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The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Hoyt, Frederick M. L. (2000). Agreement, specificity effects, and phrase structure in rural Palestinian Arabic existential constru.

URL: http://comp.ling.utexas.edu/fmhoyt/Hoyt(00)_MAThesis.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 3606&langcode=ajp (2018-10-20).


Example #1:

    b.     baka /baku        fh xams izlm fi-d-dr
    was3MS/were3MP THERE five menMP in-the-house
    "There were five men in the house." (RPA: elicited data).
Example #2:

    (2)    a.     cill ym b-i           la--saff uld
    every day INDIC-come3MS to-the-class boysMP
    "Every day, boys come to class."
Example #3:

    b.     cill ym b-u            la--aff uld
    every day INDIC-come3MP to-the-class boysMP
    "There are (certain) boys who come to class every day."
Example #4:

    b.      anni, baku      fiind-e xams uld
    Hanni, were3MP at-CL3MS five childrenMP
    "Hanni, he had five children (chez lui)."
Example #5:

    b.     km-u          bkyn cuffr
    clanMP-CL3MS bePARTMP unbelievers
    "His clan were unbelievers." (2.1)
Example #6:

    a.     hi bakat cill ym tirfia         min hank ta-taal         is-sm
    thisFS was3FS each day graze3FS from there UNTIL-reach3FS the-Sham
    ascus." (2.3)
Example #7:

    a.     kmat hi rat fia-hal-w d
    rose3FS this3FS went3FS at-the-valley
    "She up and went to the valley." (48.4)
Example #8:

    a.     u-cill   lle titammam wade
    and-every night bathe3FS  oneFS
    "And every night one would bathe herself." (50.11)
Example #9:

    b.     cill ma ti     whade tihc-l-ha       kua
    each time come3FS one 3FS tell3FS to-CLFS story
    "Every time someone would come and tell her a story..."
Example #10:

    b.     hi b-iru        fi ind-ha mann
    thisFS INDIC-go3MP at-CLFS insaneMP
    "This woman, the insane would come to her." (10.2)
Example #11:

    (6)    a.     bkye /?bki         xtyre hank war-ha  km kawiyn
    bePARTFS/bePARTMS old FS here behind-CL3FS clan strongMP
    "There was an old woman who had a strong clan behind her."
Example #12:

    b.     bkye /*bki      ixtyre fi-l-mabax bi-tsawwi            xubz
    bePARTFS/ bePARTMS the-oldFS in-the-kitchen INDIC-make3FS bread
    "The old woman was in the kitchen making bread." (RPA:
Example #13:

    c.     bkye /*bki      wade tibb-ha
    bePARTFS/ bePARTMS one FS love3FS -CLFS
    "One woman was fond of her." (37.3)
Example #14:

    (7)   a.     knat /* k n   xararf kre fian falan
    was3FS/ was3MS storiesFS manyFS about Palestine
    "There were many stories about Palestine."
Example #15:

    b.     knat /* kn     kundara anb l-bb
    was3FS/ was3MS shoe FS next-to the-door
    "There was a shoe next to the door."
Example #16:

    c.     knat /*kn       bint bn     l-waladn
    was3FS/ was3MS girl FS between the-boysDL
    "There was a girl between the two boys."
Example #17:

    c.     bkye /*bki         l-ixtyre hank war-ha    km kawiyn
    bepartFS/ bePARTMS the-old FS here behind-CL3FS clan strongMP
    "There was the old woman who had a strong clan behind her."
Example #18:

    a.     bki     fiind-ha al mt      kirs
    bePARTMS at-CL3FS three hundred qurush
    "She had three hundred qurush [unit of money]." (97.2)
Example #19:

    a.     bki     hna wad kafia mil ibn-i        ha
    bePARTMS here oneMS cut-off like son-CL1S thisMS
    "Here was a single child, like this son of mine." (34.1)
Example #20:

    b.     bki     hank wwi fi-l-fiillk
    bePARTMS there jackalMS in-the-thicket
    "There was a jackal in the thicket." (19.5)
Example #21:

    b.     i-anare, f-ha baka           kumit lame
    the-potFS, in-CL3FS was3MS pieceFS meatFS
    "The pot, in it was a piece of meat."
Example #22:

    c.     fiind-ha bk i    al mt      kirs
    at-CL3FS bePARTMS three hundred qurush
    "She had three hundred qurush." (RPA: elicited data)
Example #23:

    c.     i-anare, f-ha,       ma-bak-s      kumit lame
    the-potFS, in-CL3FS, not-was3MS-NEG pieceFS meatFS
    "The pot, in it there was not a piece of meat."
Example #24:

    (14)   a.     ha bk-l-e               file  cbre
    thisMS bePARTMS-to-CL3MS familyFS bigFS
    "He had a big family." (87.1)
Example #25:

    b.     imm-e,       bki     mafi-ha    meiyt il-ayh
    mother-CL3MS bePARTMS with-CL3FS waterFS the-life
    "His mother, she had with her some of the water of life." (42.5)
Example #26:

    d.     ana, bak-l- i       axxn       w-uxt
    I    was3MS-to-cl1S brothersDL and-sister
    "I had two brothers and a sister." (62.4)
Example #27:

    (15)    a.     u-hi    kfide hank nafad          arbfin ifdwi
    and-she sitPARTFS there appeared3MS forty partisanMP
    "And while she was living there, forty partisans appeared."
Example #28:

    bi-sabifi rs
    with-seven heads
    "There was a snake   with seven heads living in the belly of the
Example #29:

    b.     u-bki       ry-l-e           ml
    and-bePARTMS goPARTMS-to-CL3MS camelsP
    "And he had some camels missing." (38.21)
Example #30:

    b.     baka hna syib il-e        hal-walad
    wasMS here old-man to-CL3MS this-boy
    "There was an old man here, he had this son..." (40.1)
Example #31:

    b.     in fh xri fi-s-sama
    if THERE priest in-the-heavens
    "If there were a priest in Heaven..." (108.5)
Example #32:

    c.     baka    fh yahdi wkif          hank
    was3MS THERE yewMS standPARTMS there
    "There was a Jew standing there." (113.12)
Example #33:

    b.     lammin fiirfit   inn-e      ma-fh fide min-ne
    when     knew3FS that-CL3MS not-THERE use from-CL3MS
    "When she knew that there was no use for him..." (54.4)
Example #34:

    e.     ma-fh-s     nara fi-l-balad
    not-THERE-NEG Christians in-the-village
    "There are not (any) Christians in the village." (98.2)
Example #35:

    f.     ma-bak-s      fh kumit lame fi--anare
    not-was3MS-neg there pieceMS meatFS in-the-pot
    "There was not a piece of meat in the pot." (RPA; elicited data)
Example #36:

    hal-madni ha
    this-city-person thisMS
    this city-dweller." (103.8)
Example #37:

    b.     fh bak a    kumit lame fi--anare
    there was3MS pieceFS meatFS in-the-pot
    "There was a piece of meat in the pot." (RPA; elicited data)
Example #38:

    a.     ma-fh-s      baka   kumit lame fi--anare
    not-THERE -neg was3MS pieceFS meatFS in-the-pot
    "There was not a piece of meat in the pot."
Example #39:

    c.    baka   fh mafi mona ctb
    was3MS THERE with Mona bookMS
    "Mona had a book."
Example #40:

    a.    mafi mna fh kn      ktb
    with Mona there was3MS book
    "Mona had a book."
Example #41:

    (27)   a.     u-yma     fh ns maffaln u-hubul
    and-oh-how THERE people gullibleMP and-stupid MP
    "And oh, how there are gullible and stupid people!" (29.4)
Example #42:

    c.     bki    fh wad nastri             simifi  bi-d-dafiwa
    bePARTMS THERE one   good-for-nothing heard3MS in-the-matter
    "There was a good-for-nothing who heard the story."(94.10)
Example #43:

    c.     kn /knen fh xams neswn be-d-dr
    was3MS/was3FP THERE five women FP in-the-house
    "There were five women in the house."
Example #44:

    b.     hi b-iru         fiind-ha mann
    thisFS INDIC-go3MP at-CLFS insaneMP
    "This woman, the insane would go to her." (10.2)
Example #45:

    (30)    d.     bkye /*bki       l-ixtyre hank war-ha     km kawiy n
    bePARTFS/ bePARTMS the-oldFS here behind-CL3FS CLan strong 3MP
    "The old woman was here, a strong clan behind her."
Example #46:

    u-r b-im               fia-rs-ha
    and-bird INDIC-circle3FS over-head-CL3FS
    crown." (42.15)
Example #47:

    fi c-cbbt     fiala rakbit-e
    in the-meatballs on neck-CL3MS
    his neck." (30.11)
Example #48:

    (35)    a.    * walad akal effa
    boyMS ate3MS apple
    "A boy ate an apple."
Example #49:

    b.     akal walad eff a
    ate3MS boyMS apple
Example #50:

    c.      zalame wa-walad au
    man    and-boy   came
    "A man and a boy came." (NPA: Mohammad 1998)
Example #51:

    fi-l-mabax niswn
    in-the-kitchen women
    "After nightfall, in the kitchen were chatting women."
Example #52:

    b.      bki ??yitwaswas /bk yn yitwaswasu fi-l-k ar wuzara
    "In the palace were whispering ministers."
Example #53:

    c.      fiamm-i nmat/ ??nm            kuddm dr-e       clb
    uncle-CL1S slept3FS / slept 3MS before  house-CL3MS dogs
    "My uncle, in front of his house slept dogs."
Example #54:

    d.      bakn yurku in /*baka yurku min il-br bant
    were3FP run3FP    /was3MS run3MS from the-well girls FP
    "From the well were running girls." (RPA: elicited data)
Example #55:

    bi-tibal           bala    fiar s,
    INDIC -conceive3FS without husband
    in it, she would get pregnant without a husband."
Example #56:

    yr ii
    go3MS pilger3MS
    perform the Hajj." (36.1)
Example #57:

    b.     u-hu illi b-ikba       xyif    b-ifirif          inm?
    and-he REL INDIC-be3MS scaredMS INDIC-know3MS sleep3MS
    "And he who is afraid, is he able to sleep [lit. `does he know to
Example #58:

    c.     u-amar-e             yifimal-l-ha      wad mil-e
    and-ordered3MS-CL3MS make3MS-to-CL3FS one       like-CL3MS
    "And he ordered him to make her one like it." (52.10)
Example #59:

    bidd-ak     takfi
    intent-CL2MS fall2MS
    "You were out past the cut, of course you were going to fall!"
Example #60:

    b.     ma-km-is      ixall-hin   ilafiin min il-bb u-barra
    not-rose3MS-NEG let3MS-CL3FP leave3FP from the door and-outside
    "He never let them go out beyond the door." (46.1)
Example #61:

    a.     u-xalla uxt-e          nyme
    let3MS sister-CL3MS sleepPARTFS
    "He left his sister sleeping." (49.4)
Example #62:

    b.     u-mt        u-xall-ni       ibla
    and-died3MS and-left3MS-CL1S pregnantFS
    "...and he died and left me pregnant." (51.9)
Example #63:

    (11)    a.     casrat il-bint      is-sibbc
    broke3FS the-girlFS the-window
    "The girl broke the window."
Example #64:

    (3-10)          fi d-dr
    in the-house
    "in the house"
Example #65:

    (3-11)                       f -ha
    "in it"
Example #66:

    (28)   a.     baka    f h ul d        fi-dr-him
    was3MS THERE children MP in-house- CL3MP
    "There were childreni in their housei/j."
Example #67:

    b.     baka    fi-dr-him         uld
    was3MS in-house-CL3MP childrenMP
    "There were in theirj/ *i house children i."
Example #68:

    b.     ana bk-l-i          axn        w-uxt
    I bePARTMS-to-CL1S brothersDL and-sister
    "I had two brothers and a sister." (62.4)
Example #69:

    d.     bki    hank in n aramyye mitrfkn
    bePARTMS there two thieves      companionedMP
    "There were two thieves there [who were] inseparable." (22.1)
Example #70:

    f.     cn   tit sr-e       ha-abane
    was3MS under belt-CL3MS this-pistolFS
    "There was under his belt this pistol." (RPA: elicited data)
Example #71:

    (3-11)          inn aramyye mitrfkn
    two thievesMP companionedMP
    "two inseparable thieves"
Example #72:

    the-house the-big
    (3-12)           il-bt   il-kbr
    "the big house"
Example #73:

    (3-13)          bt kbr
    house big
    "a big house"
Example #74:

    (1)     a.     f d-dr
    in the-house
    "in the house"
Example #75:

    b.     f-ha
    "in it"
Example #76:

    (4-1)          baka     fi-d-dr   uld
    was3MS in-the-house childrenMP
    "In the house were children."
Example #77:

    (i)    * ma-fi-h-s       bak a   kumit lame
    not-in-CL3FS- NEG was3MS cutFS meat
    "There was not a cut of meat in the pot."
Example #78:

    (5)    a.     baka /baku       fh uld          fi-d-dr
    was3MS/was3MP THERE childrenMP in-the-house
    "There were children in the house."
Example #79:

    b.     baka /baku        fi-d-dr     uld
    was3MS/were3MP in-the-house childrenMP
    "In the house were children." (RPA: elicited data)
Example #80:

    (6)     a.   * fh b-ilin        i-bbt ilb
    there INDIC -eat3FP the-meatballs dogsP
    "There are eating the meatballs dogs."
Example #81:

    b.   * fh b-itammamu fi-n-nahr uld
    there INDIC -bath3MP in-the-river boysP
    "There are bathing in the river boys." (RPA: elicited data)
Example #82:

    (8)    a.     munr b-ifakkir      mumkin fh uld nymn         fi--aff
    Munir INDIC-think3MS perhaps THERE boys sleepPARTMP in-the-class
    "Munir believes there may be boys sleeping in class."
Example #83:

    "Munir believes that there may be boys sleeping in the class."
Example #84:

    c.    ha bki          ill lle yi-h       mde
    thisMS be PARTMS each night come-CL3MS tableFS
    "Every night, a table [set with food] would appear to him." (61.4)
Example #85:

    w-firn fi-l-mabax
    and-mice in-the-kitchen
Example #86:

    (16)   a.   kn   fh ktb       mafi mna
    was3MS THERE book MS with Mona
    "Mona had a book with her."
Example #87:

    (19)   a.   ma-bak-s       fi--anare k umit lame
    not-was3MS-NEG in-the-pot pieceFS meat
    "In the pot was not a piece of meat."
Example #88:

    (20)   a.      i-nare, ma-bak-s         f-ha kumit lame
    the-potFS, not-was3MS-NEG in-CL3FS pieceFS meat
    "The pot, there was not a piece of meat in it."
Example #89:

    b.      i-anare, f-ha, ma-bak-s           kumit lame
    the-potFS, in-CL3FS not-was3MS-NEG pieceFS meat
    "The pot, in it was not a piece of meat." (RPA: elicited data)
Example #90:

    (28)    a.    ma-ad-s       b-efiraf    fiarabi
    not-anyone-NEG INDIC-know3MS Arabic
    "No one knows Arabic."
Example #91:

    (31)   a.      klat "wallh m b-asq-cin            illa b-kalifi    fiin-cin"
    said3FS by-God not INDIC -water1S-CL2FP but for-plucking eyes- CL2FP
    your eyes!" (44.2)
Example #92:

    b.      fiumr ma wad kidr inam fi-hal-ar
    never not oneMS ableMS sleepMS in-this-land
    "No one was ever able to sleep on this land." (41.1)
Example #93:

    astil aar"
    work1S more
    "The gentleman said, `I am getting old, and am not able to work
Example #94:

    c.   * ana ma-kdr-is        astil aar
    I not-ablePARTMS-NEG work1S more
    "I am not able to work anymore."
Example #95:

    (33)   d.     ana firn
    I happyMS
    "I am happy."
Example #96:

    e.    ana mis/ ma-n-s   firn /* ma-firn-s
    I not /not-PRO1S-NEG happyMS/ not-happy-NEG
    "I am not happy."
Example #97:

    h.     u-safid ma-l- -s        fi ilm    ib-e
    and-Said, not-to-CL3MS-NEG knowledge with-CL3MS
    "...and Said, I have no knowledge of him." (39.10)
Example #98:

    w-ixtyr il-balad
    and elder the-village
    and the elder of the village?" (20.1)
Example #99:

    (5-3)         -awla,       ma-fial-h-s  ktb
    the-tableFS, not-on-CL3FS-NEG book
    "The table, there is not a book on it."
Example #100:

    a.     ma-kidir ifi-ha
    not-able3MS untie 3MS-CL3FS
    "He could not untie her." (39.7)
Example #101:

    b.     ma-kidir-s     ifi     il-kd
    not-able3MS-NEG untie3MS the-fetter
    "He was not able to untie the fetter." (39.7)
Example #102:

    a.     abu xall bari,        ma-fiind-e wala fial-h
    Abu Khalil innocentMS, not-at-CL3MS or     upon-CL3MS
    "Abu Khalil is innocent, there is nothing on him or against him "
Example #103:

    b.     ma-fiind--s   mil-e
    not-at-CL1S-NEG like- CL3MS
    "I have nothing like it." (52.9)
Example #104:

    a.     m-ni mitammin, u-mitdahhin           fia-arbafia w-fiisrn kirt?
    not-CL1S bathPARTMS, and-anointPARTMS to-four and-twenty karat
    "Have I not bathed and anointed myself to 24-carats?" (54.10)
Example #105:

    a.     ma-ada min-him yidri         fian ax-h            isi
    not-one from-CL3MP know3MS about brother-CL3MS thing
    "Neither knew anything about his brother." (38.21)
Example #106:

    b.     wifiit   kmat tndi ax-ha,           m fih iss wala niss
    woke3FS rose3FS call3FS brother-CL3FS, not-THERE talk nor reply
    [neither] talking nor response." (36.11)
Example #107:

    them!" (46.4)
Example #108:

    rya war-h
    goPARTFS behind-CL3MS
    sister going behind him." (62.4)
Example #109:

    fia-ahir-ha u-ma addd yismafi la-addd akk
    on-back-CL3FS and-no picker hear3MS to-picker knock
    and no picker heard the sound of another." (33.9)
Example #110:

    fia-l-e, illa mafii    fia-anb-e    willa fia-bun-e
    upright, but liePARTMS on-side-cl3MS or      on-stomach-cl3MS
    but lies on his side or on his stomach." (116.7)
Example #111:

    d.     ma rsml illa illi b-nunufk-e            fi sabli-llah w-in-ns
    not capital but REL INDIC-spend1P- CL3MS in-path God and-the-people
    and Man." (71.8)
Example #112:

    fiumur ma wad l             fial-hin
    never no oneMS catch3MS upon- CL3FP
    "I had a pair of wild cattle that no one had ever caught." (18.2)
Example #113:

    b.    ma-sey ifiib
    no-thing heavy
    "Nothing is heavy." (91.11)
Example #114:

    (5-4)         ma addd yismafi la-addd akk
    neg picker hear3MS to-picker knock
    "No picker heard the sound of another."
Example #115:

    (i)      ma-s-samr b-iibb           iall      yitfiallak
    not-the-goats INDIC-love3MS remain3MS hang3MS
    "Goats prefer to go forwards." (56.3)
Example #116:

    d.      h a fiilim       mus ilim
    thisMS knowledge not dream
    "This is reality, not a dream!" (42.1)
Example #117:

    m-hu syif       il-mayib
    not-he seePARTMS the-misfortunes
    misfortune." (62.3)
Example #118:

    (57)    a.      Abu Musa mis k dir
    Abu Musa not ableMS
    "Abu Musa is not well."
Example #119:

    (59)    a.     ma-addd/*- s yismafi la-addd takk
    not-picker     hear3MS to-picker sound
    "No picker could hear the sound of another." (RPA)
Example #120:

    b.     ha fiumr-e         ma-nm       bala     sirka
    thisMS never- CL3MS not slept3MS without stealing
    "He never slept without stealing." (22.2)
Example #121:

    (2)    a.      mayyal     fi-hal- s fh hank yaxr la-afandi
    turned3MS in-this-yard THERE there stall to-Efendi
    some Efendi." (118.4)
Example #122:

    min-hin abbe, b-ak               srib  u-b-axalli srib
    from-CL3FP seedFS, INDIC-shave1S moustache and-leave1S moustache
    piece [left] of them, I'll shave half my moustache and leave
Example #123:

    min hal-ar fiiyrt
    from this stone weights
    from this stone."(30.9)
Example #124:

    fi ala ab-k          fiisrn alf
    against father-CL2MS twenty thousand
    20,000." (100.5)
Example #125:

    b.    mayyal    fi-hal- s fh han k yaxr la-afandi
    turned3MS in-this-yard THERE there stall to-Efendi
    some Efendi." (118.4)
Example #126:

    (2)      a.    mayyal    fi-hal- s fh han k yaxr la-afandi
    turned3MS in-this-yard THERE there stall to-Efendi
    some Efendi." (118.4)
Example #127:

    (1)      a.    fiisrn alf           fiala    ab-k
    twenty thousand [lera] against father-cl2MS
    "20,000 [lera] against your father"
Example #128:

    b.     arbafit alf     lra fia-l-bank
    four thousands lera on-the-bank
    "4000 lera on the bank"
Example #129:

    (2)      a.     bb la-l-fatwa fiind-i
    door to-the-law at-CL1S
    "a door to the law at me"
Example #130:

    b.     abbe min-hin
    piece from-CL3FP
    "a piece of them"
Example #131:

    (6-12)          kunt-ak, inn fi nd-ak min-hin abbe
    figs-CL2MS, if      at-CL2MS from-CL3FP seed
    "your figs, if you have one left...!"
Example #132:

    (15)   a.        baka fi-bt-him        ld
    was3MS in-house-CL3MP childrenMP
    "in theirj house were childreni"
Example #133:

    (16)   a.        baka    fih k fidn fi-bt-him           fiasar
    was3MS THERE sitPARTMP in-house-cl3MP soldiersMP
    "There were livingi in theirj/*i house soldiersi"
Example #134:

    (17)   a.     fiakkabat    min-ha      kannne zre
    held-back3FP from-CL3FP bottleFS smallFS
    "She retained of it a small bottle." (42.16)
Example #135:

    b.     u-uu        fial-h     l    u-nu
    and-put3MS upon-CL3MS weight and-half
    "...and they put on him a weight and a half." (21.2)
Example #136:

    fire." (38.2)
Example #137:

    (19)   a.      aat fia-ur-e          min m yyt il-ayh
    put3FP on-wound-CL3MS from water the-life
    "She put on his wound [some] of the water-of-life." (42.5)
Example #138:

    b.      kmat sawwat la-bint-ha           haz-zaww de fiala u l-ha
    er." (45.7)
Example #139:

    (20)   a.      bakt  i       fi fiibb-i     aam min arra
    was1S putPARTMS in pocket-CL1S some from stones
    "I had put in my pocket several stones." (17.3)
Example #140:

    afila min r s-e
    taller than head-CL3MS
    taller than his head." (64.3)
Example #141:

    c.      iftarat   inn-e       syif   fial -ha   isi
    thought3FP that-CL3MS seePARTMS upon- CL3FP something
    "She thought that he had seen something against her." (60.3)
Example #142:

    i- hin         fi hal-fiilbe
    putPARTMS-CL3FP in-this-box
    "He had some thirty rotten eggs; he had put them in this box."
Example #143:

    fiala raddit urmyt-i
    on sole sandal-CL1S
    on the sole of my sandal." (16.4)
Example #144:

    b.     u-hu mil          hal-kiralle malne wara l b fia-rs-e
    and-he carryPARTMS this-basketFS fullFS manure dogs on-head-CL3MS
    head." (54.7)
Example #145:

    c.     w-il-n r ye   mle        l-kun fi-- s fia-ahir-ha
    and-the-gypsyFS carryPARTFS the-figs in-the-bag on-back-CL3FP
    "...while the gypsy was carrying the figs in the bag on her back."
Example #146:

    min-hin abbe, b-ak                  srib  u-b-axalli srib
    from-CL3FP seedFS , INDIC-shave1S moustache and-leave1S moustache
    piece [left] of them, I'll shave half my moustache and leave
Example #147:

    b.   all          min il-arbfin wad
    remained3MS from the-forty oneMS
    "One of the forty remained." (42.4)
Example #148:

    min hal-ar fiiyrt
    from this stone weights
    from this stone."(30.9)
Example #149:

    mil-ma tkl     fi a-nblis
    like-what say2MS to-Nablus
    north, like you might say to Nablus." (37.1)
Example #150:

    b.   y m-ha amat         ilit       wade min fiin -ha
    day-CL3FP happened3FP make-up3FP oneFS from eyes-CL3FS
    "That day, it happened that she painted one of her eyes." (58.4)
Example #151:

    c.    kmat hi       allat    maa min ibl il-xme
    rose3FP this3FP untied3FP thread from ropes the-tent
    "Then she untied a thread from the tent-ropes." (38.5)
Example #152:

    abil min ibl il-xme
    rope from ropes the tent
    ropes." (43.7)
Example #153:

    b.    xara fiasari min fiasar ibrah m bsa istara b sit ryib
    once soldier from army Ibrahim Pahsa bought3MS pitcher yoghurt
    yoghurt." (14.1)
Example #154:

    bki      malb              la-l-fi asar
    bePARTMS demandPASSPARTMS to-the-army
    al-Balqa had been called up for the army." (15.1)
Example #155:

    ta-yayyir           maiy
    IN-ORDER let-fly3MS water
    water." (24.6)
Example #156:

    (26)   a.      kmat am fia min fiurb n azze
    rose3FS groupFS from bedouin Gaza
    "A group of Bedouin from Gaza came." (62.1)
Example #157:

    (27)   a.      km    ha mall          la-ill wad min ldt-e        xur ml
    rose3MS thisMS filled3MS to-every one from children3MS jug money
    "Then he filled for every one of his children a jug of money."
Example #158:

    bi-tkl       la-l-k mar "b t-akfi ud      mitra-ak"
    INDIC-say3FP to-the-moon `go IN-ORDER-sit1S place-CL2MS
    "He had three daughters; each of them would say to the moon,
Example #159:

    c.     il-wad min-him ma-b-iswa                 bazka
    the-one from-CL3MP not INDIC -be-worth3MS spit
    "Not one of them is worth a spit." (56.2)
Example #160:

    wala r            illi r
    than happened3MS REL happened3MS
    "He said, `if only one of my family had died today, rather than
Example #161:

    (29)   a.     baka  and-na mytn,        yafini , mytn    arbfin rs
    was3MS at-CL1P two-hundred, that-is, two-hundred twenty head
    "We had 200...that is...240 head [of sheep]."
Example #162:

    b.      baka fi and-na b-i        mytn...    w-arbfin rs
    was3MS at-CL1P INDIC-come3MS two-hundred...and-twenty head
    "We had roughly two hundred...and twenty head."
Example #163:

    (30)    a.      bakart, ba ka fi and-na b- i       fiasara, itnsir rs
    cows     was3MS at-CL1P INDIC-come3MS ten, twelve head
    "Cows, we had roughly ten, twelve head."
Example #164:

    c.      baka fiand-na bak ar
    was3MS at-CL1P cattle
    "We had cattle."
Example #165:

    mafi -hum in fi, ma fi-hum anam, mafi-hum...
    with-CL3MPewes, with-CL3MP rams, with-CL3MP...
    them ewes, with them rams, with them..."