The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Mark C. Baker and O.T. Stewart (1998). Verb Movement, Objects, and Serialization.

URL: http://equinox.rutgers.edu/people/faculty/baker/edo-V-movt.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 316&langcode=bin (2018-10-22).


Example #1:

    ($N10) z gh h gh n y.
    Ozo FUT pay money to Uyi.
    `Ozo will pay money to Uyi.'
Example #2:

    ($N11) a. z gh gi!gi/f!k/*gi!g/*zrzr k!k g.
    Ozo FUT quickly/slowly/*quickly/*foolishly gather bottle
    'Ozo will quickly/slowly gather the bottles.'
Example #3:

    b. z gh kk g gg/zrzr/*gi!gi/*f!k
    Ozo FUT gather bottle quickly/foolishly/quickly/slowly
    'Ozo gathered the bottles quickly/foolishly.'
Example #4:

    ($N13) a. z vbi           la ifuanro igbe.
    Ozo sleep(PAST) for minute ten.
    `Ozo slept for ten minutes.'
Example #5:

    b. z vbi-r la ifuanro igbe.
    Ozo sleep-RV for minute ten.
    `Ozo slept for ten minutes.' (suggests he woke up refreshed)
Example #6:

    ($N14) a. m           n sn.
    pounded.yam this smooth
    `This pounded yam is smooth.'
Example #7:

    b. m           n sn-rn.
    pounded.yam this smooth-RV
    `This pounded yam became smooth.'
Example #8:

    ($N15) a. *y gh vbi-r.
    Uyi FUT sleep-RV
    `Uyi will have slept.'
Example #9:

    b. *z gh!       kp!l-r.
    Ozo PST/HAB sweep-RV
    `Ozo used to have swept.'
Example #10:

    c. *dsw r z m k!k-r.
    Adesuwa FOC Ozo not raise-RV
    `It's Adesuwa that Ozo has not raised.'
Example #11:

    ($N16) z rr-*(r) gi!gi
    Ozo come-RV quickly
    `Ozo has quickly come.'
Example #12:

    ($N17) z (gh) gi!gi rr(*-r)
    Ozo will quickly come(*-RV)
    `Ozo will quickly come/quickly came .'
Example #13:

    ($N19) *z l-r     gi!gi yn n.
    Ozo cook-RV quickly yam this
    `Ozo has quickly cooked this yam.'
Example #14:

    ($N20) *z l-r   yn n.
    Ozo cook-RV yam this
    `Ozo has cooked this yam.'
Example #15:

    ($N21) yn ni r z l-r      gi !gi ti
    yam this FOC Ozo cook-RV quickly
    `This yam, Ozo has quickly cooked.'
Example #16:

    ($N22) a. z gugh(*r) kh.
    Ozo break-RV vase.
    `Ozo has broken the vase.'
Example #17:

    b. khi gugh-r (gigi) ti
    pot   break-RV quickly.
    `The pot has broken (quickly).'
Example #18:

    ($N23) a. z min!min-rn gl w y d yn
    Ozo forget-RV          truly that Uyi buy yam
    'Ozo has truly forgotten that Uyi bought yams.'
Example #19:

    b. m r z t-r             (gi!gi) y krb.
    water FOC Ozo pour-RV quickly into bucket
    `It's water that Ozo has quickly poured into the bucket.'
Example #20:

    c. m!tn r z gb-r            n!d.
    metal      FOC Ozo beat-RV yesterday.
    `It's metal that Ozo beat yesterday.'
Example #21:

    ($N36) a. z l   vbr r.                  CONSEQUENTIAL SVC (CSVC)
    Ozo cook food eat
    Ozo cooked food and ate it.
Example #22:

    b. z (gi!gi) su kh d RESULTATIVE SVC (RSVC)
    Ozo (quickly) push pot fall.
    `Ozo quickly pushed the pot down.'
Example #23:

    ($N37) a.      z gh l     vbr (*gh) r.
    Ozo FUT cook food (*FUT) eat
    `Ozo will cook the food and eat it.'
Example #24:

    b.    z m         l    vbr (*m)       r.
    Ozo PST/NEG cook food (*PST/NEG) eat.
    `Ozo didn't cook the food and eate it.'
Example #25:

    ($N80) a.      z gh su kh (*gh) d.
    Ozo FUT push pot (*FUT) fall
    `Ozo will push the pot down.'
Example #26:

    b.    z m         su kh (*m)    d.
    Ozo PST/NEG push pot (*PAST/NEG) fall
    `Ozo didn't push the pot down.'
Example #27:

    ($N38) a. *vbr r z l-r           (g!l) khi n. (Good if khien is dropped.)
    food Foc. Ozo cook-RV truly sell
    `It's this food that Ozo has truly cooked and sold.'
Example #28:

    b. *Ozo       de-re (giegie)          wu                     (good without wu or re)
    Ozo      fall-RV        quicklydie.
    `Ozo quickly fell and died.
Example #29:

    c. *kh r z su-r           (gi!gi) d.
    pot    FOC Ozo push-RV quickly fall
    `This pot, Ozo (*has) pushed down.'
Example #30:

    ($N39) a. *vbr r z l-r          khi n-rn
    food FOC Ozo cook-RV sell-RV
    `It's food that Ozo has quickly cooked and sold.'
Example #31:

    c. *kh r z su-r         d-re.
    pot    FOC Ozo push-RV fall-RV
    `This pot, Ozo has pushed down.'
Example #32:

    ($N40) a. z h rr       vbr.
    Ozo try eat       food.
    `Ozo tried to eat the food (and succeeded).'
Example #33:

    b. z g!l min!min k kh.
    Ozo truly forget        open door
    `Ozo truly forgot and opened the door.'
Example #34:

    ($N41) a. z h-r rr vbr.
    Ozo try-RV eat food.
    `Ozo tried to eat the food (and succeeded).'
Example #35:

    b. z minmin-rn g!l k kh.
    Ozo forget-RV       truly open door
    `Ozo has truly forgotten and opened the door.'
Example #36:

    ($N45) a. dsw r z k!k-(r) ms
    Adesuwa Foc. Ozo raise-RV beautiful(A)
    'It's Adesuwa that Ozo raised to be beautiful.'
Example #37:

    b. dsw r z k!k(-*r) ms.
    Adesuwa Foc. Ozo raise-RV   be.beautiful(V)
    'It's Adesuwa that Ozo raised to be beautiful.'
Example #38:

    ($N46) Obi kw-d-r      z                 (Ihionu 1992?:174)
    Obi push-fall-fact Eze
    Obi pushed Eze down.
Example #39:

    ($N47) *d s-r-r j
    Ada cook-eat-fact yam
    `Ada cooked and ate the yams.'
Example #40:

    ($N65) a. z dnmwn m gh khi!n.
    Ozo pound      yam ITER sell
    'Ozo produced pounded yam and sold it repeatedly.'
Example #41:

    b. *z s g gh d.
    Ozo push bottle ITER fall
    `Ozo pushed the bottle(s) down repeatedly.'