The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Baker, Mark (2002). On Zero Agreement and Polysynthesis.

URL: http://ling.rutgers.edu/people/faculty/baker/Mapuche-polypara-txt2.pdf

(Last accessed 2005-02-15).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 1267&langcode=arn (2021-12-03).


Example #1:

    (8)    a. N-n        mapu.       (Smeets 1989: 19)
    take-1sS land
    `I took land'
Example #2:

    b. N-fi-n         mapu.
    take-OM-1sS land
    `I took the land.'
Example #3:

    (11)   a. Fey-mu fiy ta          yepa-le-r-pu-y-i          ichi,
    that-INST PRT PRT take.after-ST-ITR-LOC-IND-1pS we
    `In this respect we take after him [our father].'
Example #4:

    b. yepa-ntu-nie-r-pu-fi-y-i           km dungu-mu yi kon-kle-al,
    take.after-...-LOC-OM-IND-1sP good matter-INST we enter-NOML
    `We take after him [our father] in that we get involved in good things.'
Example #5:

    (12)   ... pichi-ke    ngl-m-nie-rki-y          plata ngilla-ya-m  kulli.
    Little-DIST join-CAUS-PRPS-REF-IND/3sS money buy-NRLD-IVN cattle.
    `...little by little he saved money to buy cattle.'
Example #6:

    Ngilla-ye-m    elfal-ke-fu-y            i       pu     weny-mew.
    buy-DIST-INST entrust-CF-IPD-IND/3S poss3 PLUR friend-INST
    `Whenever he bought [some], he used to entrust [them] to his friends.'
Example #7:

    (15)   a. Metawe pe-fi-n.
    vessel see-OM-1sS
    `I see the vessel.'
Example #8:

    b. Pe-fi-n        metawe.
    see-OM-1sS vessel
    `I see the vessel.'
Example #9:

    (16)   a. Metawe iche pe-fi-n.
    vessel I         see-OM-1sS
    `I see the vessel.'
Example #10:

    b. Pe-fi-n        iche metawe.
    see-OM-1sS I         vessel
    `I see the vessel.'
Example #11:

    (17)   a. Metawe pe-n.
    vessel see-1sS
    `I see the vessel.'
Example #12:

    b. Pe-n      metawe.
    see-1sS vessel
    `I see the vessel.'
Example #13:

    c. Metawe iche pe-n.
    vessel I         see-1sS
    `I see the vessel.'
Example #14:

    d. Pe-n      iche metawe.
    see-1sS I           vessel
    `I see the vessel.'
Example #15:

    (23)    a. *Pe-fi-y-mi chem?
    See-OM-IND-2sS what
    `What did you see?'
Example #16:

    b. Chem pe-fi-y-mi?
    what see-OM-IND-2sS
    `What did you see?
Example #17:

    (24)    a. *Pe-y-mi      chem?
    see-IND-2sS what
    `What did you see?'
Example #18:

    b. Chem pe-y-mi?
    what see-IND-2sS
    `What did you see?
Example #19:

    (27)       Pe-la-n        metawe rum.
    see-NEG-1sS vessel       any
    `I did not see any vessel.'
Example #20:

    (28)       Metawe rum pe-la-n.
    vessel any        see-NEG-1sS
    `I didn't see any vessel.'
Example #21:

    (29)   a. Metawe rum pe-la-fi-n.
    vessel     any see-NEG-OM-1sS
    `I didn't see any vessel.'
Example #22:

    b. Pe-la-fi-n          metawe rum.
    see-NEG-OM-1sS vessel any
    `I did not see any vessel.'
Example #23:

    (31)    a. Pe-(fi)-n    Maria i metawe?
    see-OM-1sS Maria poss vessel
    `I saw Maria's metawe.'
Example #24:

    (32)         *Iney pe-fi-y-mi         i    metawe?
    who see-OM-IND-2sS poss vessel
    `Who did you see the metawe of?'
Example #25:

    (33)     a. *Iney pe-y-mi   i metawe?                                 (Possessor extraction)
    who see-IND-2sS poss vessel
    `Of whom did you see the metawe?'
Example #26:

    (i)      N-(fi)-y       ti wentru i chaketa.
    take-OM-ind/3S the man his jacket
    `He took the man's jacket.'
Example #27:

    (35)   a. i chao kintu-waka-le-y.              (Salas 1992:195)
    my father seek-cow-PRES-IND/3S
    `My father is looking for the cows.'
Example #28:

    b. Are-tu-ketran-e-n-ew.        (Smeets 1989:421)
    `He borrowed wheat from me.'
Example #29:

    (36)   a. Nicassio ngilla-pulku-pe-y.      Inche kme-ntu-ma-fi-n.
    Nicassio buy-wine-PAST-3sS I             good-FCT-APPL-OM-1sS
    `Nicassio bought (some) wine. I like it (the wine that he bought).'
Example #30:

    b. Ngilla-waka-n. Fei elu-fi-n         Pedro.          (R. Aranovich, p.c.)
    buy-cow-1sS then give-OM-1sS Pedro
    `I bought a cow. Then I gave it to Pedro.'
Example #31:

    (37)   a. Mle-y         mate. Mate-tu-nge.
    exist-IND/3S mate mate-take-2sS/IMPER
    `There is mate (a vaguely tea-like infusion). Have some.'
Example #32:

    b. Fem-lai-a-n.          Juan   furk-m-mate-y.                (R. Aranovich, p.c.)
    do-NEG-FUT-1sS Juan be.cold-CAUS-mate-IND/3S
    `I won't do it. Juan made the mate cold.'
Example #33:

    c. Kie metawe ka kie rali nie-y.            Inche ngilla-metawe-a-n.
    one vessel and one plate have-IND/3S I           buy-vessel-FUT-1sS
    `They have one metawe and and one plate. I will buy the metawe.'
Example #34:

    (39)   a. Kidaw-el-fi-i-n      Pedro.
    work-CAUS-OM-IND-1sS Pedro
    `I made Pedro work.'
Example #35:

    b. i patron ngtrm-fal-e-n-ew.
    My boss call-CAUS2-OM-1sS-DS
    `My boss had me called.'
Example #36:

    c. #Nentu-l-me-a-fi-n                    ta i poi
    take.out-CAUS-DIR-FUT-OM-1sS the his potato
    (OK as benefactive applicative: `I dug potatoes for him.')
Example #37:

    b. *Ay-(fi)-n        Maria amu-y.
    like-OM-1sS Maria go-IND/3s
    `I like (it) that Maria left.'
Example #38:

    (i)      a.   Fey amu-y;      chali-fi-y        i   weny.
    he go-IND/3S greet-OM-IND/3S poss3 friend
    `He went and greeted his friend.' (OM=fi; subject of S2=topic of discourse)
Example #39:

    b.   Fey amu-y;      chali-e-y-ew          i    weny
    he go-IND/3S greet-OM2-IND/3S-DS poss3 friend
    `He went and his friend greeted him.' (OM=e; object of S2=topic of discourse)
Example #40:

    b. Ngilla-y    pichin mapu. Welu mapuche ngilla-ma-la-fi-y.
    buy-IND/3S little land        but Mapuche buy-APPL-NEG-OM-ind/3S
    `He bought a little land. But he did not buy it from a Mapuche.'
Example #41:

    c. Roberto kie metawe elu-fi-n.
    Roberto one vessel give-OM-1sS
    `I gave Roberto a metawe.'
Example #42:

    d. *Elu-fi-y-mi     chem Roberto?             (confirm)
    give-OM-ind-2sS what Roberto
    `What did you give to Roberto?'