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The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Robert D. Van Valin, Jr. (2005). Chapter 4.

URL: http://www.phil-fak.uni-duesseldorf.de/summerschool2002/Van5.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 1485&langcode=isl (2021-12-06).


Example #1:

    (4.24)a. Lögregl-a-n            tók          Sigg-u fast-a.
    police-FsgNOM-DEF take.PAST Sigga-FsgACC fast-FsgACC
    `The police arrested Sigga.'
Example #2:

    af lögregl-un-ni.
    by police-DEF-FsgDAT
    `Sigga was arrested by the police.'
Example #3:

    (4.25)a. Ég         skila- i         henni  pening-un-um.
    1sgNOM return-PAST-1sg 3FsgDAT money-DEF-DAT
    `I returned her the money.'
Example #4:

    b. Ég         hjálpa- i        honum.
    1sgNOM help-PAST-1sg 3MsgDAT
    `I helped him.'
Example #5:

    (4.26)a. Henni     va-r             skil-a pening-un-um.
    3FsgDAT be.PAST-IMPER return-PSTP money-DEF-DAT
    `She was returned the money.'
Example #6:

    a´.*Pening-un-um     va-r           skil-a  henni.
    money-DEF-DAT be.PAST-IMPER return-PSTP 3FsgDAT
    `The money was returned to her.'
Example #7:

    b. Honum      va-r              hj
    3MsgDAT be.PAST-IMPER help-PSTP (by 1sgDAT)
    `He was helped (by me).'
Example #8:

    (4.27)a. Lögregl-a-n                                        Sigg-u    fast-a.
    police-FsgNOM-DEF seem.IMPER have.INF take-PSTP Sigga-FsgACC fast-FsgACC
    `The police seem to have arrested Sigga.'
Example #9:

    af lögregl-un-ni.
    by police-DEF-FsgDAT
    `Sigga seems to have been arrested by the police.'
Example #10:

    c. Honum vir
    3MsgDAT seem.IMPER have.INF be-PSTP help-PSTP (by 1sgDAT)
    `He seems to have been helped (by me).'
Example #11:

    (4.28)a. Ég         skila- i        pening-un-um      til hennar.
    1sgNOM return-PAST-1sg money-DEF-DAT to 3FsgGEN
    `I returned the money to her.'
Example #12:

    b. Pening-un-um        hefur      ver-i    skil-a        til hennar.
    money-DEF-DAT have.IMPER be-PSTP return-PSTP to 3FsgGEN
    `The money was returned to her.'
Example #13:

    b´.*Hennar hefur            ver-i skil-a    pening-un-um (til).
    3FsgGEN have.IMPER be-PSTP return-PSTP money-DEF-DAT to
    `She was returned the money.'