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URL: http://www.uni-hamburg.de/Wiss/FB/10/AfrikaS/Becher2003.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 888&langcode=wol (2019-05-27).


Example #1:

    (5)a dafa tiit-al xale                bi
    S3sg     fear-CS child       DET
    ,she frightened the child`
Example #2:

    (5)b     daf      ma       tiit-loo
    S3sg     O1sg     fear-CS:MID:CIRC
    ,it made me feel afraid`
Example #3:

    (5)c      li     nga      ma       wax      daf      ma       tiit-loo
    what   S2sg     O1sg     say      S3sg     O1sg     fear-CS:MID:CIRC
    `what you told me made me feel afraid'
Example #4:

    (7)a    dafa     ragal                      (7b)     ragal             naa      ko
    S3sg     be.afraid                           be.afraid         S1sg     O3sg
    ,she is afraid`                              ,I fear him/her/it`
Example #5:

    (8)a dafa rus
    S3sg     be.ashamed
    ,she is ashamed`
Example #6:

    (8)b daf    ma     rusloo
    S3sg    O1sg   be.ashamed-CS:MID:VAIN
    ,it made me feel ashamed`
Example #7:

    (8)c jabar-am      moo ko         tek   gcce
    wife-POSS3sg   S3sg   O3sg    put      shame
    ,his wife put shame on him`
Example #8:

    (8)d   gcce boobu mun-u-ma          ko       een-u
    shame DEM      can-NEG-1sg    O3sg     carry.on.head-MID
    ,I can not carry that shame on my head`
Example #9:

    (8)e   du-ma          jl    gcce gi
    IMV:NEG-1sg    take   shame DET
    ,I do not take the shame`
Example #10:

    (9)a   loolu neex        na     ma
    that   please     S3sg   O1sg
    ,it pleases me`
Example #11:

    (14)     dama bgg         jign jii
    S1sg     want     woman DEM
    ,I love this woman`
Example #12:

    (15)     bgg-u-ma         jign jii
    want-NEG-1sg      woman DEM
    ,I do not like this woman`
Example #13:

    (16)a daf    ma    neex
    S3sg    O1sg      please
    ,it pleases me`
Example #14:

    (17)a dama-y             yrm jign ji
    S3sg-IMV          pity     woman DET
    ,I feel pity for the woman`
Example #15:

    (17)b dama la-y                   yg
    S1sg    O2sg-IMV           feel
    ,I feel pity for you`
Example #16:

    (17)d suma yaram daw                  na       ndik              moom
    my       body     run      S3sg     because.of        him/her
    ,I feel pity for him/her`
Example #17:

    (18)    n-kaaan          di      lekk     nile     sa               xol
    NZ-be.jealous     IMV     eat      thus     POSS2sg          heart
    ,jealousy eats thus your heart`
Example #18:

    (19)    tiit-aange        roofu ci         siddit-am
    fear-NZ           push    Pp       vene-POSS3sg
    ,Fear pushed in his/her venes`
Example #19:

    (20)    nob-al            moo     nekk     ci       man
    love-NZ           S3sg    be       Pp       me
    ,love is on/in me`
Example #20:

    (21)    tiit-aange        moo     nekk     ci       man
    fear-NZ           S3sg    be       Pp       me
    ,fear is on/in me`
Example #21:

    di-na          tax      u       am     tiit-aange
    IMV-S3sg       cause    S1sg     have   fear-NZ
    ,it will cause (that) we have fear`
Example #22:

    am      naa    tey      m-bett
    have    S1sg   today    NZ-surprise
    ,I am surprised today`
Example #23:

    am      naa    naqar
    have    S1sg   bitterness
    ,I have bitterness`
Example #24:

    am      naa    ba-neex           ci     li        nga    ma     wax
    have    S1sg   NZ-sweet          Pp     what      S2sg   O1sg   talk
    ,I feel happyness about what you told me`
Example #25:

    am      na     gcce ci          li     doom-am          biir
    have    S3sg   shame Pp          what   child-POSS3sg stomach
    ,she is ashamed because her/his child is pregnant`
Example #26:

    am       na       yrm-ande         ci       man23
    have     S3sg     pity-NZ           Pp       me
    ,she has pity with me`
Example #27:

    am       na       yg       ci      nit               yi
    have     S3sg     feeling Pp        human.being       DET
    ,she has pity with me`
Example #28:

    (22)    am       naa      lu       ma        naqar-i
    have     S1sg     what     O1sg      bitterness-VZ
    I have something which made me feel bitter`
Example #29:

    (23)   am      naa      lu       ma     gtin suma          xel
    have    S1sg     what     O1sg   bother POSS1sg      mind
    ,I have something which worries my mind`
Example #30:

    (25)   yow     yaa      deseek          gcce gi
    you     S2sg     remain:with     shame DET
    ,you remain with the shame`
Example #31:

    (26)   dau nekk-ali             ci     jaaxle googu
    S3pl    be-DUR            Pp     worry   DEM
    ,they are in that worry`
Example #32:

    mungi-y           ne       ogg ci          biir              neeg-am
    S3sg-IMV          say      ogg    Pp       stomach           room-POSS3sg
    ,she is afraid in his/her room`
Example #33:

    suma              fit      ne      xyy
    POSS1sg           spirit   say     xyy
    ,I am afraid` (lit.: ,my spirit said xyy`)
Example #34:

    dafa     ne       yomm
    S3sg     say      yomm
    ,she is ashamed`
Example #35:

    mu       ne       cee
    S3sg     say      cee
    she is ashamed`
Example #36:

    (27)   xam      naa    loolu/kooku25
    know     S1sg   that thing/that person
    I know it/him/her
Example #37:

    (28)   mu ngi-y        xalaat Aida
    PROG-IMV        think    Aida
    ,I think of Aida`
Example #38:

    (29)   dau bgg       seen     xaalis
    S3pl     want   O3pl     money
    ,they want their money`
Example #39:

    (30)   dama gis        guy      gii
    S1sg     see    baobab DET
    ,I saw the baobab-tree`
Example #40:

    (31)   fattaleeku              naa     benn    jamano
    forget:REV:MID          S1sg    one     time
    ,I remember a time ...`
Example #41:

    (32)a xmme             naa    ko
    recognize        S1sg   O3sg
    ,I recognized him/her`
Example #42:

    (32)b rae             naa    ko      ci      xale    yi
    distinguish      S1sg   O3sg    Pp      child   DET
    ,I recognized him/her amongst the children`
Example #43:

    (32)c nemmeeku          naa    fa
    recognize        S1sg   there
    ,I recognized [the place] there`
Example #44:

    (33)a mu       nettali ni      mu      yg-e           biir-u               doom ji
    S3sg    explain how     S3sg    feel-CIRC       stomach-GEN          child     DET
    ,she explained how she realized the pregnancy of the child`
Example #45:

    (33)b Maram             seet-l-u       ne      mu ngi mat-si         jnq
    Maram            regard-CS-MID that     S3sg    reach-VEN     womanhood
    Maram realized that she came to reach womanhood`
Example #46:

    (33)c ma       gis      ne     dama-y          am      problem
    S1sg    see      that   S1sg-IMV        have    problem
    ,I realized that I will have a problem`
Example #47:

    (33)d soo                   dem-ee           dinga           xam     ne
    if:S2sg             go-PV            FUT:2sg         know    that
    ,if you go you will realize that ....`
Example #48:

    (34)b maa ngi               soog-a           xam      li     ngeen bgg
    S1sg                begin-PART       know     what   S2pl    want
    ,I begin to understand what you want`
Example #49:

    (34)c gis            nga    su-             w-ee          sa      kr27
    see          S2sg   if-S1pl          come-PV         your    compound
    you understand, if we come to your compound ...`
Example #50:

    (34)d jpp           nga    boobu
    catch        S2sg   that
    ,did you understand that`
Example #51:

    (34)e jl-i                 nga       ma
    take-ITIV           S2sg      O1sg
    ,did you understand me`
Example #52:

    (35)a foog           naa    ne        danga caaxaan
    assume S1sg         that      S2sg   make.fun
    ,I assumed that you were just joking`
Example #53:

    (35)b dafa           yaakaar          ne     un      ay     American         lau
    S3sg         assume/hope      that   we       DET    American         S3pl
    ,she assumed that we are Americans`
Example #54:

    (35)c dafa      teg-oon        ne      dee     nau
    S3sg     put-PAST       that    die     S3pl
    ,she assumed that they had died`
Example #55:

    (36)a dgg      naa    ko
    hear     S1sg   O3sg
    ,I heard it`
Example #56:

    (36)b dg-l-u          naa     radio bi
    hear-VINC-MID S1sg      radio   DET
    ,I listened to the radio`
Example #57:

    (36)c yg-u-leen       ne      prsident       da-y          ganale
    feel-NEG-2pl    that    president       S3sg-IMV      invite
    ,didn't you hear that the president iinvites [for dinner]`
Example #58:

    (36)d gj              naa     ko      jpp
    long.time.not   S1sg    O3sg    catch
    ,I didn't hear from him/her for a long time`
Example #59:

    (37)a gum naa la
    believe S1sg O2sg
    `I believe you'
Example #60:

    (37)b gum naa ne            yaa     ko def
    believe S1sg that S2sg O3sg to.do
    `I think/assume that you did it'
Example #61:

    (38)a dama ko         yaakaar
    S1sg O3sg trust
    `I trust him/her'
Example #62:

    (38)b yaakaar-u-ma          ne      dina                 nangu
    trust-NEG-1sg         that FUT:3sg                 agree
    `I don't think/assume that she will agree'
Example #63:

    (39)   lu        ma     ko       doy-e
    what      O1sg   O3sg     be.enough-CIRC
    ,what do I need it for`
Example #64:

    (40)   woor            na     ma     ne     nob na        ko
    be.sure          S3sg     o1sg    that     love   S3sg    O3sg
    lit.: ,it is certain [to] me that she loves him/her`
Example #65:

    (41)a cere              ji       xee    na       ma
    couscous         DET      smell   S3sg     O1sg
    lit.: ,the couscous smells [to] me`
Example #66:

    (41)b xaj        baa ngi-y         xee-t-u         rab-u             all      yi
    dog      PROG:3sg-IMV smell-INT-MID animal-GEN                bush     DET
    ,the dog scents the wild animals`
Example #67:

    (45)   dugg na         sama xel
    enter   S3sg    my        mind
    lit.: ,it entered my mind`
Example #68:

    (46)   gnn    na      sama xel
    leave   S3sg    my        mind
    lit.: ,it left my mind`
Example #69:

    (47)   w     na      sama bt
    come    S3sg    my        eye
    lit.: ,it came [to] my eye`
Example #70:

    (48)   wax     jooju tabbindoo            ci    nopp-u       baay     bi
    speech DET      fall               Pp    ear-GEN      father   DET
    lit.:` that speech fell into the ear of the father`
Example #71:

    (49)   moo-y           sama xalaat
    S3sg-IMV        my        though
    lit.: ,this is my thought`
Example #72:

    (50)   nen     a        nekk            ci    sama              xel
    egg     FOC      be.located      Pp    POSS1sg           mind
    `I think of eggs'
Example #73:

    (51)a mu       jublu dmb
    S3sg    turn     yesterday
    ,she remembered the past`
Example #74:

    (51)b mu       janook           yar           bi     mu .....
    S3sg    face:with        education     REL    S3sg
    ,she remembered the education which she ....`
Example #75:

    (52)   dama ko          bayyi gnnaaw
    S1sg    O3sg     leave   back
    ,I forgot it`
Example #76:

    (53)a xalaat yi         Maram           di    def
    thought REL      Maram           IMV   do
    ,what Maram thinks ...`
Example #77:

    (54)   fas      naa     yn tukki
    knot     S1sg    wish      travel
    ,I wanted to travel`
Example #78:

    (55)   dama teg         bt       njaaxum            ba        fa      am
    S1sg     put     eye       disaster           REL       there   have
    ,I looked at the disaster which happened there`
Example #79:

    (56)   am       naa     yaakaar              ci      moom
    have     S1sg    trust/hope           Pp      him/her
    ,I trust her/him`
Example #80:

    (57)   am       naa     ci        xel        torop
    have     S1sg    Pp        mind       very
    ,I think a lot about it`
Example #81:

    (58)   am       naa     soxla ci             yow
    have     S1sg    need      Pp         you
    ,I need you`
Example #82:

    (59)   am-u-u          benn      bgg-bgg
    have-NEG-3pl     one       wish
    ,they have no wish`
Example #83:

    (61)    mu      ne       yunn    ci      neeg      bi
    S3sg    say      yunn    Pp      room      DET
    ,she looked into the room`
Example #84:

    (62)a dama liw
    S1sg     feel.cold
    ,I feel cold`
Example #85:

    (62)b dama sedd
    S1sg     be.cold
    ,I am cold`
Example #86:

    (64)    dama xiif
    S1sg     be.hungry
    ,I am hungry`
Example #87:

    (65)    dama feebaar
    S1sg     be.sick
    ,I am sick`
Example #88:

    (66)   daf    ma        dee    xiif-loo
    S3sg   O1sg      HAB    be.hungry-CS:MID:CIRC
    ,it makes me feel hungry`
Example #89:

    (67)   daf    ma        dee    liw-loo
    S3sg   O.1sg     HAB    feel.cold-CS:MID:CIRC
    ,it makes me feel cold`
Example #90:

    (69)   daf    ma        dee    feebaar-loo
    S3sg   O1sg      HAB    be.sick-CS:MID:CIRC
    ,it makes me feel sick`
Example #91:

    (70)a dafa    mb
    S3sg   bundle.up
    ,she is pregnant`
Example #92:

    (70)b dafa    biir
    S3sg   stomach
    ,she is pregnant`
Example #93:

    (70)c daf     ko        biir-al
    S3sg   O3sg      stomach-CS
    ,he made her pregnant`
Example #94:

    (71)a sama biir                   daf      ma-y            metti
    my     stomach             S3sg     O1sg-IMV        pain
    ,my stomach pains me`
Example #95:

    (71)b sama biir                   dafa-y           metti
    my     stomach             S3sg-IMV         pain
    ,my stomach pains`
Example #96:

    (72)   mettit wee                 ko       jpp
    pain   DET-FOC             O3sg     seize
    ,pain seized me`
Example #97:

    (73)   xiif       moo   ma     ty
    hunger S3sg      O1sg   hold
    ,hunger holds me`
Example #98:

    (75)   dinga             yg    mettit
    FUT:2sg           feel   pain
    ,you will feel pain`
Example #99:

    (76)   dama-y            yg    sedd
    S1sg-IMV          feel   coldness
    ,I feel cold`
Example #100:

    (77)   dama-y            yg    xiif
    S1sg-IMV          feel   hunger
    ,I feel hungry`
Example #101:

    (78)   dama am           mettit-u          biir
    S1sg    have      pain-GEN          stomach
    ,I have stomach trouble`
Example #102:

    (79)   dafa nd                 ak         jngoro    sqt
    S3sg accompany           with       illness    coughing
    ,she has a cough`
Example #103:

    EMO:           dafa mer
    S3sg be.angry
    `s/he is angry'
Example #104:

    mer-e nga ma
    be.angry-VZ S2sg O1sg
    `I am angry at you'
Example #105:

    gr gi dafa tng
    man DET S3sg be.hot
    `the man is angry' (lit.: `the man is hot')
Example #106:

    mer moo ma jpp
    anger S3sg O1sg to.seize
    `anger seized me'
Example #107:

    mer moo ma ty
    anger S3sg O1sg to.hold
    `anger held me'
Example #108:

    mer-am dal ne
    anger-POSS3sg to.settle S3sg
    `s/he is no longer angry' (lit.:`his/her anger settled')
Example #109:

    sama xol dafa tng
    POSS1sg heart S3sg be.hot
    `my heart is hot'
Example #110:

    ANGER/          daf ma mer-loo
    S3sg O1sg be.angry-CS:MID:CIRC
    `it made me feel angry'
Example #111:

    EMO:            dafa tiit
    S3sg be.afraid
    `s/he is afraid'
Example #112:

    ragal naa ko
    be.afraid S1sg O3sg
    ,I am afraid of it`
Example #113:

    dina tax u am tiit-aange
    FUT:3sg to.cause S1pl to.have to.fear-NZ
    ,it caused (that) we have fear`
Example #114:

    mungi ne ogg ci biir neeg-am
    PROG3sg to.say ogg Pp stomach room-POSS3sg
    ,s/he is afraid in her/his room`
Example #115:

    tiit-aange moo ma ty
    to.fear-NZ S3sg O1sg to.hold
    ,fear held me`
Example #116:

    tiit-aange moo ma jpp
    to.fear-NZ S3sg O1sg to.seize
    ,fear seized me`
Example #117:

    tiitaange moo nekk ci man
    fear S3sg be.located Pp me
    `fear is on me'
Example #118:

    tiitaange roofu ci siddit-am
    fear to.push Pp vene-POSS3sg
    `fear pushed in his/her venes'
Example #119:

    xol-am bi fudd-u
    heart-POSS3sg DET to.stretch-MID
    ,his/her heart is stretched`
Example #120:

    sama fit dafa ricc
    POSS1sg spirit S3sg to.escape
    `my spirit escaped'
Example #121:

    FEAR/       bu ma tiit-loo
    Causative   IMP2sg O1sg be.afraid-CS:MID:CIRC
    ,don't make me feel afraid`
Example #122:

    bu ma ragal-loo
    IMP2sg O1sg be.afraid-CS:MID:CIRC
    ,don't make me feel afraid`
Example #123:

    dafa tiit-al xale bi
    S3sg be.afraid-CS child DET
    ,it frightened the child`
Example #124:

    EMO:        dama kontaan
    S1sg be.happy
    ,I am happy/satisfied`
Example #125:

    dama bk
    S1sg be.happy
    ,I am happy/satisfied`
Example #126:

    bk naa ci yow
    be.happy S1sg Pp you
    ,I am happy/satisfied with you`
Example #127:

    kontaan naa ci yow
    be.happy S1sg Pp you
    ,I am happy/satisfied with you'
Example #128:

    dama ba-neex-u
    S1sg NZ-be.sweet-MID
    `I am happy'
Example #129:

    dama doy-l-u
    S1sg be.enough-CS-MID
    `I am happy'
Example #130:

    xaj dal di fx
    dog at.once IMV be.fresh
    ,the dog was at once happy/satisfied'
Example #131:

    dama am m-bg-te
    S1sg to.have NZ-be.happy-NZ
    ,I have joy`
Example #132:

    am naa ba-neex
    to.have S1sg NZ-be.sweet
    ,I have joy'
Example #133:

    m-bg-te bi ngeen nd-al
    NZ-be.happy-NZ REL S2pl to.accompany-CIRC
    ,the joy with which you go`
Example #134:

    neex-aay gi ma daan def
    be.sweet.NZ DET S1sg HAB to.do
    ,the joy which I did`
Example #135:

    sama xol dafa kontaan
    POSS1sg heart S3sg be.happy
    ,my heart is happy/satisfied`
Example #136:

    sama xol dafa bk
    POSS1sg heart S3sg be.happy
    ,my heart is happy/satisfied`
Example #137:

    ndax seen xol sedd
    because POSS3pl heart be.cold
    ,because their heart is cold`
Example #138:

    xol-am fx na
    heart-POSS3sg be.fresh S3sg
    ,his/her heart is fresh`
Example #139:

    suma xol bi neex
    POSS1sg heart DET be.sweet
    `my heart is sweet'
Example #140:

    suma xol angi dal
    POSS1sg heart PRS to.settle
    ,my heart is settled`
Example #141:

    tey dang ma kontaan-loo
    today S2sg O1sg be.happy-CS: MID: CIRC
    ,today you made me feel happy`
Example #142:

    mu di leen fx-al seen xol
    S3sg IMV O3pl be.fresh-CS POSS3pl heart
    ,it refreshes their heart`
Example #143:

    EMO:        dafa bgg Rkki
    S3sg to.want Rakki
    `s/he loves Rakki`
Example #144:

    dafa ma nob
    S3sg O1sg to.love
    `s/he loves me`
Example #145:

    dama la sopp
    S1sg O2sg to.love
    ,I love/venerate you
Example #146:

    ma indi-l ko m-bgg-al
    S1sg to.bring-BENE O3sg NZ-to.want-NZ
    ,I brought her/him love`
Example #147:

    dem naa ybb-aale sama m-bgg-al
    to.go S1sg to.take-VE POSS1sg NZ-to.want-NZ
    ,I went away with my love`
Example #148:

    m-bgg-al moo ma jpp
    NZ-to.want-NZ S3sg o1sg to.seize
    ,love seized me`
Example #149:

    nob-al moo nekk ci man
    to.love-NZ S3sg be.located Pp me
    ,love is (located) on me`
Example #150:

    EMO:            loolu neex-oon na ko lool
    that be.sweet-PAST S3sg O3sg very
    ,it pleased him/her a lot`
Example #151:

    yaa ma saf
    S2sg O1sg be.tasty
    ,I like you`
Example #152:

    bu soob-ee Ylla
    if to.please-PV God
    ,if it pleases God`
Example #153:

    dama jaaxl-e
    S1sg to.worry-VRE
    `I worry`
Example #154:

    nit i nekk-ali ci jaaxle googu
    peaple DET to.be-DUR Pp distress DEM
    ,the people are in that (state of) worrying`
Example #155:

    waa ji w ak jaaxle bu metti
    guy DET to.come with distress REL to.pain
    ,the guy came with a thorough distress'
Example #156:

    yq-u-ma sama bopp
    to.destroy-NEG-S1sg POSs1sg head
    `I did not destroy my head`
Example #157:

    jaaxle dugg ko nak
    worry to.enter O3sg INTJ
    worry entered him/her`
Example #158:

    suma xel bi dafa jaxasoo
    POSS1sg mind DET S3sg be.mixed.up
    ,my mind is mixed up`
Example #159:

    suma xel bi dal-ul
    POSS1sg mind DET to.settle-NEG:3sg
    ,my mind is not settled`
Example #160:

    sama xel bi toog-ul
    POSS1sg mind DET to.sit-NEG:3sg
    ,my mind is not at peace`
Example #161:

    sama xel baa ngiy wrante
    POSS1sg mind DET:PROG to.go.to.and.fro
    ,my mind goes to and fro`
Example #162:

    xol-u Bugguma daan jaxasoo
    heart-GEN Bugguma HAB be.mixed.up
    ,Bugguma's heart used to be mixed up`
Example #163:

    bi mu ko dgg-ee fit-am toog-ul
    when s/he heard it, her/his spirit did not sit down`
Example #164:

    yef yi daoo jaxasoo ci xel-am
    ,the things are mixed up in his/her mind`
Example #165:

    moo xall a yq sama xol
    S3sg almost PART to.destroy POSS1sg heart
    ,it almost destroyed my heart`
Example #166:

    d-u ma gtin
    IMV-NEG3sg O1sg to.bother
    ,it doesn't worry me`
Example #167:

    daf ma jaaxal (jaax-al)
    S3sg O1sg to.worry (-?--CS)
    ,it worried me`
Example #168:

    daf ma doon xalaat-loo
    S3sg O1sg IMV:PAST to.think-CS:MID:CIRC
    ,it made me feel worried`
Example #169:

    dafa tilim-al xel-am
    S3sg be.dirty-CS mind-POSS3sg
    ,it made his/her mind dirty`
Example #170:

    EMO:            dama rus
    S1sg be.ashamed
    ,I am ashamed`
Example #171:

    dama torox
    S1sg be.ashamed
    ,I am ashamed`
Example #172:

    dafa am gcce ci li doom-am biir
Example #173:

    gcce boobu mn-u-ma ko yeen-u
    ,I can't bear that shame`
Example #174:

    d-u-ma jl gcce gi
    IMV-NEG-1sg to.take shame DET
    ,I do not take the shame`
Example #175:

    yow yaa deseek gcce gi
    you S2sg to.remain:with shame DET
    ,you remain with the shame`
Example #176:

    dafa dugg-al bopp-am ci gcce
    S3sg to.enter-CS head-POSS3sg Pp shame
    `s/he put her/his head into shame`
Example #177:

    dafa ne yomm, kenn gis-at-u ko
Example #178:

    sama der bi yq-u
    POSS1sg skin DET to.destroy-MID
    `I am ashamed' (lit.: `my skin is destroyed')
Example #179:

    lu mu def ba gcce gi war ko dal
    ,what had he done so that shame came upon him`
Example #180:

    toroxteem jee ko tee gnn
    ,her shame prevented her from going out`
Example #181:

    su ma dem-ee sa gcce la
    if S1sg to.go-PV POSS2sg shame COP:3sg
    ,if I go it is your shame`
Example #182:

    jabar-am moo ko tek gcce
    wife-POSS3sg S3sg O3sg to.put shame
    ,his wife put shame on him`
Example #183:

    daf ma jox gcce
    S3sg O1sg to.give shame
    ,s/he put shame on me`
Example #184:

    danga yq sama der
    S2sg to.destroy POSS1sg skin
    ,you destroyed my skin`
Example #185:

    li ma dgg daf ma rus-loo
    ,what I heard made me feel ashamed`
Example #186:

    daf ko-y torox-al
    S3sg O3sg-IMV be.ashamed-CS
    ,it puts shame on me`
Example #187:

    Grgi torox-al der-am
    Grgi be.ashamed-CS skin-POSS3sg
    ,Grgi put shame on his/her skin`
Example #188:

    daf ma-y gcceel
    S3sg O1sg-IMV shame:CS
    ,it puts shame on me`
Example #189:

    dama triste
    S1sg be.sad (french: triste)
    ,I am sad`
Example #190:

    tey daal sama yaram nangu-l
    today INTJ POSS1sg body to.agree-NEG:3sg
    ,today my body does not agree`
Example #191:

    bgg-u-ma ko
    to.want-NEG-S1sg O3sg
    ,I hate him/her ~ I don't like it`
Example #192:

    dafa ma ba
    S3sg O1sg to.refuse
    `s/he hated me' (lit.: ,s/he refused me`)
Example #193:

    ma jppi ko
    S1sg to.despise O3sg
    ,I hate/dispise her/him`
Example #194:

    m-ba-eel moo ko laal
    NZ-to.refuse-NZ S3sg O3sg to.toouch
    ,hate touched him/her`
Example #195:

    sama xol ba loolu
    POSS1sg heart to.refuse DEM
    ,my heart refuses that`
Example #196:

    yef-am neex-u ma
    matter-POSS3sg be.seet-NEG O1sg
    ,his/her affairs are not sweet to me`
Example #197:

    sa yef saf-u ma
    POSS2sg matter to.taste-NEG O1sg
    ,your affairs are not tasty to me`
Example #198:

    dama ko yrm
    S1sg O3sg to.pity
    ,I pitied him/her`
Example #199:

    dafa am yrmande ci man
    S3sg to.have pity Pp me
    ,s/he has pity with me`
Example #200:

    d-u la yg
    IMV-NEG:3sg O2sg to.feel
    ,s/he has not mercy with you`
Example #201:

    dafa am yg ci nit ii
    S3sg to.have feeling Pp people DET
    ,s/he has mercy with these people`
Example #202:

    dafa am xol
    S3sg to.have heart
    ,s/he is a emotional/mercyful person`
Example #203:

    sama xol daf ko yrm
    POSS1sg heart S3sg O3sg to.pity
    `my heart pitied him/her`
Example #204:

    sama xol dafa yeew pur moom
    POSS1sg heart S3sg be.bound for him/her
    ,my heart is bound for him/her`
Example #205:

    Cherno dafa fiir
    Cherno S3sg be.jealous
    ,Cherno is jealous`
Example #206:

    dafa aaan
    S3sg be.jealous/envious
    `s/he is jealous'
Example #207:

    fiir-aange moo ko jpp
    be.jealous-NZ S3sg O3sg to.seize
    jealousy seized him/her`
Example #208:

    fiir-aange moo ko ty
    be.jealous-NZ S3sg O3sg to.hold
    ,jealousy held him/her`
Example #209:

    nk-aaan di lekk nile sa xol
    NZ-be.jealous IMV to.eat POSS2sg heart
    `jealousy eats thus your heart'
Example #210:

    sama xol dafa fiir
    POSS1sg heart S3sg be.jealous
    ,my heart is jealous`
Example #211:

    daf daan xett xol-u Maram
    S3sg HAB to.pierce heart-GEN Maram
    ,it used to pierce Maram's heart`
Example #212:

    EMO:            dama naqar-i torop
    S1sg bitterness.VZ very
    `Igrieve a lot''
Example #213:

    naqar-l-u naa li la dal
    bitterness-CS-MID S1sg what O2sg to.come.upon
    ,I am very concerned about what happened to you`
Example #214:

    dafa-y metti-t-l-u
    S3sg-IMV to.pain-NZ-CS-MID
    `s/he broods about a painful event'
Example #215:

    dama am naqar
    S1sg to.have bitterness
    ,I have bitterness`
Example #216:

    am naa lu ma naqar-i
    to.have S1sg what S1sg bitterness-VZ
    `there is something which makes me feel bitter'
Example #217:

    dee-am naqar-i na ma
    death-POSS3sg bitterness-VZ S3sg O1sg
    ,his/her death made me feel sad`
Example #218:

    sama xol dafa naqar-i
    POSS1sg heart S3sg bitterness-VZ
    ,my heart grieves`
Example #219:

    sama xol dafa tiis
    POSS1sg heart S3sg be.heavy
    `I grieve' (lit.: `my heart is heavy')
Example #220:

    sama xol dafa yq-u
    POSS1sg heart S3sg to.spoil-MID
    `my heart is spoiled'
Example #221:

    sama xol dafa jeex
    POSS1sg heart S3sg be.finished
    `my heart is finished'
Example #222:

    loolu daf ma metti-t-loo
    that S3sg O1sg to.pain-NZ-CS:MID:CIRC
    `that makes me feel bitter'
Example #223:

    VOL/        kontaan naa ci lool
    be.satisfied S1sg Pp very
    `I am very satisfied with it'
Example #224:

    bk naa
    be.contented S1sg
    `I am contented'
Example #225:

    dama doy-l-u
    S1sg to.suffice-BENE-MID
    `I am satisfied'
Example #226:

    dama bari-l-e
    S1sg be.plenty-CS-CIRC
    `I am satisfied'
Example #227:

    suma xel neex-u-t-oon
    POSS1sg mind be.sweet-NEG-3sg-PAST
    `I am not contented' (lit.: `my mind was not sweet')
Example #228:

    sama xel bi dafa fx
    POSS1sg mind DET S3sg be.fresh
    `I am satisfied' (lit.: `my mind is fresh')
Example #229:

    CONTENTM./      afeer-am daf ma doy-loo
    matter-POSS3sg S3sg O1sg suffice-CS:MID:CIRC
    `his/her affairs made me feel contended'
Example #230:

    EMO:            jabar ji waar-u lool
    wife DET to.surprise-MID very
    `the wife is very surprised'
Example #231:

    ma ne cee
    S1sg to.say cee
    `I was surprised'
Example #232:

    ma ne yabb
    S1sg to.say yabb
    `I was surprised'
Example #233:

    am naa tey m-bett mu ma neex
    `I have a surprise today which pleases me'
Example #234:

    m-bett-eel gee ko jpp
    NZ-to.surprise-NZ DET O3sg to.seize
    `surprise seized him/her'
Example #235:

    daf ma bett
    S3sg O1sg to.surprise
    `it surprised me'
Example #236:

    daf ma waar
    S3sg O1sg to.surprise
    `it surprised me'
Example #237:

    mu ne bilaaye doy na waar
    S3sg to.say bilaaye to.suffice S3sg to.surprise
    `s/he said it is surprising'
Example #238:

    kenn xam-u la
    somebody to.know-NEG O2sg
    `nobody knows you'
Example #239:

    jpp nau ne seen coosaan Sose la
    to.catch S3pl that POSS3pl Mandinka COP:3sg
    `they knew that their origin was Mandinka'
Example #240:

    dafa dugg sama bopp
    S3sg to.enter POSS1sg head
    `I knew it' (lit.: `it entered my head')
Example #241:

    dafa dugg sama xel
    S3sg to.enter POSS1sg mind
    `I knew it' (lit.: `it entered my mind')
Example #242:

    yaangiy dgg lu ma la wax
    UNDER-      PROG:2sg to.hear what S1sg O2sg to.say
    `do you understand what I told you'
Example #243:

    dgg nga Sose
    to.hear S2sg Mandinka
    `do you understand Mandinka'
Example #244:

    maangi soog-a xam li ngeen bgg
    `I begin to understand what you want'
Example #245:

    gis nga un su  w-ee sa kr gis nga
    to.see S2sg
Example #246:

    jpp nga boobu
    to.catch S2sg that
    `did you understand that'
Example #247:

    eske jl-i nga ma
    QUEST to.take-ITIV S2sg O1sg
    `did you understand me'
Example #248:

    dama ftt-ale-eku benn jamano
    REMEMBER-       S1sg to.forget-REV-MID one time
    `I remembered one time'
Example #249:

    xel-mati naa ko
    mind-VZ S1sg O3sg
    `I remembered it'
Example #250:

    dem-oon naa ci dmb
    to.go-PAST S1sg Pp yesterday
    `I remembered yesterday/the past'
Example #251:

    mu jub-l-u dmb
    S3sg be.straight-CS-MID yesterday
    `s/he remebered yesterday/the past'
Example #252:

    moo soxla di dellu gnnaaw
    S3sg need IMV to.return back
    `s/he had to remember the past'
Example #253:

    Grgi janook yar bi mu yar Rkki
    to.educate Rkki
    `Grgi remembered how he educated Rkki'
Example #254:

    dafa dugg sama bopp
    S3sg to.enter POSS1sg head
    `it entered my head'
Example #255:

    dafa dugg sama xel
    S3sg to.enter POSS1sg mind
    `it entered my mind'
Example #256:

    su mu bgg-ee w ci xel-am
    if S3sg to.want-PV to.come Pp mind-POSS3sg
    `if she wanted to come to his memory'
Example #257:

    xel-am dellu ci leeb bi
    mind-POSS3sg to.return Pp story DET
    `his/her mind returned to the story'
Example #258:

    xel-am dellu gnnaaw
    mind-POSS3sg to.return back
    `his/her mind returned to the past'
Example #259:

    xel-am dello ko Walo
    mind-POSS3sg to.return O3sg Walo
    `his/her mind returned him/her to Walo'
Example #260:

    xel-am yepp angi jub-l-u dmb
    `all his/her mind faced was directed towards the past'
Example #261:

    sama xel dal di sore
    POSS1sg mind to.settle IMV be.far
    `my mind was far away (in the past)'
Example #262:

    loolu d-u-ma ko ftte
    that IMV-NEG-1sg o3sg to.forget
    `I will not forget that'
Example #263:

    xam-m-u-u ma
    to.know-VE-NEG-S3pl O1sg
    `they didn't recognize me'
Example #264:

    rae na ko ci xale yi
    `to.recognize S3sg O3sg Pp child DET
    `s/he recognized him/her amongst the children'
Example #265:

    nemmeeku naa ko
    to.recognize:MID S1sg O3sg
    `I recognized it (the place)'
Example #266:

    jpp-u-loo ko bu-m romb-ee
    to catch-NEG-2sg O3sg when-S3sg to.pass.by-PV
    `didn't you recognize her/him when s/he passed by'
Example #267:

    COG:            soo dem-ee dinga xam ne sa yaay am na faayda
    mother to.have S3sg respect/dignity
Example #268:

    ma gis ne dama-y am problem
    S1sg to.see that S1sg-IMV to.have problem
    `I realized that I will have problems'
Example #269:

    mu nettali ni mu yg- biir-u doom ji
    GEN child DET
Example #270:

    Maram mas-ul seet-l-u ne Rakki angiy mat-si jnq EXR
    PROG to.reach-VEN womanhood
Example #271:

    woolu naa la
    BELIEVING/   to.trust:MID S1sg O2sg
    `I trust you'
Example #272:

    danga gum tuuti Ylla
    S2sg to.believe/to.trust little God
    `you trust a little in God'
Example #273:

    dama ko yaakaar
    S1sg O3sg to.believe/to.trust
    `I trust her/him'
Example #274:

    am naa yaakaar ci moom
    to.have S1sg trust Pp him/her
    `I trust her/him'
Example #275:

    k-oolu-te googu mu am-oon ci moom
    NZ-to.trust-NZ DEM REL to.have Pp him/her
    `the trust which s/he had in him/her'
Example #276:

    ci yow laa teg sama yaakaar
    Pp you S1sg to.put POSS1sg trust
    `I trust you'
Example #277:

    u tas sa yaakaar
    S3pl to.scatter POSS2sg trust
    `they destroyed your trust'
Example #278:

    wr na ma ne nob na ko
    be.sure S3sg O1sg that to.love S3sg O3sg
    `I am sure that s/he loves him/her'
Example #279:

    maangiy xal-aat Aida
    PROG:1sg mind-VZ Aida
    `I am thinking of Aida'
Example #280:

    loo xal-aat ci xew boobu
    what:2sg mind-VZ Pp event DEM
    `what do you think about this event'
Example #281:

    wai-l sa xal-aat
    to.reduce-IMP POSS2sg mind-VZ
    `stop thinking'
Example #282:

    ku nekk nga jox-e sa xal-aat
    REL to.be S2sg to.give-VRE POSS2sg mind-VZ
    `everybody shall tell what s/he thinks'
Example #283:

    xal-aat yi Maram di def
    mind-VZ REL Maram IMV to.do
    `what Maram was thinking'
Example #284:

    dinaa ci byyi sama xel
    FUT:1sg Pp to.leave POSS1sg mind
    `I will think of it'
Example #285:

    am naa ci xel torop
    to.have S1sg Pp mind very
    `I think a lot about it'
Example #286:

    moo-y sama xal-aat ci loolu
    S3sg-IMV POSS1sg mind-VZ Pp that
    `this is my thought about it'
Example #287:

    xel-am angi ci kr gi
    mind-POSS3sg COP Pp house Det
    `his/her mind is at the house'
Example #288:

    seen xel ne-wul ci bokk goornemaa Abdu Juuf
    government Abdu Juuf
Example #289:

    xel-u Maram dellu ci doom ji
    mind-GEN Maram to.return Pp child DET
    `Maram thought of her child'
Example #290:

    xel-am jox ko mu dem laaj ko
    `s/he thought about going and asking him/her'
Example #291:

    dama xal-aat-oon ne scc lawoon
    S1sg mind-VZ-PAST that thief COP-PAST
    `I thought it was a thief'
Example #292:

    danga foog ne dama caaxaan
    S2sg to.assume that S1sg to.joke
    `you thought/assumed that I was joking'
Example #293:

    defe-woon naa danga tukki
    to-assume-PAST S1sg S2sg to.travel
    `I thought/assumed (that) you had traveled'
Example #294:

    daf ma teg xale ba tey
    S3sg O1sg to.put child until today
    `s/he thought/assumed (that) I am still a child'
Example #295:

    gum-u-ma ne Binta dina def loolu
    to.believe-NEG-1sg that Binta FUT:3sg to.do that
    `I don't think that Binta will do this'
Example #296:

    yaakaar-u-ma ne dina nangu
    to.hope-NEG-1sg that FUT:3sg to.agree:MID
    `I don't think s/he will agree'
Example #297:

    epp jpp ne Mbaax dafa-y dee
    all to.catch that Mbaax S3sg-IMV to.die
    `all assumed that Mbaax will die'
Example #298:

    sama xel baangiy werante
    POSS1sg mind PROG to.roam.around
    `my mind roams around'
Example #299:

    bgg naa ko
    to.want S1sg O3sg
    `I want it'
Example #300:

    ba naa ko
    to.refuse S1sg O3sg
    `I didn't want it / I refused it'
Example #301:

    dama ko sopp-a am
    S1sg O3sg to.love-PART to.have
    `I want to have it'
Example #302:

    dama bgg-al Bacc mi lu baax
    S1sg to.want-BENE Bacc DET what be.good
    `I wish Bacc all the best'
Example #303:

    maang leen ko aan-al it
    S1sg O2pl O3sg to.ask.for-BENE also
    `I wish it also to you'
Example #304:

    mu yn u jmm
    S3sg wish O1pl peace
    `s/he wished us peace'
Example #305:

    am-u-u benn bgg-bgg
    to.have-NEG-3pl one wish
    `they don't have any wish'
Example #306:

    am naa yn ju opp sax loolu
    to.have S1sg wish REL to.surpass even that
    `I have a desire which is more than that'
Example #307:

    looloo-y sama bgg-bgg
    that-IMV POSS1sg wish
    `that is my wish'
Example #308:

    loolu moo-y sama yn
    that S3sg-IMV POSS1sg desire
    `that is my wish/desire'
Example #309:

    lu-y sa tnk
    what-IMV POSS2sg foot/leg
    `what is your wish/request/concern'
Example #310:

    wante xol bi ba
    but heart DET to.refuse
    `but the heart refused'
Example #311:

    VOL:      dau soxla seen neeg
    S3pl to.need POSS2pl room
    `they need your room'
Example #312:

    am naa soxla ci you
    to.have need Pp you
    `I need you'
Example #313:

    lu ma ko doy-e
    what S1sg O3sg to.suffice-CIRC
    `what do I need it for'
Example #314:

    VOL:            dau ko aaan-e dall-am
    S3pl O3sg to.envy-VIN shoe-POSS3sg
    `they envy him/her his/her shoes'
Example #315:

    ma ee i seen kr sori-wu-l
    `I envy those whose house is not far'
Example #316:

    PERC:           dang ko gis
    S2sg O3sg to.see
    `you saw it'
Example #317:

    xanaa seet-u-loo ko
    QUEST to.look.for-Neg-2sg O3sg
    `didn't you look for it'
Example #318:

    xool naa ko
    to.regard S1sg O3sg
    `I regarded it'
Example #319:

    ma seen Beccek bi
    S1sg to.see.from.afar Beccek DET
    `I saw this Beccek from afar'
Example #320:

    alal ji nga fi xel-mati
    wealth REL S2sg cast.a.glance.at
    `the wealth which you can cast a glance at here'
Example #321:

    bgg-at-u ko gis ak bt
    to.want-REP-NEG:3sg O3sg to.see with eye
    `s/he didn't want to see it with her eyes'
Example #322:

    ci sama biir bt laa ko def-e
    Pp POSS1sg stomach eye S1sg O3sg to.do-CIRC
    lit.: `in my eyes did I do it'
Example #323:

    dafa tek bt njaaxum ba fa am
    S3sg to.put eye misfortune REL there to.have
    lit.:`s/he put eye (on) the misfortune which happened
Example #324:

    mu ne yunn ci neeg bi
    S3sg to.say yunn Pp room DET
    `s/he took a look at the room'
Example #325:

    dgg naa ko
    to.hear S1sg O3sg
    `I heard it'
Example #326:

    dama dg-l-u xabaar bi
    S1sg to.hear-CS-MID news Det
    `I listened to the news'
Example #327:

    Musa gj naa ko jpp nak
    Musa long.time.not S1sg O3sg to.catch INTJ
    `I didn't hear from Musa for quite some time'
Example #328:

    yg-u-leen ne da-y gan-ale
    `to.feel-NEG-2pl that S3sg-IMV guest-VZ
    `didn't you hear that he invites for dinner'
Example #329:

    wax jooju tabbindoo ci nopp-u baay bi
    speech DEM to.fell Pp ear-GEN father DET
    `that speech fall into the father's ear'
Example #330:

    xaj baangiy xee-t-u rab-u all
    dog PROG to.smell-INT-MID animal-GEN bush
    `the dog scents wild animals'
Example #331:

    ma foon litkolo gi
    S1sg to.sniff parfume DET
    `I sniffed the parfume'
Example #332:

    sama biir dafa-y metti
    POSS1sg stomach S3sg-IMV to.pain
    `my stomach pains'
Example #333:

    sama biir daf ma-y metti
    POSS1sg stomach S3sg O1sg-IMV to.pain
    `my stomach pains me'
Example #334:

    dama am metti-t-u biir
    S1sg to.have to.pain-NZ-GEN stomach
    `I have stomach pain'
Example #335:

    di-nga yg metti-t
    FUT-2sg to.feel to.pain-NZ
    `you will feel pain'
Example #336:

    sama bopp bayyi metti rekk
    POSS1sg head to.leave to.pain only
    `my head stopped paining'
Example #337:

    metti-t wee ko jpp
    to.pain-NZ DET:FOC O3sf to.seize
    `pain seized him/her'
Example #338:

    da-y metti sama wet
    S3sg-IMV to.pain POSS1sg side
    `it pains my side'
Example #339:

    PHYS:           dama li-w
    S1sg feel.cold-MID
    `I freeze'
Example #340:

    dama-y yg sedd
    S1sg-IMV to.feel coldness
    `I feel cold'
Example #341:

    COLD/       sedd bi daf ma dee li-u-loo
    `the cold made me freeze'
Example #342:

    PHYS:       dama xiif
    S1sg be.hungry
    `I am hungry'
Example #343:

    xiif moo ma ty
    hunger S3sg O1sg to.hold
    `hunger hold me'
Example #344:

    xiif angi ci dkk bi
    hunger PRS Pp town/country DET
    `hunger is in the town/country'
Example #345:

    HUNGER/     daf ma dee xiif-loo
    Causative   S3sg O1sg HAB be.hungry-CS:MID:CIRC
    `it makes me feel hungry'
Example #346:

    dama aq
    S1sg to.sweat
    `I sweat'
Example #347:

    dama tng
    S1sg be.hot
    `I sweat / feel hot'
Example #348:

    PHYS:       dama feebaar
    S1sg be.sick (french)
    `I am sick'
Example #349:

    dama opp
    S1sg be.sick
    `I am sick'
Example #350:

    dama sibbir-u
    S1sg be.sick-MID
    `I am sick / I have a fever'
Example #351:

    dafa nd ak jangoro sqt
    S1sg to.accompany with sickness cough
    `s/he has a cough'
Example #352:

    mungoog feebaar la def-oon
    there.s/he.is sickness S3sg to.do-PAST
    `s/he is sick' (lit.: s/he did sickness')
Example #353:

    feebaar bi moo ma dal
    sickness DET S3sg O1sg to.come.upon
    lit.: `sickness came upon me'
Example #354:

    feebaar bu bon moo ko jot
    sickness REL be.bad S3sg O3sg befall
    `a bad sickness befall him/her'
Example #355:

    feebaar bii mag rekk la-y jpp
    sickness DEM old.person only S3sg-IMV to.seize
    `this sickness takes only hold of old people'
Example #356:

    su la jangoro ji song-ee
    if O2sg sickness DET to.attack-PV
    `if sickness attacks you'
Example #357:

    PHYS:           dama biir
    S1sg stomach
    `I am pregnant'
Example #358:

    dama mb
    S1sg to.bundle.up
    `I am pregnant'
Example #359:

    jign-u wr-u-l la
    woman-GEN be.healthy-NEG-3sg COP
    `she is pregnant' (lit.: `she is a woman of no health')
Example #360:

    /   daf ko biir-al
    S3sg O3sg stomach-CS
    `he made her pregnant'