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List of documents and pages with Interlinear examples for Bedawiyet (bej)
(Alternate names and dialects for Bedawiyet are Bedawi, Beja, Ababda, Amara, Beni-Amir, Bisharin, Hadareb, Hadendoa, Bisariab, Bisarin, Hadaareb, Hadendowa, Bedauye, Bedawiye, Bedawye, Bedja, Bedwi, Bedya, Lobat, Hadendiwa, and Tu-Bedawie)

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http://r1.chass.utoronto.ca/twpl/pdfs/twpl17/TWPL17_beck.pdf 1Highest YesNo
http://r1.chass.utoronto.ca/twpl/pdfs/twpl17/TWPL17.pdf 1Highest YesNo
http://wings.buffalo.edu/linguistics/rrg/rrg/RRG2004%20Book%20of%20Proceedings.p... 14High YesNo

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