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The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Turan,Umit Deniz (1996). Null Vs. Overt Subjects in Turkish Discourse: A Centering Analysis.

URL: http://www.ircs.upenn.edu/download/techreports/1996/96-13.pdf

(Last accessed 2005-05-11).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 1073&langcode=tur (2021-09-19).


Example #1:

    2. a. Ben dun         bir kitap aldm.
    I yesterday one book buy.PAST.1.SG
    'Yesterday I bought a book'
Example #2:

    3. Ali Ahmet-in okula         gittigini]          soyledi.
    Ali Ahmet.GEN school.DAT go.NOM.POSS.3.SG.ACC. say.PAST
    `Ali said that Ahmet wenttoschool.'
Example #3:

    5. a. Orhani i cal srken] muzik dinler.
    Orhan       work.WHEN music listen.AOR
    `Orhan listens to music when he works.'
Example #4:

    6. a. Ahmeti i tatile            gidecegini]          soyledi.
    Ahmet vacation.DAT go.FUT.NOM.ACC. say.PAST
    `Ahmet said that he was going for a vacation.'
Example #5:

    9. ben-im            ev-im               biz-im                 ev-imiz
    I.GEN.1.SG       house.POSS.1.SG we.GEN.3.PLU.              house.POSS.1.PLU
    `my house'                           `our house'
Example #6:

    sen-in       ev-in                       siz-in        ev-iniz
    you.GEN.2.SG house.POSS.2.SG             you.GEN.2.PLU house.POSS.2.PLU
    `your house'                             `your house'
Example #7:

    o-nun              ev-i                   onlar-n           ev-(ler)-i
    s/he.GEN.3.SG house.POSS.3.SG they.GEN.3.PLU housePOSS.3.PLU.
    `his/her house'                           `their house(s)'
Example #8:

    10. a. Ahmeti i                           annesini] sever.
    Ahmet mother.POSS.3.SG.ACC love.AOR.
    `Ahmet loves (his) mother.'
Example #9:

    12. a. Yagmur yagyor.
    rain rain.PROG.
    `It is raining.'
Example #10:

    13. a. Dun         cok scakt.
    Yesterdayvery hot.COP.PAST.
    'It was very hot yesterday'
Example #11:

    14. a. Buzdolabnda biraz sut var.
    Refrigerator.LOC some milk exist.
    'There is some milk in the refrigerator'
Example #12:

    15. A: Gazeteyii           gordun      mu?
    newspaper.ACC see.PAST.2.SG. Quest
    `Haveyou seen the newspaper?"
Example #13:

    B: i gormedim.
    `I didn't see (it)'
Example #14:

    16. a. Mektubu yazdm.
    letter.ACC write.PAST.1.SG
    `I've written the letter.'
Example #15:

    b. i daktilo eder         misin?
    type do.PRES QUEST.2.SG.
    `Could you type (it)?'
Example #16:

    17. Hocamzi                 ogrencilerinin onui /* i cok sevdiklerini]   iddia etti.
    teacher.POSS.1.PLU     student.GEN. he.ACC. very like.3.PLU.NOM.ACC. claim make.PAST
    `Our teacher claimed   that his students like him very much.'
Example #17:

    18. a. Pastalari tazeymis.
    cake.PLU. fresh.hearsay
    `The cakes are supposed to be fresh.'
Example #18:

    b. Pasteneden i            getiren] cocuk     soyledi.
    bakery.ABL. bring.REL kid        say.PAST.
    `The kid who brought (them) from the bakery said so.'
Example #19:

    19. Televizyonu       yanna                brak.
    Television.ACC. next.POSS.2.SG.DATleave.
    `Leave the television byyour side.'
Example #20:

    20. a. Baharda agaci cicek act.
    spring.LOC tree ower bloom.PAST
    `The tree bloomed in spring.'
Example #21:

    b. i Altnda                     oturduk.
    beneath.POSS.3.SG.LOC sit.PAST.1.PLU.
    `We sat beneath it.'
Example #22:

    21. Ona/* gore         bu is biran once               cozumlenmeli.
    he.DAT according this issue as soon as possible resolve.PASS.MUST
    `According to him, this issue has to be resolved as soon as possible.'
Example #23:

    23. a. PRO cal smak] gerekli.
    work.INF necessary.
    `It is necessary PROtowork]'.
Example #24:

    b. Ali PRO dans etmek]               istiyor.
    Ali dance do.INF want.PROG.
    `Ali wants PRO to dance].'
Example #25:

    36. ei           okula giden]Opi ]COMP adami
    school.DAT go.REL man
    `the man who goes to school'
Example #26:

    37. Eger        orada                brakrsan, kedi       fareyi yer.
    if there leave.COND.2.SG. cat                rat.ACC. eat.PRES.
    `If you leave (it) there, the cat will eat the rat.'
Example #27:

    39. a. Eroli onun i=k / i kars               icin herseyi yapar.
    Eroli he.GEN i / i wife.POSS.3.SG. for everything do.AOR.
    `Erol does everything for his wife.'
Example #28:

    b. Onun i=k / i kars              icin Eroli herseyi yapar.
    he.GEN i / i wife.POSS.3.SG. for Eroli everything do.AOR.
    `Erol does everything for his wife.'
Example #29:

    41. a. Eroli bana i /onun i=k toplantya gelmiyecegini]                   soyledi.
    Erol I.DAT he.GEN. meeting.DAT come.NEG.NOM.ACC. say.PAST.
    `Eroli told me that (he)i wouldn't come to the meeting.'
Example #30:

    b. i /Onun i=k toplantya gelmiyecegini]                 Eroli bana soyledi.
    he.GEN. meeting.DAT come.NEG.NOM.ACC. Erol I.DATsay.PAST.
    `Eroli told me that he i=k won't come to the meeting.'
Example #31:

    ve onui / i yemege goturur.
    and she.ACC dinner bring.AOR.
    `Erol picks up Nazan from her work every evening and takes her to dinner.'
Example #32:

    ama onai / i hediyeyi vermeden           geri donmus.
    but she.DAT gift.ACC give.NEG.ABL back return.PAST
    `Erol went to Nazan's house, but came back without giving her the gift.'
Example #33:

    44. A: Eroli yemege      gelecek miydi?
    Erol dinner.DAT come.FUT QUEST.PAST
    `Was Erol going to come dinner?'
Example #34:

    B: Nazan bana onuni / i yedide         gelecegini]               soylemisti.
    Nazan I.DAT he.GEN seven.LOC come.NOM.FUT.3S.ACC. tell.PAST.PAST.
    `Nazan told me that he would come at seven.'
Example #35:

    49. a. Ben carsya        gidiyorum.
    I market.DAT go.PROG.1.SG.
    `I am going to the market.'
Example #36:

    b. carsya          gidiyorum.
    market.DAT go.PROG.1.SG.
    `(I) am going to the market.'
Example #37:

    b. Oi bu gunlerde          cok dalgn.
    he this day.PLU.LOC very absent-minded.
    `He's been very absent-minded lately.'
Example #38:

    51. Arabay Ahmet y kamad.                   Ben         ykadm.
    Car.ACC Ahmet wash.NEG.PAST, I wash.PAST.
    `Ahmet didn't wash the car. I did.'
Example #39:

    52. a. Bu havada          kimse top oynamaz.
    this weather.LOC nobody ball play.NEG.PRES.
    `Nobody will play ball in this weather.'
Example #40:

    b. Ben oynarm.
    I play.AOR.1SG.
    `I'll play.'
Example #41:

    53. Aysei sark soyler      ve i piyano            calar.
    Ayse song sing.PRES and piano play.PRES.
    `Ayse sings and plays the piano.'
Example #42:

    54. Mehmet arabay i tamir etti,          Mustafa i             temizledi.
    Mehmet car.ACC repair make.PAST Mustafa clean.PAST.
    `Mehmet repaired and Mustafa cleaned the car.'
Example #43:

    56. /o gelince]     hepimiz sofraya oturduk.
    s/he come.WHEN all.1.PLU table.DATsit.PAST.1.PLU.
    `When s/he came, we all sat down at the dinner table.'
Example #44:

    57. i bu kitab         yazan]   adami
    this book.ACC write.REL. man
    `the man who wrote this book'
Example #45:

    58. a. Onlar evde        kaldlar,          ben sinemaya gittim.
    they home.DAT stay.PAST.PLU, I cinema.DATgo.PAST.1Sg.
    `They stayed at home, and I went to the movies.'
Example #46:

    59. a. Su kitab i bitirince,      bana i verir misin?
    that book nish.WHEN I.DAT give QUEST.2SG.
    `When you nish that book, would you give (it) to me?'
Example #47:

    b. Zeynep i cok methetmisti.
    Zeynep very praise.PAST.PAST
    `Zeynep had praised (it) highly.'
Example #48:

    c. Ben de i okumak istiyorum.
    I too read.INF want.PROG.1Sg.
    `Iwant to read (it) too.'
Example #49:

    66. Eger gec kalrsan] ayp olur.
    if late remain shame happen.PRES.
    `If you come late, (it) will be rude.'
Example #50:

    67. *Eger gec kalrsan]i ,          proi baban            araba almaya     ikna     edecek.
    if      late stay.Cond.2SG pro father.Poss2.Acc car buy.Inf.Dat convince do.
    `*If you are late, it'll convince your father to buy a car.'
Example #51:

    70. a. Mehmeti problemi                        cozdu.]k
    Mehmet problem.ACC. solve.PAST.
    `Mehmet solved the problem.'
Example #52:

    b. proi= k ogretmenini          sasrtt.
    teacher.POSS.3SG surprise.CAUS.PAST.
    `pro surprised the teacher.'
Example #53:

    73. *Eger geckalrsan]i ,oi /proi          anneni        endiselendirir.
    if       late          remain.2SG it/she/he/pro mother.POSS.2SG.ACC worry.PRES.
    `If you stay out late, it will worry your mother.'
Example #54:

    74. *Eger geckalrsan]i ,bui             anneni endiselendirir.
    if      late           remain.2SG this mother.POSS.2SG.ACC worry.PRES.
    `If you stay out late, that will worry your mother.'
Example #55:

    75. a. En asyon artt]i.
    in ation increase.PAST.
    `In ation has increased.'
Example #56:

    b. Issiz says fazla]k .
    jobless number much.
    `The number of unemployed people is high.'
Example #57:

    c. Bui+k /bunlari+k hukumeti onlemler           almaya          zorluyor.
    this/these       government precaution.PLU take.INF.DAT force.PROG.
    `This/These force(s) the governmentto take precautions.'
Example #58:

    b. Bu/*bunlar beni sasrttmad.
    this/these I.ACC surprise.CAUS.NEG.PAST.
    `This didn't surprise me.'
Example #59:

    1. a. Ali kac        gundur bir resimi yapyordu.
    Ali howmanydays one picture do-PROG.PAST.
    `Ali was painting a picture for manydays.'
Example #60:

    b. Bugun onui / i bitirdi.
    today it-ACC nish-PAST.(3SG.)
    `(He) nished (it) today'.
Example #61:

    c. Ali kac        gundur resimi yapyordu.
    Ali how manydays picture do-PROG.PAST.
    `Ali was picture-painting for manydays.'
Example #62:

    d. Bugun #onui / i bitirdi.
    today #it-ACC nish-PAST.(3SG.)
    `(He) nished today'.
Example #63:

    2. a. Annem                 para verdi,
    mother.POSS.1SG. money give.PAST.3SG.
    `My mother wanted to givemoney,'
Example #64:

    3. a. Balk tutacaktk                 mutlaka.
    sh catch.FUT.PAST.1PLU absolutely
    `(We) were certainly going to catch sh .'
Example #65:

    b. Tuttuk               da.
    catch.PAST.1PLU too.
    `And we did too.'
Example #66:

    c. Ben istavriti yakaladm.
    I mackerel catch.PAST.1SG.
    `I caught (some) mackerel.'
Example #67:

    d. Avlad gm        ilk balkt      onlari .
    Hunt.Rel.1SG. rst sh.PAST they.
    `They were the rst sh I ever caught.'
Example #68:

    13. A: Bu ses ne? Ne oluyor?
    this sound what? what happen.PROG
    `What is this sound? What is happening?'
Example #69:

    B: Saat calyor.
    clock strike.PROG.
    `The clock is striking.'
Example #70:

    14. Yerde       cocuk yatyordu.
    ground.LOC child lie.PROG.PAST
    `On the ground child was lying.'
Example #71:

    b. Cumhurbaskan yedi ylda            bir secilir.
    president        seven year.LOC one elect.PASS. AOR.
    `The President is elected every seven years.'
Example #72:

    17. a. Cumhurbaskan her hafta basbakanla                 gorusur.
    president       every week prime minister.WITH meet.AOR.
    `The President meets the Prime Minister every week.'
Example #73:

    b. Ama bu hafta gorusemedi.
    but this week meet.NEG.PAST
    `However, s/he couldn't meet (him/ her) this week.'
Example #74:

    c. Her ay       bakanlarla           toplant duzenler.
    every month minister.PLU.WITH meeting arrange.AOR.
    `(S/he arranges a meeting with the ministers every month.'
Example #75:

    a. Her sey sonsuz bir yar si .
    every thing endless one race/competition.
    `Everything is an endless competition.'
Example #76:

    b. Ben sevmem           yar slar/#onlar i .
    I like.NEG.1SG. competition.PLU.ACC
    `I don't like competitions.'
Example #77:

    c. Birileri mutlaka cignenecektir           yar slarda.
    one.PLU. de nitely step.PASSIVE.FUT. competition.PLU.LOC.
    `Some people will de nitely be stepped on in competitions.'
Example #78:

    19. Su ogrenci seni        bekliyor.
    that studentyou.ACC wait.PROG.3SG.
    `That studentis waiting for you.'
Example #79:

    20. a. Odama                    birkac cocuk girdi.
    room.1.SG.POSS.DATseveral child enter.PAST
    `Several children entered myroom.'
Example #80:

    b. Iki kz         tanyordum.
    two girl.ACC know.PROG.PAST.1SG.
    `(I) knew two (of the) girls.'
Example #81:

    21. a. Ahmet siyah bir arabai aryordu.
    Ahmet black one car seek.PROG.PAST
    `Ahmet was looking for a black car.'
Example #82:

    b. Bir sure sonra onui buldu.
    a while later it.ACC nd.PAST
    `After a while (he) found it.'
Example #83:

    c. Ama bisikletini            hala bulamad.
    but bicycle.POSS.3SG. still nd.ABIL.NEG.PAST.
    `But (he) still couldn't nd his bicycle.'
Example #84:

    22. a. Ahmet siyah bir arabai aryordu.
    Ahmet black one car seek.PROG.PAST
    `Ahmet was looking for a black car.'
Example #85:

    b. Ama /oyle bir araba bulamad.
    but /such one car nd.NEG.PAST
    `But (he) couldn't nd (one)/such a car.'
Example #86:

    23. a. cocuklar cukulata sever.
    child.PLU chocolate like.AOR
    `Children like chocolate.'
Example #87:

    b. Cocuklar cukulatay         sever.
    `Children like chocolate.'
Example #88:

    24. Bizim evde          cay()       her zaman Aytul yapar.
    our house.LOC. tea.(ACC) all time Aytul make.AOR.
    `Aytul always makes tea in our family.'
Example #89:

    25. a. Ben insan-lar-           severim.
    I human.PLU.ACC like-AOR.1SG.
    `I like people/human beings.'
Example #90:

    26. a. Ben elma severim.
    I apple like-AOR.1SG.
    `I like apples.'
Example #91:

    b. Ben elmay         severim.
    `I like the apple.'
Example #92:

    27. A: Ben sutu           severim.
    I milk.ACC. like.AOR.1.Sg.
    `I like milk.'
Example #93:

    B: Ben onu        sevmem.
    I it.ACC. like.NEG.AOR.
    `I don't like it.'
Example #94:

    cay        tercih      ederim.
    tea.ACC preference make.AOR.1Sg.
    `(I) prefer tea.'
Example #95:

    28. a. Ben sutu         severim.
    I milk.ACC. like.AOR.1.Sg.
    `I like milk.'
Example #96:

    b. /#onu her gece icerim.
    it.ACC. every night drink.AOR.1SG.
    '(I) drink (some) every night.'
Example #97:

    29. a. Kasap iyi et satar.
    butcher good meat sell.AOR.
    `The butcher sells good meat.'
Example #98:

    b. Ben hep #onu/eti/ ondan alrm.
    I always it/meat/ he.ABL buy.AOR.1SG.
    `I always buy (it) from him.'
Example #99:

    30. Bahcede kopek yok.             Korkma.
    garden.LOC dog not-exist. afraid.be.NEG.
    `There is no dog in the garden. Don't be afraid.'
Example #100:

    31. a. A: Kzla         bulusacagm bu aksam.
    Girl.WITH meet.FUT.1SG. this night.
    `(I) will meet my girl friend tonight.'
Example #101:

    b. Semsiyem de yok           ustelik.
    umbrella. too not exist besides.
    `And besides I don't even haveanumbrella.
Example #102:

    c. B: Ben sana         /#onu           bulurum.
    I you.DAT. nd.PRES.1SG.
    `I'll nd you one.'
Example #103:

    32. a. Musluktan bir damla su akmyordu.
    faucet.ABL. one drop water ow.NEG.PROG.PAST.
    `Not even a few drops of water were owing from the faucet.'
Example #104:

    b. #O da bulankt.
    it too muddy.COP.PAST
    `And it was muddy.'
Example #105:

    33. a. Musluktan bir damla su akyordu.
    faucet.ABL. one drop water ow.PROG.PAST.
    `A few drops of water were owing from the faucet.'
Example #106:

    b. O da bulankt.
    it too muddy.COP.PAST
    `And it was muddy.'
Example #107:

    b. O gecen hafta satld.
    it. last week sell.PASS.PAST.
    `It was sold last week.'
Example #108:

    35. a. Ali bir Isveclii ile evlenmedi.
    Ali one Swedish with marry.NEG.PAST.
    `Ali didn't marry a Swedish.'
Example #109:

    b. Onunlai birlikte oturuyor.
    she.WITH together live.PROG.
    `He lives with her.'
Example #110:

    36. A: Ali yeni bir araba m       ald?
    Ali new one car QUEST buy.PAST.
    `Did Ali buy a new car?'
Example #111:

    B: Hayr, evini                   sattktan         sonra #onu/ alacak.
    No house.POSS.3SG.ACC sell.NOM.ABL after it.ACC. buy.FUT.
    `No, he'll buy one when (he) sells his house.'
Example #112:

    37. a. Ali kitab        yavasyavas okuyor.
    Ali book.ACC. slow slow read.PROG.
    `Ali is reading the book slowly.'
Example #113:

    b. Ali yavasyavas kitap okuyor.
    Ali slow slow book read.PROG.
    `Ali is reading (some) book(s) slowly.'
Example #114:

    d. Ali kitap da okuyor.
    Ali book too read.PROG.
    `Ali is reading (some) book(s) also (as well as some other things).'
Example #115:

    e. Ali kitap m         okuyor?
    Ali book QUEST read.PROG?
    `Is it (a) book(s) that Ali is reading?'
Example #116:

    39. Aytul kitap okuyor.
    Aytul book read.PROG.3SG.
    `Aytul is reading (a) book.'
Example #117:

    b. Hepsini de begendiler.
    All.ACC. too like.PAST.3PLU.
    `(They) liked all (of them).'
Example #118:

    b. #Hepsini de begendiler.
    All.ACC. too like.PAST.3PLU.
    `(They) liked all (of them).'
Example #119:

    b. Umarm              hepsini/onlar       begendiler.
    hope.PRES.1SG All.ACC/they.ACC like.PAST.3PLU.
    `I hope (they'll) like them all.'
Example #120:

    43. a. Aytul kitap okuyor.              cok ilginc.
    Aytul book read.PROG.3SG. very interesting.
    `Aytul is reading (a) book(s). That's very interesting.'
Example #121:

    b. Aytul bir kitap okuyor.             cok ilginc.
    Aytul book read.PROG.3SG. very interesting.
    `Aytul is reading a book. It's very interesting.'
Example #122:

    b.Nazan hazm                   zor olan] bir yemek pisiriyor.
    Nazan digestion.POSS.3SG. hard be.REL one meal cook.PROG
    `Nazan is cooking a (food) dish that is hard to digest.
Example #123:

    46. A: Murat odasnda              mekTUP yazyor,         degil mi?
    Murat room.POSS.LOC letter write.PROG not QUEST?
    `Murat is writing (a) letter in his room, isn't he?
Example #124:

    B: Hayr, yazmyor.
    no, write.NEG.PROG.
    `No, (he) isn't.'
Example #125:

    MekTUP okuyor/ *Mektup oKUyor.
    letter read.PROG
    `(He) is reading (a) letter.'
Example #126:

    47. Krk yasnda             guzel      bir erkegin kandramayacag]           kadn m           vardr?
    Fortyyear-3Poss-Loc handsome one man seduce.NEG.REL.ACC woman QUEST exist
    `Are there (any) woman who a handsome fortyyear old man can't seduce?'
Example #127:

    48. Siz hic sesi               k slm s]                 kopek gordunuz            mu?
    you ever voice.POSS.3Sg. lower.PASS.PAST.REL] dog see.PAST.2PLU. QUEST
    `Haveyou ever seen (a) dog that has lost its voice?'
Example #128:

    49. Onlara       oy verilir.
    They.DAT. vote give.PASS.AOR.
    `Lit: Vote(s) can be given to them.'
Example #129:

    50. Gecen hafta daga              gidildi.
    last week mountain.DAT. go.PASS.PAST.
    `Lit: Last week, it was gone to the mountain.'/`the mountain was gone to.'
Example #130:

    51. Gir-il-m-ez.
    `Lit: It is not entered/Do not enter.'
Example #131:

    52. a. Murat aceleyle bir kitap okuyor.
    Murat hurriedly one book read.PROG.
    `Murat is hurriedly reading a book.'
Example #132:

    c. Murat bir kitab        aceleyle okuyor.
    one book.ACC hurriedly
    `Murat is reading a (certain) book hurriedly.'
Example #133:

    53. Aytul kitap okuyor.
    Aytul book read.PROG.
    `Aytul is reading (a) book.'
Example #134:

    c. Sonra da onui          yatl     okula        gonderecek.
    Then too s/he.ACC boarding school.DAT send.FUT.
    `And then (he) will send him/her to boarding school.'
Example #135:

    b. Onu havaalannda brakm s olabilir.
    it.ACC airport.LOC. leave.PAST be.POSSIB.PRES.
    `(He) mayhave left it at the airport.'
Example #136:

    c. #Onu gorebiliyor         musun?
    it.ACC see.ABIL.PROG. QUEST.2.SG.
    `Can (you) see it?'
Example #137:

    60. a. Herkesi (*onui)/kendisinii                   kovan mudurden nefret ediyor.
    everybody *s/he.ACC./him(her)self.ACC re.REL. manager.ABL hatred do.PROG.
    `Everybody hates the manager who red him/her.'
Example #138:

    b. Alii onui /kendisinii       kovan mudurden nefret ediyor.
    Ali he.ACC./himself.ACC re.REL. manager.ABL hatred do.PROG.
    `Ali hates the manager who red him.'
Example #139:

    61. a. Her piloti (*onui )/kendisinii            kovalayan ucaga       atesetti.
    Every pilot *s/he.ACC./himself.ACC chase.REL. plane.DAT re               do.PAST.
    `Every pilot red at the plane that chased him/her.'
Example #140:

    b. Aysei onui /kendisini         kovalayan ucaga        atesetti.
    Ayse she.ACC./herself.ACC chase.REL. plane.DAT re              do.PAST.
    `Ayse red at the plane that chased her.'
Example #141:

    62. a. Hic kimse (*onu)/kendisini         elestirenleri           sevmez.
    No person *s/he.ACC/self.ACC criticize.REL.PLU.ACC. like.NEG.AOR.
    `Noone likes those who criticize him/her.'
Example #142:

    b. Canan onu/kendisini         elestirenleri            sevmez.
    Canan s/he.ACC/self.ACC criticize.REL.PLU.ACC. like.NEG.AOR.
    `Canan doesn't like those who criticize her.'
Example #143:

    63. a. Herkesi (*onuni)/kendii annesini                         sever.
    Everybody *s/he.GEN/self mother.POSS3SG.ACC. love.AOR.
    `Everybody loves his/her own mother.'
Example #144:

    b. Alii (*onuni)/kendii annesini                   sever.
    Ali *he.GEN/self mother.POSS3SG.ACC. love.AOR.
    `Ali loves his own mother.'
Example #145:

    64. b. Herkesi (*onuni )/kendisinini                cok akll oldugunu       sanyor.
    Everyone *s/he.GEN.3SG./self.GEN.3.SG. very clever be.NOM.ACC. think.PROG.
    `Everyone thinks that s/he is very clever.'
Example #146:

    b. Alii (*onuni)/kendisinini            cok akll oldugunu        sanyor.
    Ali *he.GEN.3SG./self.GEN.3.SG. very clever be.NOM.ACC. think.PROG.
    `Ali thinks that he is very clever.'
Example #147:

    65. a. Her          adam]i (*onuni )/kendii yanna               bir masa koydu.
    Every/each man *he.GEN3S/self next.POSS3SG.DAT one table put.PAST.
    `Every/each man put a table next to him.'
Example #148:

    b. Alii (*onuni)/kendii yanna                  bir masa koydu.
    Ali *he.GEN3S/self next.POSS3SG.DAT one table put.PAST.
    `Ali put a table next to him.'
Example #149:

    68. Maasn                  karsna               veren adam
    Salary.POSS3Sg.ACC. wife.POSS3Sg.DATgive.REL man
    `The man who gives his salary to his wife,'
Example #150:

    (*onu)/ metresine            veren adamdan daha aklldr.
    it.ACC mistress.POSS.DAT give.REL man.ABL more smart.COP.AOR.
    `is smarter than the man who gives (it) to his mistress.'
Example #151:

    69. a. Ali parasn                    bankaya yatrd.
    Ali money.POSS.3.Sg.ACC. bank.DAT. deposit.PAST
    `Ali deposited his money in the bank.'
Example #152:

    b. Ahmet (#onu)/ evde              saklyor.
    Ahmet *it.ACC. home.LOC. keep.PROG.
    `Ahmet keeps (it) at home.'
Example #153:

    e. #Evet, ben bunu           aldm.
    Yes I this.ACC buy.PAST.1SG.
    `#Yes, I bought this.'
Example #154:

    3. a. Heyetimizii               Alik karslad.
    Delegation.POSS.1PLU Ali meet.PAST.
    `Ali met our delegation.'
Example #155:

    b.ve k heyetii Basbakana                     goturdu.
    and k delegation Prime Minister.DATtake.PAST.
    `(He) took them to the Prime Minister.'
Example #156:

    c. i milyoner olmus.
    i millionaire become.PAST.
    `(S/he) became a millionaire.'
Example #157:

    5. a.Son karar]i ekonomiyi duzeltir                  mi?
    last decision economy.ACC improve.PRES. QUEST.
    `Will the last decision improve the economy?'
Example #158:

    b.Hayr, i cok zayf.
    No        i very weak.
    `No, it's very weak.'
Example #159:

    6. a.Ekonomiyi         son karar]i duzeltir          mi?
    economy.ACC last decision improve.PRES. QUEST.
    `Will the last decision improve the economy?'
Example #160:

    b.Hayr, i cok zayf.
    No        i very weak.
    `No, it's very weak.'
Example #161:

    c. i kedileri        hic sevmez.
    i cat.PLU.ACC never like.NEG.AOR.
    `(He) doesn't like cats.'
Example #162:

    d. Birisine hediye secmek cok zor.
    one.DAT gift select.INF very hard.
    `(It) is very hard to select a gift for someone.'
Example #163:

    c. i kedileri         hic sevmez.
    i cat.PLU.ACC never like.NEG.AOR.
    `(He) doesn't like cats.'
Example #164:

    b. i onak icki ikram etti.
    i He.DAT drink serving do/make.PAST.
    `(He) served him (a) drink.'
Example #165:

    11. a. i Elindeki raketi          mindere      att
    i hand.POSS racket.ACC cushion.DAT throw.PAST.
    `(He) threw the racket that was in his hand on the cushion.'
Example #166:

    c. i delikanly k       kucaklad.
    i young-man.ACC embrace.PAST.
    `(He) embraced the young man.'
Example #167:

    d. i Sevincinden neredeyse aglayacakt.
    i joy.POSS.ABL where-COND cry.FUTURE.PAST.
    `(He) almost cried from happiness.'
Example #168:

    12. a.Fatma Bac i guldu.
    Fatma Baci smile.PAST
    `Fatma Baci smiled.'
Example #169:

    b. i Boynuna svanan hamuruk silkeledi.
    i neck.POSS cover.REL paste.ACC shake.PAST.
    `(She) shook of the paste that was on her neck.'
Example #170:

    c.Hamurk gitti,
    paste go.PAST
    `(The) paste went, and'
Example #171:

    b.Muratk bakrac          ald.
    Murat bucket.ACC take.PAST.
    `Murat took the bucket.'
Example #172:

    c. k Kzni gozlerine                   bakarak agr agr icti.
    k girl.GEN eye.PLU.POSS.DAT look.ADV slow slow drink.PAST
    `He drank (it) slowly looking at the girl's eyes.'
Example #173:

    14. a. i Her bir parcasn             yrtabilsin             diye
    i each one part.POSS.ACC tear.ABIL.SUBJU.2S so.that
    `So that he could tear every single piece of it,'
Example #174:

    kitab k uc parcaya bolmeye                      cal st.
    book.ACC three part.DAT divide.INF.DAT try.PAST.
    `(he) tried to divide the book into three pieces.
Example #175:

    b.Ama kitapk ciltliydi.
    but book bound.COP.PAST.
    `But the book was bound.'
Example #176:

    c.Kaln bir kapag k         vard
    thick one cover.POSS have.PAST
    `(It) had a thick cover,'
Example #177:

    d. ve arkas k        iplikle        dikilmisti.
    and back.POSS. thread.WITH sew.PASS.PAST.PAST
    `and its backwas sewn with thread.'
Example #178:

    15. a. Ceketinin cebinde            saklad g raporui        ckard.
    jacket.POSS pocket.GEN keep.REL report.ACC. take.PAST.
    `(He) took out the report he kept in the pocket of his jacket.'
Example #179:

    16. a.Valiyle        gorusmesi     ogleden sonrayakald.
    mayor.WITH meeting.POSS afternoon after remain.PAST
    `(His) meeting with the mayor was postponed until the afternoon.'
Example #180:

    b.Vali onui saat uce               dogru cagrd.
    mayor he.ACC clock three.DATtowards call.PAST
    `The mayor called him about three o'clock.'
Example #181:

    19. a.Alana inen             kocaman ucak]k ,heyecanlandryor karsn i .
    port.DAT land.REL huge          plane excite.CAUS.PROG wife.POSS.
    `The huge plane that lands causes his wife to become excited.'
Example #182:

    b. i Hemen         yanndakilere soruyor,
    i immediately near.LOC.DAT ask.PROG
    `(She) immediately asks the people next to her'
Example #183:

    bu ucagnk         bununk ne ucag oldugunu.
    this plane.POSS this.GEN what plane be.NOM.ACC.
    `which plane this is.'
Example #184:

    c.Yanndaki, bir ad soyluyor.
    near.POSS one name say.PROG.
    `The person near (her) utters a name.'
Example #185:

    b.#Karaca Alii / i Yanndakilere                   uzun uzun bakt.
    #Karaca Alii / i Near.POSS.LOC.PLU.DAT. long long look.PAST.
    `(He) looked at the people with him for a long time.'
Example #186:

    b.Zaten i bu turkuyuk cok severdi.
    In fact i this song.ACC very like.AOR.PAST.
    `In fact, he liked this song very much.'
Example #187:

    b.Zaten i bu turkuyuk cok severdi.
    In fact i this song.ACC very like.AOR.PAST.
    `In fact, he liked this song very much.'
Example #188:

    24. *Bu yuruyusler kasten                        kendini toparlamasna yardmc oluyordu.
    This walk.PLU deliberately himself.ACC pull.INF.DAT.                 helpful be.PROG.PAST.
    *`These walks deliberately helped him to pull himself together.'
Example #189:

    b. i onuk saatlerce            ikna         etmeye        ugrast.
    i he.ACC hour.PLU.ADV persuasion do.INF.DATtry.PAST.
    '(He) tried to persuade him for hours.'
Example #190:

    b.# i /Turkui Ahmet tarafndan bestelenmisti.
    # i /song Ahmet by                compose.PAST.
    `The song was composed by Ahmet.'
Example #191:

    28. a.Ahmet karsn i farkna varmadan                     yumusatm st.
    Ahmet wife.POSS awareness arrive.NEG.ABL. soft.CAUS.PAST.PAST.
    `Ahmet calmed down his wife without being aware.'
Example #192:

    b. i Artk eskisi gibi cok cabuk sinirlenmiyordu.
    i anymore old-one like very fast nervous.NEG.PROG.PAST.
    `(She) didn't become nervous as quickly as she used to.'
Example #193:

    b. i Bunuk hic unutamyordu.
    i this.ACC never forget.NEG.ABIL.PROG.PAST.
    `(He) couldn't ever forget this.'
Example #194:

    c. i balk tutacakt              mutlaka.
    i sh catch.FUT.PAST de nitely
    `(She) would de nitely catch some sh.'
Example #195:

    35. a.Suloi kendini kaybetti.
    Sulo self.ACC lose.PAST
    `Sulo passed out.'
Example #196:

    b. i Ayld g zaman, kendinii bir adamn kollarnda                    buldu.
    i wake.up when self.ACC one man.GEN. arms.POSS.DAT nd.PAST
    `When (he) woke up, (he) found himself in the arms of a man.'
Example #197:

    c.Adam onui bir yere                   goturuyordu.
    man he.ACC one location.DATtake.PROG.PAST
    `(The) man was taking him somewhere.'
Example #198:

    d. Yuzunde,           ellerinde,         bacaklarnda]i bir suru yara vard.
    face.POSS.LOC hands.POSS.LOC legs.POSS.LOC one many bruise exist.PAST.
    `There were many bruises on (his) face, hands and legs.
Example #199:

    e.Bir       iki           yerii hzla kanyordu.
    one two place.POSS fast bleed.PROG.PAST
    `Some parts of his (face, legs, etc.) were bleeding.'
Example #200:

    f. i Kannn akt gn                    gorunce aglamaya baslad.
    i blood.GEN ow.NOM.ACC see.WHEN cry.INF.DATstart.PAST
    Lit: `(He) started to cry when he saw his blood was owing.'
Example #201:

    36. a. i Aklna]              Lumumba Universitesi geldi.
    i mind.POSS.DAT] Lumumba University come.PAST.
    `Lit: The Lumuba University came to his mind.'
Example #202:

    b. i Formuluarad             ceketin      cebinde,
    i formula look.for.PAST jacket.GEN pocket.POSS.DAT.
    `(He) looked for the formula in the jacket's pocket.'
Example #203:

    b. k= i onu       yemis.
    k= i it.ACC. eat.PAST
    `(She) ate it.'
Example #204:

    38. a.Dayanlmaz aclar         yasyordu            Gokmeni .
    unbearable pain.PLU live.PROG.PAST Gokmen
    `Gokmen was going through unbearable pain.'
Example #205:

    b.Yasam cok uzundu iste.
    life very long.PAST EXCLAMATION.
    `Life was too long.'
Example #206:

    c.Yoo, baska hic kimse ilgilendirmiyordu                 onui .
    no, other none nobody interest.NEG.PROG.PAST he.ACC
    `No, nobody else interested him.'
Example #207:

    b.besbelli, gunes ve deniz artk          onui ilgilendirmiyordu,
    apparently sun and sea anymorehe.ACC interest.NEG.PROG.PAST
    `Apparently (the) sun and (the) sea did not interest him any more.'
Example #208:

    c. i usanm st.
    i be.tired.PAST.PAST
    `(he) was tired.'
Example #209:

    d. Tekne         hantald.
    motorboat coarse.COP.PAST.
    `(The) motorboat was coarsely built.'
Example #210:

    42. a.Gozlerini               kapad     Cemi .
    eye.PLU.POSS.ACC close.PAST. Cem
    `Cem closed his eyes.'
Example #211:

    c. k Az konusurdu.
    i little speak.PRES.PAST.
    `(He) would hardly speak.'
Example #212:

    43. a. i Jeeplere         bindiler.
    i Jeep.PLU.DAT get.on.PAST.3.PLU.
    `(They) got on the Jeeps.'
Example #213:

    b.Gokmenm gunesek bakt.
    Gokmen sun.DAT. look.PAST
    `Gokmen looked at the sun. '
Example #214:

    c. k Yine goz kamastrcyd.
    k again eye dazzling.COP.PAST.
    `(It) was still dazzling.'
Example #215:

    d. k ama iyice batya kaym st.
    k but well west.DAT slide.PAST.PAST.
    `But (it) had prettymuch slid to the west.'
Example #216:

    44. a.Recepi elma agaclarna          bakyor,
    Recep apple tree.PLU.DAT look.PROG.
    `Recep is looking at the apple trees.'
Example #217:

    b. i bir kac adm yuruyor,
    i one few step walk.PROG
    `(he) takes a few steps.'
Example #218:

    c. i durup        tekrar bakyor.
    i stop.CONJ again look.PROG.
    `(he) stops and looks (at them) again.'
Example #219:

    d. Alt dallarda               elmalar iyice seyreklesmis.
    lower branch.PLU.DAT apple.PLU very become.rare.PAST
    `The apples in the lower branches havebecome very rare.'
Example #220:

    e. Yesil yapraklarn         aralarnda             tek tuk gorunuyor.
    green leave.PLU.GEN between.PL.POSS.LOC one or two see.PASS.PROG.
    `A few apples could be seen in between the green leaves.'
Example #221:

    g. Agaclarn         diplerinde           curuk binlerce elma.
    tree.PLU.GEN beneath.POSS.LOC rotten thousands apple.
    `Thousands of rotten apples beneath the trees.'
Example #222:

    h. Mubarek ne de cok dokuluyor?
    sacred.thing what too much spill.PASS.PROG
    `The sacred thing! Howmanyhavefallen down.'
Example #223:

    i. On elmadan sekizi            curuge ckyor.
    ten apple.ABL. eight.ACC rotten go.PROG.
    `Eight of ten apples go bad.'
Example #224:

    j. Coluk cocuk       da gelip         yerden       alp       yemiyor
    children-mildren too come.CONJ ground.ABL take.CONJ eat.NEG.PROG.
    `And the kids don't come pick (them) up from the ground and eat (them).'
Example #225:

    k. gidip         daldan        koparyor.
    i go.CONJ branch.ABL pick.PROG
    `(They) go pick (them) up from the trees.'
Example #226:

    l. Hepsi hasarat veletlerin.
    all naughty brat.PLU.GEN.
    `All of the brats are naughty.'
Example #227:

    m. Ne olur               canm elmalari          toplayp yeseniz,
    what happen.AOR life.1S apple.PLU.ACC pick.CONJ eat.COND.2.PLU
    `For God's sake, why can't you pick up and eat the apples.'
Example #228:

    n. saglamn braksanz?
    fresh.ACC leave.COND.2PLU
    `and leave the fresh ones?'
Example #229:

    o. O da elma bu da elma, fark               ne?
    this too apple that too apple di erence what?
    `Apples are apples. What is the di erence?'
Example #230:

    p. Yok, illa zarar verecekler,
    No, surely harm give.FUT.3.PLU
    `But, no (they) have to harm things.'
Example #231:

    r. i Egilip        yerden        bir tane ald.
    i bend.CONJ ground.ABL one piece take.PAST
    `(He) bent and picked up one from the ground.'
Example #232:

    47. a.Recep Day i bahce kapsndan             girerken
    Recep Uncle garden gate.POSS.ABL enter.When
    `Uncle Recep while entering through the garden gate,'
Example #233:

    b. i Kenara cekildi           yol verdi        doktorak .
    i side.DAT recede.PAST way give.PAST. doctor.DAT
    `(He ) drew to the side and gaveway to the doctor.'
Example #234:

    c.Muratk merhaba bile demeden gecti
    Murat hi           even say.NEG pass.PAST
    `Murat passed by without even saying `hi'. '
Example #235:

    d. Ihtiyari ,onunk /delikanln nk bu haline        sast.
    old       he.GEN/lad.GEN this state.DAT be.surprise.PAST
    `The old man was shocked by his behavior / the behavior of the young man.'
Example #236:

    b.Mehmetk yeryuzunun en karslksz askyd.
    Mehmet world.GEN most unrequited love.COP.PAST
    `(The) Mehmet (a air) was the most unrequited love in the world.'
Example #237:

    c. i onuk sevmis,
    i he.ACC love.PAST
    `(She) loved him.'
Example #238:

    d. i onunlak dans ederken mutlu olmus,
    i he.WITH dance do.WHEN happybe.PAST
    `(She) became happy when (she) danced him.'
Example #239:

    49. a.Cesmeden su almaya                   giden delikanllar arasnda
    fountain.ABL water take.INF.DAT go.Rel lad.PLU among
    `Among the young men who go to the fountain to get water,'
Example #240:

    b.Ok da paraszn biri.
    he too moneyless one.
    `And (he) is totally broke.'
Example #241:

    c. i Onunlak evlenemez.
    i he.WITH marry.ABIL.NEG.PRES.
    `(She) can't marry him. '
Example #242:

    50. a.(Rza Bey) dairesinin                 onune      gelince,
    Riza Bey apartment.POSS.GEN front.POSS come.WHEN
    `When Riza Bey came in the front of his apartment,
Example #243:

    b. i anahtarn            ckard,
    i key.POSS.ACC take.PAST.
    `(he) took out (his) key,
Example #244:

    c. i kapy          act,
    i door.ACC open.PAST.
    `opened the door.'
Example #245:

    d. i ....elektrigi yakt.
    i electricity burn.PAST.
    `(he) turned on the light.'
Example #246:

    e. Kapnn ic              yannda bir mektupk duruyordu.
    Door.GEN inside side.POSS one letter stand.PROG.PAST.
    `A letter was lying inside by the door. '
Example #247:

    f. i Egildi          ald         mektubuk .
    i bend.PAST take.PAST letter.ACC.
    `(He) bent and picked up the letter'
Example #248:

    g. ve i dondu              kald.
    and i freeze.PAST stay.PAST.
    `And he froze in place ( with astonishment.)'
Example #249:

    51. a. i iceri girdi.
    i inside enter.PAST
    `(he) went inside.'
Example #250:

    b. Kapnn ic              yannda bir mektupk duruyordu.
    Door.GEN inside side.POSS one letter stand.PROG.PAST.
    `A letter was lying inside by the door. '
Example #251:

    c. i mektubuk gormedi.
    i letter.ACC see.NEG.PAST.
    `(He) didn't see the letter'
Example #252:

    d. i Televizyonu act.
    i television.ACC. open.PAST
    `(He) turned on the television.'
Example #253:

    b.ve i beklemeye            baslar.
    and i wait.INF.DAT start.AOR.
    `and (he) starts waiting.'
Example #254:

    c.Bir anons              yaplr.
    one announcement make.PASS.PRES.
    `An announcement is made.'
Example #255:

    d. i gider bir kompartmana               oturur. .
    i go.AOR one compartment.DAT sit.AOR.
    `(He) goes, sits down in one of the cars'
Example #256:

    e. Kompartmanda da bir adam oturuyor.
    car.DAT            too one man sit.PROG.
    `A man is sitting in the train car too.'
Example #257:

    f. i Baslar         konusmaya.
    i start.AOR talk.INF.DAT.
    `(He) starts talking.'
Example #258:

    b.ve i beklemeye         baslar.
    and i wait.INF.DAT start.AOR.
    `and (he) starts waiting.'
Example #259:

    c.Bir anons           yaplr.
    one announcement make.PASS.PRES.
    `An announcement is made.'
Example #260:

    d. i anonsu                duymaz.         .
    i announcement.ACC hear.NEG.PAST
    `(He) doesn't hear the announcement'
Example #261:

    e. i Gider caybahcesinde oturur.
    i go.PRES tea house.LOC sit.AOR.
    `(He) goes and sits in the tea house.'
Example #262:

    b. Ucuncu kez i ameliyat etmek zorunda kalyorlar.
    third time operation make obliged stay.Prog.PLU.
    `They had to operate on him for the third time.'
Example #263:

    c. i Kurtulamyor.
    `(He) couldn't be saved.'
Example #264:

    b. Ucuncu kez i ameliyat etmek zorunda kalyorlar.
    third time operation make obliged stay.Prog.PLU.
    `They had to operate on him for the third time.'
Example #265:

    c.pro Beynindeni            ur                       alyorlar.
    pro brain.POSS.ABL tumor take.PROG.PLU.
    `(They) took out a tumor from his brain.'
Example #266:

    b. Ama i /#o burada ikinci katta.
    but /#it here.LOC second oor.
    `But, here it is in the second oor.'
Example #267:

    4. a. Markette kahvekalmam s.
    Market.LOC co ee remain.NEG.PAST.
    `There was no co ee left in the market.'
Example #268:

    b. Yarn          gelecekmis.
    tomorrow come.FUT.EVID.
    `They said] it will come tomorrow.'
Example #269:

    5. a. Koylum            bu Nuriye Bac i .
    Fellow-villager this Nuriye Baci.
    `Nuriye Baci is a fellow-villager.'
Example #270:

    b. Biraz         uzaktan i hsm da olur.
    somewhat distant relative too be.AOR
    `She is also a distant relative.'
Example #271:

    d.eniste hastanede cal syor.
    brother-in-law hospital.LOC work.PROG
    `The brother-in-law works at the hospital.'
Example #272:

    f. kucuk oglu          da tornaclk       ogreniyor.
    little son.POSS too lathe.profession learn.PROG.
    `her younger son learns how to use lathes.'
Example #273:

    g. Iyiymisler,
    `(they) are all doing ne.'
Example #274:

    6. a. Taksim alanndan yldrm                gibi gecti   Nailei .
    Taksim square.ABL thunderstorm like pass.PAST Naile.
    `Naile passed through Taksim square like thunderstorm.'
Example #275:

    b. i Otobus bekleyemezdi.
    bus wait.ABIL.NEG.PAST.
    `She couldn't wait for a bus.'
Example #276:

    c. i Dolmus bile bekleyemezdi.
    minibus even wait.ABIL.NEG.PAST.
    `She couldn't even wait for a mini-bus.'
Example #277:

    d. i Bir taksi tutmalyd.           Elli Lira!
    one taxi rent.MUST.PAST. Fifty Liras!
    `She should catch a taxi. Fifty Liras!'
Example #278:

    7. a. Nevin nisanlsn             merak ediyor.
    Nevin ance.POSS.ACC curious do/make.PROG.
    `Nevin is curious about her ance.'
Example #279:

    b. i goruse gelemezmis.
    visit.DAT come.ABIL.NEG.EVID.
    `she says] (he) couldn't come for a visit.'
Example #280:

    a. i kilerin        anahtarn         beline              takm s,
    cellar.GEN key.POSS.ACC waist.POSS.DAT attach.PAST.
    `She had attached the cellar key to her belt.'
Example #281:

    b. i evin          idaresini                   eline      alm st.
    house.GEN management.POSS.ACC hand.DAT take.PAST.PAST.
    `She had taken the control of housekeeping.'
Example #282:

    c.Hizmetcileri        oi degistiriyor,
    servant.PLU.ACC she change.PROG.
    `She is the one who changes the servants.'
Example #283:

    e.Her seyin          yerini              oi biliyor,
    every thing.GEN place.POSS.ACC she know.PROG.
    `She is the one who knows where everything is located.'
Example #284:

    a. Necla ortaya         ckt.
    Necla surroundings appear.PAST.
    `Necla came into the picture.'
Example #285:

    b. Birkac haftadr o da kendisi denedi. .
    A few week.FOR she too self.ACC. try.PAST.
    `She also tried her chances for a few weeks.'
Example #286:

    c.Yaradl s       daha sk olan bu kz
    nature.POSS more chic be.S.P this girl
    `This girl who was more chic by nature,'
Example #287:

    sanyordu              ki     kadnlar       isterlerse.
    think.PROG.PAST COMP woman.PLU want.AOR.PLU.COND
    `thought that if women wanted to,'
Example #288:

    erkeklerin        bastan ckmayan                   olmaz.
    man.PLU.GEN head.ABL leave.NEG.S.P.ACC be.NEG.AOR.
    `there were no men who couldn't be seduced.'
Example #289:

    b. i Geceleri onunk odasna                 geliyor,
    night.PLU. his room.POSS.DAT come.PROG.
    `(She) would come to his room at nights,
Example #290:

    c. i saatlerce oturup konusuyor,
    hours.for sit.CONJ talk.PROG.
    `(she) would sit and talk for hours.'
Example #291:

    d. i dertlesiyordu.
    `(she) would talk about her problems.'
Example #292:

    e. # i /Pigmalyoni ,Freda gibi degil.
    # i /Pigmalyon Freda like not.
    `Pigmalyon is not like Freda.'
Example #293:

    f. i Guluyor,        kzaryor,     utanyor.
    smile.PROG. blush.PROG. embarrass.PROG.
    `(She) smiles, blushes and becomes shy/embarrassed.'
Example #294:

    11.       d. i dertlesiyordu.
    i problem.RECIP.PROG.PAST.
    `(she) would talk about her problems.'
Example #295:

    e. # i /oi, Freda gibi degil.
    # i /she Freda like not.
    `(she) is not like Freda.'
Example #296:

    b. i Burada degil.
    here.LOC not.
    `(He) isn't here.'
Example #297:

    c.#Alii /# i/#oi gelecek. / Bugun i gelecek.
    #He               come.FUT. / Today come.FUT.
    `#He will come/He will come today.'
Example #298:

    a. i Iceri girdi.
    inside enter.PAST
    `(he) went in.'
Example #299:

    b. Kafasi        karmakar skt ,
    head.POSS confused.COP.PAST.
    `His mind was confused'
Example #300:

    c. i yaz odasna dogru yurudu,
    writing room.DATtowards walk.PAST.
    `(he) walked through the study.'
Example #301:

    b. Ama #ok /Sait onui        tanmad                  bile,
    but #he/Sait she.ACC recognize.NEG.PAST even.
    `But Sait didn't even recognize her.'
Example #302:

    b. i k Zarfa              koydu.
    envelope.DAT put.PAST.
    `(He) put ( it) in an envelope.'
Example #303:

    c. i k kapatt, pullad.
    close.PAST stamp.PAST.
    `(He) closed and stamped (it).'
Example #304:

    15. a. i parkta yuruyordu.
    park.LOC walk.PROG.PAST.
    `(She) was walking in the park.'
Example #305:

    b. Saitk       onuni yanndan gecti.
    Sait.GEN she.GEN next.POSS pass.PAST.
    `Sait passed by her.'
Example #306:

    c. Ama k onui           tanmad                 bile,
    but Sait she.ACC recognize.NEG.PAST even.
    `But (he) didn't even recognize her.'
Example #307:

    16. a. Valiyle        gorusmesi         ogleden sonraya kald.
    mayor.WITH meeting.POSS3S noon.ABL after.DAT remain.PAST.
    `(His) meeting with the mayor was postponed until the afternoon.'
Example #308:

    b. Vali onu         saat uce         dogru cagrd.
    Mayor he.ACC. hour three.DATtowards              call.PAST.
    `The mayor called him close to three o'clock.'
Example #309:

    17. a. Sevimi , bir acele giyinip          sokaga frlad.
    Sevim one hurry dressed.CONJ street run.PAST.
    `Sevim quickly dressed and ran out.'
Example #310:

    c. Ama Sait onui       tanmad                 bile,
    but Sait she.ACC recognize.NEG.PAST even.
    `But Sait didn't even recognize her.'
Example #311:

    b. i Sizin           kogusa yeni geldi.
    you.GEN2PL ward.DAT new come.PAST.
    `She's new in your ward.'
Example #312:

    b. i Simdi ne yapmas            gerektigini        bilmiyordu.
    now what do.INF.3SG need.POSS.ACC know.NEG.PROG.PAST.
    `He didn't know what he should do next.'
Example #313:

    c.Sevim onui bos bir masayagoturdu.
    Sevim he.ACC empty one table.DAT               take.PAST.
    `Sevim took him to an empty table.'
Example #314:

    26. a. i Bir kimsesiz           camasrc kadnn             oksuzu       idi.
    one anyone.without launderer woman.GEN orphan.POSS. COP.PAST
    `He was the orphan son of a laundry woman with no family.'
Example #315:

    b. Komsular         onai     acyp,             barndrm slard.
    neighbor.PLU. he.DAT. feel.pity.CONJ. take.care.of.PLU.PAST
    `The neighbors felt sorry for him and took care of him.'
Example #316:

    27. a. Cocuki one         dogru bir adm att.
    child front.DATtowards one step take.PAST.
    `(The) child took a step forward.'
Example #317:

    b. i Bu sk kyafetli          amcadank korkmus           olmalyd.
    this chic out t.WITH uncle.DAT scared.EVID. be.MUST.PAST.
    `(He) must havebeen intimidated by this man with an elegant out t.'
Example #318:

    c.Cevdet Beyk onui en son alt yl once gormustu.
    Cevdet Bey he.ACC most last six year ago see.PAST.PAST.
    `Cevdet bey had last seen him six years ago.'
Example #319:

    d. i O zaman uc dort yasnda gozukuyordu.
    that time three four year.LOC seem.PROG.PAST
    `(He) seemed to be three or four years old at that time.'
Example #320:

    e. k Yanagn             oksad.
    cheek.POSS.ACC caress.PAST.
    `(He) caressed (his) cheek.'
Example #321:

    28. Dun          /*pro tedavi edildiler.
    Yesterday          therapymake/do.PASS.PAST.PLU.
    `They were treated yesterday.'
Example #322:

    29. /*pro Burada iyi cal srlar.
    here.LOC well work.AOR.PLU.
    `They work well here.'
Example #323:

    30. /*pro K sn tatile gitmezler.
    winter holiday go.NEG.AOR.PLU.
    `They don't go for a vacation in winter.'
Example #324:

    31. Insan burada iyi cal sr.
    human here well work.AOR.
    `One works well here.'
Example #325:

    32. Insan k sn tatile             gitmez.
    human winter holiday.DAT go.NEG.AOR.
    `One doesn't go for a vacation in winter.'
Example #326:

    33. a. Gunun birinde                murekkepcii on bes gun hasta yatt.
    Day.GEN one.POSS.LOC ink-seller ten veday sick lay.PAST.
    `The ink seller was sick for fteen days.
Example #327:

    b. ve i oldu.
    and die.PAST.
    `and one day (he) died.'
Example #328:

    c.pro Onui mahalle camiinin             bir kosesine       gomduler.
    he.ACC district mosque.GEN. one side.POSS.DAT bury.PAST.3.PLU.
    `(They) buried him on one side of the district mosque.'
Example #329:

    34. a. i Evin            kucuguydu.
    house.GEN. young.POSS.
    `He was the youngest in the house.'
Example #330:

    b. pro Sayrl Babayla          basbasa     brakvermislerdi            onui .
    pro Sayril father.WITH head-to-head leave.PAST.PLU.PAST. he.ACC.
    `(They) left him alone with Father Sayril.'
Example #331:

    c. i Babayla        ilgilenmek zorundayd.              (Fuat Altnsoy 1982. Hendekler : 33)
    father.WITH interest.INF. obliged.COP.PAST.
    `He had to take care of the father.'
Example #332:

    d. ve i hep oyle             kalacakt.
    and always like.that stay.FUT.PAST.
    `and (he) would always be like that.'
Example #333:

    e. Gelgelelim yardim edemiyordu                     insan onai .
    however help do/make.NEG.PROG.PAST human he.DAT.
    `However, one couldn't help him.'
Example #334:

    f. Sevgisii bir yara gibiydi.
    love.POSS. one wound like.COP.PAST.
    `His lovewas like a pain.'
Example #335:

    37. a. Ertesi sabah evin             kaps]i        calnd.
    Next morning house.GEN. door.POSS knock.PASS.PAST.
    `The next morning the door of the house was knocked.'
Example #336:

    b. i Actm.
    `(I) opened (the door).
Example #337:

    c.Sinemadan bir adam geldi.
    cinema.ABL one man come.PAST.
    `A man from the cinema came.'
Example #338:

    38. a. Kapy          vurdu,         bekledi.
    door.ACC. knock.PAST. wait.PAST.
    `(He) knocked at the door, and waited.'
Example #339:

    b. Kapy         Zeynep Hanm act.
    door.ACC. Zeynep Hanim open.PAST.
    `Zeynep Hanim opened the door.'
Example #340:

    39. a. i yine merdivenleri her zamanki al skanl gyla                 gurultuyle indi.
    again stairs.ACC all time.CONJ habit.POSS.WITH noise.WITH go.down.PAST
    `He wentdown the stairs noisily, which has been his usual habit'
Example #341:

    b. Zeliha Hanmk onui gulumseyerek kaslad.
    Zeliha Hanim he.ACC smilingly            meet.PAST.
    `Zeliha Hanim met him smilingly.'
Example #342:

    c. k Kahvaltnn hazr oldugunu                soyledi.
    breakfast.GEN ready be.NOM.ACC say.PAST.
    `She said the breakfast was ready.'
Example #343:

    a. i gider.
    `he goes.'
Example #344:

    c.Temelk hemen          kalkar.
    Temel immediately stand.up.PRES.
    `Temel immediately stands up.'
Example #345:

    d. ve k gider biletteki numaraya oturur.
    and goes ticket.LOC. number.DAT. sit.PRES.
    `and he goes sits in the seat numbered on his ticket.'
Example #346:

    b. Ama Alik /ok /# k evde         degildi.
    but he              home.LOC not.COP.PAST.
    `But he was not at home.'
Example #347:

    b. Kap i kapanyor.
    door close.PROG.
    `The door closes.'
Example #348:

    c.Meliha yatt.
    Meliha lie.PAST
    `Meliha laydown.'
Example #349:

    b. Ok aldr ssz gorunerek
    he careless seem.ADV
    `Seeming careless, he Ekrem]'
Example #350:

    satrancoynamaya         devam ediyordu.
    chess play.INF.DAT continue do.PROG.PAST.
    `was continuing to play chess.'
Example #351:

    45. a. i Cocuklarn k               citlerin         dibine
    child.PLU.POSS.ACC fence.PLU.GEN bottom.POSS.DAT
    `They laid] their children down by the fence'
Example #352:

    battaniyelerin         ustune         yatrm slar.
    blanket.PLU.GEN on.POSS.DATlay.PAST.PLU.
    `on the blankets, they laid.'
Example #353:

    b. i Agzlarnak                    yalanc emzikleri vermisler.
    mouth.PLU.POSS.DAT. paci er.PL.ACC give.PAST.3.PLU.
    `They put paci ers in their mouths.'
Example #354:

    c.# k /Onlark da dusurmusler             emzigi,
    they            too drop.PAST.PLU. paci er.ACC.
    `They the children] dropped the paci ers'
Example #355:

    d. k aglyorlar.
    `They are crying.'
Example #356:

    b. i Inanmyor.
    `(She) doesn't believe it/me.'
Example #357:

    c. i Pek cok duygularma                 inanmyor.
    many feelings.POSS.1SG.DAT believe.NEG.PROG.
    `(She) doesn't believe manyof my feelings.'
Example #358:

    saysz        insan] ckacaktr.
    number.less human appear.FUT.
    `(I) know, many people will be upset by these words.'
Example #359:

    sahte namuslara         inanrlar.
    fake virtue.PLU.DAT believe.PRES.3.PLU.
    `Because they believein fake virtues full of lies and deceit.'
Example #360:

    duygusal    yonuyle samiyetteki namusa inanrm.
    emotional   side.With sincerity.LOC virtue.DAT believe.PRES.1SG.
    `I believe in the sincerity of virtue with its economic and emotional sides.'
Example #361:

    48. a. Alik butun gun yemek yapt.
    Ali all day food cook.PAST
    `Ali cooked all day.'
Example #362:

    c. i /Onlari Cok mesgulduler.
    they        very busy.COP.3.PLU.
    `(They) were very busy.'
Example #363:

    ama begenisiz bir lokantaya          cagrdi.
    but tasteless one restaurant.DAT. invite.PAST.
    `but tacky restaurant, he invited.'
Example #364:

    b. k /Onlark gitmek istemediler.
    They        go.INF want.NEG.PAST.3.PLU.
    `They didn't wantto go.'
Example #365:

    c. k Haklydlar.
    `They were right.'
Example #366:

    ama begenisiz bir lokantaya            cagrdi.
    but tasteless one restaurant.DAT. invite.PAST.PAST.
    `but tacky restaurant, he invited.'
Example #367:

    ama begenisiz bir lokantaya            cagrdi.
    but tasteless one restaurant.DAT. invite.PAST.PAST.
    `but tacky restaurant, he invited.'
Example #368:

    b. k gitmek istememisti.
    they go.INF want.NEG.PAST.PAST.
    `(He) didn't want to go.'
Example #369:

    b. Ama Sait onui          tanmad bile.
    but Sait she.ACC recognize even.
    `but Sait didn't even recognize her.'
Example #370:

    54. a. k ha f kzarm st.
    slightly blush.PAST.PAST
    `(She) blushed slightly.'
Example #371:

    b. Omeri onak          bakmaktan cekindi.
    Omer she.DAt. look.at.ABL. hesitate.PAST.
    `Omer hesitated to look at her.'
Example #372:

    i teyzesine          kzd.
    aunt.POSS.DAT. get.angry.PAST.
    `(He) got angry at (her) aunt'
Example #373:

    b. i Inanmyor.
    `(She) doesn't believe.'
Example #374:

    b. # i /Melihai Inanmyor.
    `(She) doesn't believe.'
Example #375:

    10. a. Gozlerini             kapad      Cemi .
    eye.PLU.POSS.ACC close.PAST Cem.
    `Cem closed his eyes.'
Example #376:

    c. k Az konusurdu.
    little speak.PRES.PAST.
    `(He) would hardly speak.'