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The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

D. Gary Miller (2004). The origin of the Welsh conjugated infinitive.

URL: http://www.benjamins.nl/jbp/series/DIA/21-2/art/0003a.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 2752&langcode=wlm (2021-10-22).


Example #1:

    dyro             di    imi y diot (C&O 816)
    give.impv.2sg thou to.me to take.out
    "give it to me to take out" ( J&J 123)
Example #2:

    dyro             di    ui idaw (Pw. 330f.)
    give.impv.2sg thou me to.him
    "bestow me upon him" ( J&J 13)
Example #3:

    uyn dyuot (C&O 39)
    my come.nonfin
    "my coming; the fact that I have come"
Example #4:

    ryd yw y-pawb eu             llad (Laws V 32b 18f. p. 80)
    free is to-all their slay.nonfin
    "it is free to all to slay them" (p. 225)
Example #5:

    a. heb       dylyu         dim      idaw (Laws W 88b 7 p. 110)
    without owe.nonfin anything to.him
    "without owing anything to him"
Example #6:

    b. mab a      anet                   idi (Br. 210f.)
    son ptc be.born.pret.impers to.her
    "a son was born to her"
Example #7:

    a. mab a        anet                    idaw ef (Pw. 461)
    son ptc be.born.pret.impe       rs to.him he/him
    "a son was born to him" ( J&J   18)
Example #8:

    wy           attal        y      mab gantunt (Pw. 576f.)
    they/them keep.nonfin the        boy with.them
    "he told her it was not right    for them to keep the boy with them"
Example #9:

    a. amser a     doeth             y uynet        y gyscu      (Pw. 426f.)
    time ptc come.pret.3sg to go.nonfin to sleep.             nonfin
    "time came to go to sleep" ( J&J 16)
Example #10:

    gyscu (Pw. 93)
    "time came for them to go to sleep" ( J&J 6)
Example #11:

    ny frwytha ymi y adef                          y neb (Math. 68.2f.)
    not avails to.me to admit.nonfin to anyone
    "it is useless for me to admit to any" ( J&J 55)
Example #12:

    nyt reit          iti       hynny (C&O 40)
    not necessity to.you that
    "that is not necessary for you (to say)"
Example #13:

    hanuod, herwyd             ymlad, uynet (Br. 176f.)
    will       because of fighting go.nonfin
    fighting power" ( J&J 30)
Example #14:

    itti     y     mae        iawn mynet          y     geissaw (C&O 841f.)
    to.you ptc copula right go.nonfin to.his seek.nonfin
    "toyou it is right to gotoseek him"
Example #15:

    idaw (V 8b 14 p. 20)
    "let him sound his horn when it shall be right for him" (p. 164)
Example #16:

    b. iawn yw             idaw kaffel           croen buch (V 8b 17 p. 20)
    right be.pr.3sg to.him get.nonfin skin cow
    "it is right for him to have the skin of a cow" (p. 165)
Example #17:

    a. erchi         idi    mynet        y gysgu           at y gwr
    ask.nonfin to.her go.nonfin to sleep.nonfin to her man
    "bidding her go to her husband to sleep" (p. 277)
Example #18:

    idaw (Pw. 559)
    "I will permit thee to give it him" ( J&J 21)
Example #19:

    benelinyaw (Math. 74.4f.)
    "and bade a place be prepared for him to recline" ( J&J 60)
Example #20:

    c. a      minheu a      baraf           idaw ef uynet (Pw. 347)
    and I.conj ptc cause.pr.1sg to.him he go.nonfin
    "andIwill makehim go" ( J&J 14)
Example #21:

    di (Pw. 595f.)
    "I do not think any one of these will go upon thy back" ( J&J 22)
Example #22:

    amdanaw (Br. 419f.)
    "Caswallon had clothed himself in a magic cloak" (David Willis, p.c.)
Example #23:

    (23) a.    a    minheu a     baraf       idaw ef       uynet (= 17c)
    and I.conj ptc cause.pr.1sg to.him prn.3sgm go.nonfin
    "andIwill makehim go" ( J&J 14)
Example #24:

    (24) a.   nat oed iawn udunt wy attal                    y mab (= 10b)
    neg was right to.them they keep.nonfin the boy
    "Itwas notright forthem tokeep theboy"
Example #25:

    b. nyt reit        idaw arhos              nawuetdyd        (Laws W 64a
    not necessity to.him await.nonfin ninth.day                 15f. p. 61)
    "It is not necessary for him to await a ninth day" (p. 210)