peter worked'
Example #3:

    (7) a. Hire arreba *da     / dk
    your.SG sister    COP.3A.    COP.3A.ALLO
    'This is your [SG] sister'
Example #4:

    b. Zien     laguna da
    your.PL friend     COP.3A.
    'This is your [PL] friend'
Example #5:

    c. Ikusi haiala          erran *deit    / deitak
    seen     AUX.2sgA.3E.COMP said       AUX.1D.3E. AUX.1D.3E.ALLO
    'He told me he saw you [SG]'
Example #6:

    d. Ikusi zitiela        erran deit
    seen    AUX.2plA.3E.COMP said      AUX.1D.3E
    'He told me he saw you [PL]'
Example #7:

    (9) a. Lan egin d---z /d-k           /d-n
    worked     AUX-2vouvE /       -2masc.E /   -2fem.E
    'You / thou / worked'
Example #8:

    b. Gertatu  --zai -z   / -zai-k     /-zai-n
    happened 3A--AUX-2vouvD /          -2masc.D /       -2fem.D
    'It happened to you /thee'
Example #9:

    (10) a. Lan egin d-i---z------g
    worked        AUX-ALLOvouv-1plE.
    'We worked' (Vouvoiement)
Example #10:

    b. Zahartzia hullant --zi-- ta---z
    oldness.NOM approached 3A--AUX-1sgD --ALLOvouv
    'The oldness approached to me' (Vouvoiement)
Example #11:

    (11) Eman -dei -tz--o----z------g
    given 3A- AUX- A.pl-3sgD -- ALLOvouv-1plE
    'We gave them to him' (Vouvoiement)
Example #12:

    (12) a. (Ni) etorri n--a --iz
    I.NOM come      1A-+Pr- AUX
    'I came' (Non allocutive)
Example #13:

    b. (Ni) etorri n--a-u---k
    I.NOM come     1A-+Pr- AUX -ALLOmasc
    'I came' (Masculine tutoiement)
Example #14:

    (12) c. (Hik) (ni) ikusi n-a--u--k
    you.ERG me.ACC seen     1A- +P-AUX-2mascE
    'You saw me'
Example #15:

    (13) a. Semea gerlara joana      dut
    son.ACC war.ADL     gone.RES AUX.3A.1E.
    lit. 'I have the son gone to the war' (Non allocutive)
Example #16:

    (14) Banenki        banikek
    ba.1E.IRR.know ba.1E.IRR.have.ALLOmasc
    'If I knew, I would have'
Example #17:

    (15) *Ba-henki      ba-nenkike
    if--2E.IRR.know ASS -1E.IRR.know
    'If thou knew, I would know'
Example #18:

    (16) Hire amak       badaki?
    2d.GEN mother.ERG ba.3A.know.3E
    'Does your mother know it?'
Example #19:

    (17) a. pro        Lan egin duzue
    2pl.ERG worked        AUX.2plE
    'You (pl.) worked'
Example #20:

    (18) *pro         pro    Mirailean ikusi gaitut
    1sg.ERG 1.pl.ACC mirror.LOC   seen   1plA.AUX.1E
    'I saw us in the mirror'
Example #21:

    (23) a.*pro [eALLO Manex joanen duala]                         uste duk
    2d.ERG             John.NOM go.FUT           3A.AUX.ALLOmasc. think AUX.2mascE
    'You think that John will(+ALLO) go'
Example #22:

    (25) a. [Lo egiten duen]      gizona Manex dun
    sleeping    AUX.3E.COMP man           John   COP.3A.ALLOfem
    'The man [who is sleeping] is John'
Example #23:

    (27) a. Ez dakinat        [zer     gertatu den]
    NEG know.1E.ALLOfem what.NOM happened 3A.AUX.COMP
    'I don't know what it is'
Example #24:

    (28) a. Lan egiten duia     hire lagunak?
    work          AUX.3E.Q your friend.ERG
    'Does your friend work?
Example #25:

    (i) a.   Manex etorri zuan
    John.NOM come    AUX.3A.ALLOmasc
    'John came'
Example #26:

    b. (Hik) Manex ikusi huen
    you.ERG John.ACC seen AUX.3A.2mascE
    'You saw John'
Example #27:

    (i) ez diat         erosiko, ez diat        dirurik----eta
    NEG AUX.3A.1E.ALLOmasc bought.FUT NEG have.1E.ALLOmasc money.PART-and
    'I won't buy it, because I don't have money' (lit. I don't have money-and)
Example #28:

    (i) proi proj Elkarrezij hitz egin diegu
    we them RECIP.INST worg do AUX.3PLD.1PLE
    'We talked to them about each other'
Example #29:

    (i) Nihauri zidaie ekarriko
    me.DAT 3A.AUX.1D.3plE. bring.FUT
    'They will bring it TO ME'