The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Hana Filip (1999). CHAPTER 6.

URL: http://www.stanford.edu/~hfilip/diss_garland_files/ch6.w.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 538&langcode=deu (2020-08-04).


Example #1:

    (1) a. Alex baute ein        Haus.
    Alex built a.SG.ACC house
    `Alex built a house.'
Example #2:

    b. Alex baute an           einem Haus.
    Alex built on.PREP a.SG.DAT house
    `Alex was building a house.'
Example #3:

    (2)    Alex baute ein                Haus,
    Alex built a.SG.ACC           house
    `Alex built a house,
Example #4:

    (3) a. Alex baut gerade         ein       Haus.
    Alex builds right.now a.SG.ACC house
    `Alex is building a house right now1.
Example #5:

    (3) b. Alex baut gerade         an einem            Haus.
    Alex builds right.now on a.SG.DAT            house
    `Alex is building a house right now.'
Example #6:

    (4) a. Alex baute das Haus ?zwei Jahre lang / in zwei            Jahren.
    Alex built the house ?two years long / in two             years
    'Alex was building a house (?)for two years.'
Example #7:

    b. Alex baute zwei Jahre lang / (*)in zwei Jahren an einem Haus.
    Alex built two years long / (*)in two years on a        house
    'Alex was building a house for two years /(*) in two years.'
Example #8:

    (5) a. Alex sah ein        Haus.
    Alex saw a.SG.ACC house
    `Alex saw a house.'
Example #9:

    b. Alex sah     *an    einem Haus.
    Alex saw *on a.SG.DAT house
    *`Alex saw on a house.'
Example #10:

    (6)    *Eva streichelte     an einer    Katze.
    *Eve stroked         on a.SG.DAT cat
    *`Eve stroked on a cat.'
Example #11:

    (7)    *Thomas hörte an einem      Geräusch.
    *Thomas heard on a.SG.DAT noise
    *`Thomas heard on a noise.'
Example #12:

    (8)    Berta zog         an einem        Wagen.
    Berta dragged on a.SG.DAT cart
    `Berta dragged/tugged at a cart.'
Example #13:

    (9)    *Ich entdeckte         an      einem    Schatz.
    *I      discovered     on      a.SG.DAT treasure
    *`I discovered on a treasure.'
Example #14:

    (10)   a. *Peter    hat    an     einem    Haus.
    *Peter    owns on       a.SG.DAT house
    *`Peter owns on a house.'
Example #15:

    b. *Daniel kennt an einer        Gaststätte in der Nähe.
    *Daniel knows on a.SG.DAT pub             in the vicinity
    *`Daniel knows on a pub nearby.'
Example #16:

    (11)   Alessandroliebte an Silvia, dass sie so klug war.
    Alessandroloved on Silvia that she so smart was
    `Alessandro loved about Silvia that she was so smart.'
Example #17:

    (12)   a. Ich trank Wein.
    I drank wine.SG.ACC
    `I drank wine' / `I was drinking wine.'
Example #18:

    b. *Ich trank an Wein.
    *I      drank on wine
    *`I drank on wine.'
Example #19:

    (13)   a. Paula strickte Jacken.
    Paula knitted     jacket.PL.ACC
    `Paula knitted jackets.' / `Paula was knitting jackets.'
Example #20:

    b. *Paula    strickte an Jacken.
    *Paula    knitted     on jacket.PL.DAT
    *`Paula knitted on jackets.'
Example #21:

    (14)   a. Gestern rannte Marco        eine     Meile.
    yesterday ran    Marco      a.SG.ACC mile
    `Yesterday, Marco ran a mile.'
Example #22:

    b. *Gestern rannte Marco       an einer    Meile.
    *yesterday ran   Marco      on a.SG.DAT mile
    *`Yesterday, Marco ran on a mile.'
Example #23:

    (15)   a. Ich trank an einem        Glas Wein.
    I drank on a.SG.DAT glass wine
    `I was drinking a glass of wine.'
Example #24:

    b. Paula strickte an        einer    Jacke.
    Paula knitted     on     a.SG.DAT jacket
    `Paula was knitting a jacket.'
Example #25:

    (16)   a. *Berta     spielte    an     einer            Sonate.
    *Berta     played     on     a.SG.DAT         sonata
    *`Berta played on a sonata.'
Example #26:

    (16)   b . *Ich kopierte an          einem          Aufsatz.
    *I     copied     on      a.SG.DAT       paper
    *`I copied on a paper.'
Example #27:

    (17)   *Marco kochte      an den        Nudeln.
    *Marco cooked      on the.PL.DAT noodles
    *`Marco cooked on pasta.'
Example #28:

    (18)   Meine Freunde kochten am                        Abendessen.
    my friends       cooked     on.the.SG.DAT       dinner
    `My friends were cooking dinner.'
Example #29:

    `rumgebügelt      und    es ist immer        noch nicht glatt.
    all.around.ironed and    i t is always       still not      smooth
    still is not smooth.'
Example #30:

    (21)   a. *Die elektrische Mühle mahlte an den Kaffeebohnen.
    *the electric mill ground on the.PL.DAT coffee.beans.PL.DAT
    *`The electric grinder ground on the coffee beans.'
Example #31:

    b. *Die Sonne trocknete an der                  Wäsche.
    *the sun      dried      on the.SG.DAT       laundry
    *`The sun dried on the clothes.'