The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Adams Bodomo (2006). The Structure of Ideophones in African and Asian Languages.

URL: http://www.lingref.com/cpp/acal/35/paper1310.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 3171&langcode=yue (2018-10-20).


Example #1:

    Keoi5 hai6 leng3       neoi2
    3SG be beautiful girl
    `She is a beautiful girl.'
Example #2:

    Keoi5 leng3-zo2           wo3
    3SG beautiful-PERF PART
    `She has become beautiful.'
Example #3:

    (8) a. gaan1 fong2 hak1 maa1 maa1, nei5 dim2 tai2 dou2 syu1 gaa3
    CL room black maa maa 2.SG how read able to book PART
    `This room is so dark. How can you read?'
Example #4:

    b. keoi5 gam1 jat6 zoek3 hak1 sik1 kwan1
    3.SG today       wear black      dress
    `She is wearing a black dress today.'
Example #5:

    b. keoi go faa jyun di            syu saang dak hou mat
    3.SG CL flower yard DET tree grow dak INTENS dense
    `The trees in his/her garden are densely grown.'
Example #6:

    (10) a. go3 dei6 haa2 sap1 det6 det6, hou2         sin3      aa3!
    CL floor            wet det det     INTENS slippery PART
    `The floor is so wet and slippery.'
Example #7:

    b. m4 goi1 lo2 faai3 sap1 mou4 gan1 bei2 ngo5 aa1
    please take CL wet towel         bei 1.SG PART
    `Please get me a wet towel.'
Example #8:

    (11) a. keoi5 zoek3 dou3 hung4 dong1 dong3 gam2, m4 zi1                hai6 mai6 heoi3 jam2 ne1?
    3.SG wear dou red dong dong -like, NEG know whether                      go drink PART
    `S/he is dressed in red today. Isn't she attending a banquet?'
Example #9:

    b. keoi5 gwaa3 zo2            zi1 hung4 kei4 hai2 tin1faa1baan2
    3.SG     hang     PERF CL red flag PREP ceiling
    `S/he has hung a red flag on the ceiling.'
Example #10:

    (12)      dim2 gaai2        bui1 seoi2 tim4 tim2/4 dei2           gam2 ge2?
    Why               CL water sweet-sweet -dei             -like PART
    `Why is this cup of water kind of sweet?'
Example #11:

    (13)      nei5   jiu3    gwaai1 gwaai1 dei2 teng1 sin1 saang1 waa6    aa3
    2.SG    have to good good -dei listen teacher         words PART
    `You have to behave well and listen to the teachers.'
Example #12:

    (14)      keoi5 zou6 je5       seng4 jat6 leon6 leon6 zeon6 zeon6 gam2 ge2
    3.SG do thing alwa ys            clumsy                 -like PART
    `S/he does things clumsily.'
Example #13:

    (15)      go2 go3 po4 po2 seng4 jat6 gu1 ling1 ling1 jat1 go3 jan4 sik6 faan6 gaa3
    DET CL old lady alwa ys           lonely         one CL person eat rice PART
    `That old lady is so lonely that she always has meals on her own.'
Example #14:

    (16)      Nei5 laa4 laa2 seng1 zou6 maai4 di1 je5 jin4 hau6 heoi3 sik6 faan6 laa1
    2.SG hurry up          do PERF DET thing then              go eat rice PART
    `You should hurry up and finish your work so that you can have your meal.'