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About ODIN's Advanced Search

Until recently, search across ODIN has been limited queries for specific language names and codes. The newly developed Advanced Search gives you the ability to compose more sophisticated queries across the database, allowing searches for data in specific language families, for examples that have certain specific grammatical content, and even for data that contain certain pre-defined constructions. Results are returned as a list of language names and codes, with a Data option that allows you to display the interlinear data relevant to your query by language.

Please note: All Interlinear Glossed Text (IGT) discovered by ODIN has been mined from online resources, many of which are copyrighted. The search features described here are intended to make the location of these resources easier and to test more sophisticated query and data manipulation techniques specifically designed for the linguistic community, as as envisaged within the GOLD Community Model (Farrar & Lewis 2005). Since all data returned by ODIN are cited (author, title, year, source URL), we ask that you in turn cite the source documents appropriately should you choose to use any of the data retrieved for your own research purposes. We also ask that you cite ODIN as the means you used to locate the data. Thank you.

Search Criteria

There are three basic search criteria that you can specify:

Search Results

Search results are returned first as a list of languages and associated links. The links allow you to access additional information about the languages whose data match your search criteria. These links are listed in columns, with the columns being:
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