The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Thurgood, Graham (2000). Learnability and direction of convergence in Cham: the effects of long-term contact on linguistic st.

URL: http://www.csuchico.edu/~gt18/Papers/Cham_WECOL.pdf

(Last accessed 2005-02-18).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 424&langcode=cjm (2019-01-22).


Example #1:

    (1)    nu /y/ boh tO~O/ kdOON tha tra~y n/. (6.1.16)
    she look see stay remain one CLF child fish
    `She looked and found one small fish remaining. '
Example #2:

    (2)    tO~O/ MKaam tpia~/ truh mthi~l (6.1.186)
    stay Kam go.out away palace
    `Meanwhile Kam had left the palace '
Example #3:

    (3)    plO~h ti~ nan oN palii/ twa~ ta~N tlay kapwa~/. (6.2.15)
    finish PREP that sir roll two CLF string silk
    `After that he rolls two strings of silk '
Example #4:

    (4)    () twa~h pru~/ Na/ pa-ca~l. (6.1.71)
    () seek work make CAU-busy
    `(she) looked for work to keep her busy.'
Example #5:

    (5)    min mEE/ MKaam oh pra~y naaw (6.1.70)
    but Mom Kam NEG give go
    `but Kam's mother would not let her go,'
Example #6:

    (6)    pra~y ka t~hla/ likaw /y/ bOO/. (6.1.76)
    give for me beg look cheek
    `Please let me see her.'
Example #7:

    (8)    plO~h twa~ htyu/ pthaaN kol ka~w/ hya cO/. (6.1.180)
    finish two wife husband hug other cry cry
    `Then the husband and wife hugged each other, crying.'
Example #8:

    (9)    MHl/ m/ hu rilo, (6.1.5)
    Hlok get have many
    `Hlok caught a lot of fish.'
Example #9:

    (10)   muu/ m/ Na/ on t~lam tyaan (6.1.146)
    Grandmother get make happy in stomach
    `She became happy.'
Example #10:

    (11)   mN likuu/ ki~N (6.1.38)
    from back kitchen
    `at the back of the kitchen'
Example #11:

    (12)   aay takr laay (1977:42)
    elder.brother want Q
    `Do you want to?'
Example #12:

    (13)   t~hla/ wa/ yaaw hlaay kay/ (1977:45)
    I write like what (specifically)
    `How do I write it?'
Example #13:

    (14)   m kaw poy/ o. (1977:40)
    father I scold NEG
    `My father won't scold.'
Example #14:

    (15)   min oh dom tpia~/. (6.1.120)
    but NEG speak out
    `but didn't say anything`
Example #15:

    (16)   muu/ tkr /y/ [thay uraaN Na/ lithay ka muu/].
    g.mother want see [who person make rice for her]
    `The woman wanted to see who had made rice for her.'
Example #16:

    (17)   myah uraaN tkr [ka kni mni syaam sap] (6.2.30)
    if person want [for kanhi call good sound]
    `If they want the instrument to sound good, '
Example #17:

    (18)   oN nan caaw ki~lOON pyh pa-ta~N tha bE/ ka~N (6.2.7-8)
    sir that drill hole in.order.to CAU.stand one CLF post
    `he drills a hole in order to erect an upright piece, '
Example #18:

    (19)   ...pra~y aaw khan...ka MKaam naaw mthi~l
    ...give clothes...for Kam go palace (6.1.66-7)
    `...gave clothes...for Kam to go to the palace.'
Example #19:

    (20)   ptaaw ta~N, dii/ yun, naaw thaaN. (1977:61)
    king stand, climb.into hammock, go home.
    `The king stood, entered his palanquin and went home.'
Example #20:

    (21)   MHl/ pa~ crO/ naaw thaaN (6.1.17)
    Hlok take charok go > DIR house
    `Hlok took the fish home.'
Example #21:

    (22)   nu pa-pOO/ pa~ tuy (6.1.51) export
    she CAU-wrap take with < follow
    `she wrapped up the shoes and took them with her.'
Example #22:

    (23)   MKaam MHl/ nan twa~ ta~y aay (6.1.1)
    Kam Hlok that two y.sib e.sib
    `Kam and Hlok (were) two sisters '
Example #23:

    (24)   oN nan nan uraaN toy. (1977:63)
    mister that that CLF guest
    `That gentleman is a guest.'
Example #24:

    (25)   ptaaw Taluy/ Na/ nan oh /jOw/ ptaaw pya/ o.
    king Taluch do that NEG correct king real NEG .
    `King Taluch's behavior was not that of a true king.'
Example #25:

    (26)   hu tmuh tha phun mkya (6.1.124)
    have grow one CLF ebony
    `(there) grew an ebony (or kya) tree'
Example #26:

    (27)   hu tha uraaN cam [Na/ kni kh~h lo] (6.2.21)
    have one CLF Cham [make kanhi skillful very]
    `There is a Cham who makes the kanhi very skillfully.'
Example #27:

    (28)   crO/ mEE/ MKaam Na/ __ rilO baN plO~h. (6.1.37)
    charok mom Kam make ___ meat eat finish
    `The charok, Kam's mother already made into food.'