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The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Musgrave, Simon (2001). Non Non-Subject Arguments in Indonesian.

URL: http://eprints.unimelb.edu.au/archive/00000239/01/Musgrave.pdf

(Last accessed 2006-01-02).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 1645&langcode=ind (2021-09-27).


Example #1:

    8.       Pintu dan jendela        diwarnainya                  hijau
    door    and window di.colour(n.).APPL.3               green
    'He painted the doors and windows green.'
Example #2:

    9.       Ia    menerangkan                   keadaannya
    3SG meN.clear(adj.).CAUS            situation.3
    'He explained his situation.'
Example #3:

    11.      Polisi    mendapati        bengkel       pemalsu                 uang
    police meN.meet.APPL       workshop forger                       money
    'Police found the counterfeiter's workshop.'
Example #4:

    12.      Dia mengirimi          suaminya           uang
    3SG meN.send.APPL husband.3               money
    'She sent her husband money.'
Example #5:

    13.      Dia menuliskan            ayahnya        surat
    3SG meN.write.APPL        father.3       letter
    'She wrote a letter for her father.'
Example #6:

    14.      Saya memeriksakan           mata ke                 doktor
    1SG     meN.examine.CAUS    eye     to              doctor
    'I had my eyes examined by the doctor.'
Example #7:

    16.      Kami        akan      dia/ia     tolong
    1PL.EXCL FUT          3SG        help
    'Us she will help.'
Example #8:

    17.      Kami       akan menolong                dia/*ia
    1PL.EXCL FUT        meN.help            3SG
    'We will help her.'
Example #9:

    19.           Ali menganggap soal                  itu          beres
    Ali meN.consider        problem that              settled
    'Ali believes the problem is settled.'
Example #10:

    20.           Soal       itu     dianggap       Ali beres
    problem that di.consider Ali settled
    'The problem is believed by Ali to be settled.'
Example #11:

    22.           *Observasi    ditugasi   mereka saya melakukan
    observation di.assign 3PL          1SG    meN.carry.out
    (FOR: Observations were assigned by them for me to carry out.')
Example #12:

    23.           Dia minta uang          untuk (*dia) pergi ke Indonesia
    3SG ask        money for                  go     to    Indonesia
    'He asked for money to go to Indonesia.' (Kana 1986: 28, ex.30)
Example #13:

    24.      *Saya mencari               Ali untuk saya membunuh
    1SG        meN.look.for Ali for              1SG      meN.kill
    (FOR: 'I looked for Ali in order to kill (him).' ) (Kana 1986: 28 ex.31)
Example #14:

    25.      *Saya mencari               Ali untuk membunuh
    1SG        meN.look.for Ali for              meN.kill
    (FOR: 'I looked for Ali in order to kill (him).' ) (Kana 1986: 28 ex.32)
Example #15:

    26.      Saya mencari               Ali untuk       membunuhnya
    1SG      meN.look.for Ali for              meN.kill.3
    'I looked for Ali in order to kill him.'
Example #16:

    27.      Mereka anggap          buku     i ni  sudah saya baca
    3PL        consider book this PERF            1SG     read
    'They believe this book, I have read.' (Chung 1976b: ex 19)
Example #17:

    saya masak
    1SG     cook
    'They bought the fish so that the fish, I could cook.'
Example #18:

    30.      Mereka membeli          ikan itu    untuk dapat saya masak
    3PL       meN.buy fish        that for       can     1SG    cook
    'They bought the fish to be cooked by me.' (Chung 1976b: ex29a)
Example #19:

    32.      Buku    itu   dibaca tampaknya               oleh         Ali
    book that di.read       apparently           by           Ali
    'The book was apparently read by Ali.'
Example #20:

    34.      Kantor itu         kelihatan       dengan mudah                 oleh     polisi
    office     that ke.see.an with                 easy             by       police
    'That office is easily visible to the police.'
Example #21:

    36.      Saya       takut    sekali     dengan lelaki                     itu
    1SG        afraid   very       with   man                        that
    'I am very much afraid of that man.'
Example #22:

    38.        Lelaki itu      ditakuti               saya
    man     that di.afraid.APPL            1SG
    'That man is feared by me.'
Example #23:

    41.        *Surat itu        dikirimi      wanita   itu                  oleh      Ali
    letter   that di.send.APPL woman that                         by        Al i
    (FOR: 'The letter was sent the woman by Ali.')
Example #24:

    43.        *Saya memberi          Ali buku      itu     untuk             membacanya
    1SG       meN.give Ali book that for                           meN,read.3
    (FOR: 'I gave Ali the book for him to read it.')
Example #25:

    45.           Dibandingkannya dirinya dengan raja
    di.compare.3          self.3   with       king
    (LIT: 'Himself be compared by him with the king.' (IRG: 256)
Example #26:

    orang     lain
    person other
    'They believe that they are superior to other people.'
Example #27:

    50.        orang     yang anak        saya        lihat     itu
    person REL        child    1SG         see       that
    'the person that my child saw'
Example #28:

    55.        Anak saya melihatnya
    child    1SG    meN.see.3
    'My child saw him/her'
Example #29:

    56.        *Saya takutnya
    1SG       afraid.3
    (FOR: 'I am afraid of him.')
Example #30:

    'Mother has cooked rice. It (LIT: that rice) is in the pantry.'
Example #31:

    79.        Sulit         untuk kita           memperoleh           bukti
    difficult for            1PL.INCL meN.obtain            proof
    'It is difficult for us to get proof.' (IRG: 183)
Example #32:

    82.        ekor kuda
    tail     horse
    'horse's tail'
Example #33:

    83.      Semua pemain musik                pulang         pagi
    all        player      music      go.home        morning
    'All the musicians left early.'
Example #34:

    84.      Pemain musik         semua pulang            pagi
    player     music all            go.home      morning
    'All the musicians left early.'
Example #35:

    85.      Dia mengimpor      kursi   sebanyak 8000 buah
    3SG meN.import chair as.many              8000 CLASS
    'He imported as many as 8000 chairs.' (IRG: 140)
Example #36:

    86.      dua orang
    two    person
    'two people'
Example #37:

    87.      *dua mereka
    two      3PL
    (FOR: 'two of them')
Example #38:

    89.        Kami        semua harus membuka                 jalan         dahulu
    1PL.INCL all          m ust    meN.open road                  before
    'All of us must clear a road first.' (IRG: 170)
Example #39:

    97.      Guru      itu     menulis    buku     tentang                  sintaksis
    teacher that meN.write book about                              syntax
    'The teacher wrote a book about syntax.'
Example #40:

    101.      Ali melihat         gadis     itu
    Ali meN.see girl              that
    'Ali saw the girl.'
Example #41:

    104.      Gadis itu         dilihat kemarin         oleh       Ali
    girl       that   di.see   yesterday by              Ali
    'The girl was seen (yesterday) by Ali / him.'
Example #42:

    106.          Masih ingatkah              Anda pada                  saya?
    still       remember.EMPH   2SG     to                 1SG
    'You still remember me?' (SDPGS: 108)
Example #43:

    107.          Saya jadi       ingat      dengan hit Scot Mackenzie
    1SG     thus remember with            hit Scot Mackenzie
    'Therefore I remember Scot Mackenzie's hit.' (McKay)
Example #44:

    109.      Kasi   lihat bukunya
    give see       book.3
    'Let me see the book.' (E&S: 263)
Example #45:

    110.     Tomo kecurian        uangnya
    Tomo ke.steal.an money.3
    'Tomo has had his money stolen.'
Example #46:

    1.       Dia membaca buku              itu
    3SG meN.read book             that
    S/he read the book.
Example #47:

    4.       Buku        itu   saya             baca
    book        that 1SG               read
    The book, I read.
Example #48:

    5.       Buku   itu     kubaca
    book that 1SG.read
    The book, I read.
Example #49:

    6.       Dia baca buku                  itu
    3SG read      book             that
    S/he read the book.
Example #50:

    7.           Ayah      mengirim    uang             kepada      saya
    father meN.send money                  to          1SG
    'Father sent money to me.'
Example #51:

    8.           Ayah      mengirimi             saya     uang
    father meN.send.APPL            1SG      money
    'Father sent me money.'
Example #52:

    9.           Pelayan mengambil segelas              air
    waiter      meN.fetch     one.glass water
    'The waiter fetched a glass of water.'
Example #53:

    11.           Anak itu          menangis
    child    that meN.cry
    'The child is crying.'
Example #54:

    13.           Penyakit malaria menular                di    Irian Jaya
    illness      malaria meN.spread LOC Irian Jaya
    'Malaria is spreading in Irian Jaya.' (Kana 1986: 65, ex61b)
Example #55:

    14.           Nyamuk      menularkan         penyakit malaria
    mosquito meN.spread.CAUS       illness     malaria
    'Mosquitoes spread malaria.' (Kana 1986: 65, ex61a)
Example #56:

    cintai      sekaligus         Oom     puja
    love.APPL as.well.as          uncle worship
    'I do not want to hurt        the woman I love and worship.'
Example #57:

    21.        Buku    itu    kubeli    dan           kubaca
    book that 1SG .buy       and           1SG.read
    'I bought and read the book.'
Example #58:

    buku    itu    dibaca lelaki itu
    book that di.read       man     that
    'The book was read by the man.' (GHT example 36)
Example #59:

    28.       Buku    itu    dibaca mereka
    book that di.read       3PL
    'The book was read by them.'
Example #60:

    30.        Barang ini       akan dikirim       ke Jepang
    goods     this FUT       di.send to     Japan
    NOT: 'These goods will be sent to Japan by him/her/them.'
Example #61:

    35.           *Orang itu        dia    lihat         oleh   Ali
    man         that 3SG see               by     Ali
    (FOR: 'Ali saw that person.')
Example #62:

    37.          Barang ini       akan dikirim      ke      Jepang
    goods     this FUT       di.send to        Japan
    'These goods will be sent to Japan.'
Example #63:

    42.       Ali melihatku/-mu/-nya
    Ali meN.see.1SG/2/3
    'Ali saw me/you/(s)he).'
Example #64:

    43.       dia tidak dapat melakukannya                         lagi
    3SG NEG       able       meN.act.APPL.3SG            further
    'he couldn't do it again' (SDM:70)
Example #65:

    44.        Tanah itu        diwarisinya        dari   kakeknya
    land      that di.heir.APPL.3SG     from grandfather.3              SG
    'That land he inherited from his grandfather.' (SDM:245)
Example #66:

    45.        Ali baca buku            itu
    Ali read       book      that
    'Ali read the book.'
Example #67:

    51.          Saya menyayanginya
    1SG         meN.pity.APPL.3
    'I pity Siti / her.'
Example #68:

    *Inilah    Badu yang buku          itu   sudah             baca
    this.PRT Badu REL         book that PERF                   read
    (FOR: 'This is Badu who has read the book.')
Example #69:

    58.           *Itulah    buku     yang saya membaca
    that.PRT   book REL         1SG       meN.read
    (FOR: 'That is the book that I read.')
Example #70:

    64.      Oleh Badu buku           ini   dibaca
    by     Badu book this di.read
    'By Badu, this book was read.'
Example #71:

    65.      *Buku itu       Ali memberi                Siti
    book     that Ali meN.give.3               Siti
    (FOR: 'That book, Ali gave Siti.')
Example #72:

    66.      *Buku itu      Siti diberi       Ali
    book     that Siti di.give Ali
    (FOR: 'That book, Siti was given by Ali.')
Example #73:

    67.      Film itu       saya mau            lihat
    film     that 1SG       want       see
    'That film I want to see.'
Example #74:

    68.      Gadis itu            saya   suka    sekali
    girl       that 1SG         like    very
    'That girl I like a lot.'
Example #75:

    77.       Dia       menjemput     saya
    3SG       meN.meet      1SG
    'S/he met me.'
Example #76:

    79.       Kami      dibawa ke bioskop oleh                     ayah
    1PL.EXCL di.take    to    cinema by                  father
    'We were taken to the cinema by Father. '
Example #77:

    87.        Amiri   diperlihatkan Ayahk       foto       dirinyai/*k
    Amir    di.show         father    photo self.3
    Amiri was shown the picture of himselfi/*k by fatherk. (A&M: ex29c)
Example #78:

    90.        Saya mukul anak-anak itu                       kemarin         semuanya
    1SG         hit      child.DUP      that       yesterday       all.3
    'I hit all the children yesterday.'
Example #79:

    91.        Saya memberinya hadiah               itu           dulu        semua
    1SG     meN.give.3       present that              before      all
    'I gave her all the presents before.'
Example #80:

    *'The Sasak people came with all their children.'
Example #81:

    99.       Ali akan lihat ibunya
    Ali FUT          see   mother.3
    'Ali will see his mother.'
Example #82:

    119.        ?Buku    itu    dibaca dia
    book     that di.read    3SG
    'The book was read by him/her.'
Example #83:

    120.        Itu    dibuat oleh saya
    that di.do      by      1SG
    'That was done by me.' (Poedjosoedarmo 1986: 13)
Example #84:

    124.       Dia    datang ke      Indonesia untuk dapat                         lihat   saya
    3SG    come     to    Indonesia for        able                     see     1SG
    'She came to Indonesia to be able to see me.'
Example #85:

    125.       Dia datang ke Indonesia untuk dapat saya                                    lihat
    3SG come        to   Indonesia for        able    1SG                       see
    'She came to Indonesia to be able to be seen by me.'
Example #86:

    137.     Hal       itu    kedengaran olehmu
    matter that overhear           by.2
    'That matter got overheard by you.'
Example #87:

    145.     *Anjing itu       saya dan         dia   pukul
    dog        that 1SG       and      3SG   strike
    (FOR: 'I and he hit the dog.')
Example #88:

    146.          Sendiri*i/j diperhatikan merekai
    self        di.look.after   3PL
    'Theyi look after themselvesj.'
Example #89:

    148.          ?(*)Buku    itu    dibacanya dulu            semua
    book        that di.read.3      previously all
    NOT: 'The book was read by all of them.'
Example #90:

    149.       Saya mencintaimu         dan            ibumu
    1SG      meN.love.APPL.2 and            mother.2
    'I love you and your mother.'
Example #91:

    150.       Saya pergi dengannya dan Ali                         ke     kampung.
    1SG      go      with.3          and Ali             to     village
    'I went with him and Ali to the village.'
Example #92:

    151.       *Siti dilihatnya dan ibunya
    Siti    di.see.3      and mother.3
    (For: 'Siti was seen by her and her mother.'
Example #93:

    152.       Buku    itu    dibaca guru         dan mahasiswa
    book that di.read       teacher and student
    'The book was read by the teacher and by the student.'
Example #94:

    153.       Buku    itu    dibaca mereka dan                     kita
    book that di.read       3PL      and                 1PL.INCL
    'The book was read by them and by us.'
Example #95:

    165.     Buku-buku ini      sudah dibaca           mereka
    book.DUP     this PERF     di.read        3PL
    'They have read these books.'
Example #96:

    166.       Buku      itu   ibu           baca
    book that mother              read
    'I / you read the book.'
Example #97:

    167.       Buku        itu       dibaca         ibu
    book        that      di.read        mother
    'You read the book.'
Example #98:

    168.       Amir    membelikan       saya          baju
    Amir    meN.buy.APPL 1SG               shirt
    'Amir bought me a shirt'
Example #99:

    170.       Ali diberi        mereka buku        itu      dulu    s em u a
    Ali di.give       3PL        book that before all
    (NOT: 'Ali was   given the book(s) by all of them before.')
Example #100:

    171.       Ali diberinya buku         itu     dulu            s em u a
    Ali di.give.3       book that before               all
    'Ali was given all the books previously.'
Example #101:

    172.       Film itu       dilihat dulu       *(oleh)          Umar
    film     that di.see   before by                   Umar
    'That film was seen previously by Umar.'
Example #102:

    173.       Saya membeli         sekarang          buku      itu
    1SG     meN.buy now                    book      that
    'I bought the book just now.'
Example #103:

    1.         Tomo kecurian          mobil
    Tomo ke.steal.an car
    'Tomo's car was stolen.' (IRG: 120)
Example #104:

    4.        Kamu kebanyakan uang
    2       ke.much.an   money
    'You have too much money.'
Example #105:

    8.        *Dia berkata dengan kemanisan
    3SG     speak     with         ke.sweet.an
    (FOR: 'He spoke too sweetly.')
Example #106:

    10.       orang     setinggi        pohon
    person COMP.high tree
    'a person as tall as a tree'
Example #107:

    13.       Rumahnya kelihatan        dari    sini
    house.3       ke.see.an from here
    'His house can be seen from here.' (ALKV: ex32)
Example #108:

    14.       Dia kedapatan        menggelapkan uang             negara
    3SG ke.discover.an AS.dark.CAUS           money state
    'He was caught embezzling state funds.' (ALKV: ex29)
Example #109:

    15.      Mas      Begong kemasukan setan
    brother Begong ke.enter.an       devil
    'Mr Begong got possessed by a devil.' (SSAVI: ex6)
Example #110:

    16.      Saya keracunan         air     basi
    1SG     ke.poison.an water spoiled
    'I was poisoned by bad water.'
Example #111:

    17.      Ali kematian ayahnya
    Ali ke.die.an      father.3
    'Ali suffered the death of his father.' (ALKV: ex20)
Example #112:

    18.      Ayah       Ali mati
    father Ali die
    'Ali's father died.' (ALKV: ex21)
Example #113:

    19.       Saya kecurian          sepeda
    1SG     ke.steal.an bicycle
    'I had my bike stolen.' (ALKV: ex22)
Example #114:

    20.       Sepeda saya           dicuri
    bicycle   1SG         US.steal
    'My bike was stolen.' (ALKV: ex23)
Example #115:

    23.        Ali kematian anak
    Ali AFFECT-die     child
    'Ali had a child die on him.' (Kana 1986: 196, ex2' [original gloss])
Example #116:

    24.          *Ali kematiannya
    Ali   ke.die.an.3
    (FOR: Ali had him die.' (Kana 1986: 200, ex30)
Example #117:

    25.          *Ali mengematian anaknya
    Ali   AS.ke.die.an       child.3
    (FOR: Ali had his son die on him.') (Kana 1986: 200, ex31b)
Example #118:

    27.      *Saya kematian anak-anak kemarin                  semua
    1SG       ke.die.an   child.DUP      yesterday all
    (FOR: I suffered the death of all my children yesterday.'
Example #119:

    28.      *Mobil itu      kelihatan     polisi     kemarin      s em u a
    car      that ke.see.an police yesterday all
    (FOR: The car was visible to all the police yesterday.)
Example #120:

    31.      *polisi   yang mobil kelihatan
    police REL         car   ke.see.an
    (FOR: 'the police to whom the car was visible')
Example #121:

    32.      *Mobil itu,        saya kecurian
    car       that 1SG        ke.steal.an
    (FOR: 'That car, I had stolen (from me).')
Example #122:

    35.        Mobil itu       kedengaran *(oleh)             saya
    car      that ke.hear.an     by                1SG
    'The car could be heard by me.'
Example #123:

    37.          *Saya kecurian          d ul u    sepeda
    1SG       ke.steal.an   before bicycle
    (FOR: 'I had my bike stolen previously.')
Example #124:

    38.          *Dia kedatangan dulu            ibunya
    3SG     ke.come.an      before mother.3
    (FOR: 'He was visited unexpectedly by his mother previously.')
Example #125:

    39.          Polisi    mendatangkannya
    police AS.come.CAUS.3
    'The police had him brought in.' (E&S: 132)
Example #126:

    42.          Dia datang ke Australia dengan                    sengaja
    3SG come        to    Australia with              deliberate
    'He came to Australia deliberately.'
Example #127:

    45.      Dia keracunan        permen basi
    3SG ke.posion.an candy         spoiled
    'He was poisoned by spoiled sweets.' (ALKV: ex16)
Example #128:

    47.      Permen basi          meracuninya
    candy      spoiled AS.poison.APPL.3
    'Spoiled sweets poisoned him.'
Example #129:

    48.      Kami     kehujanan
    1PL.EXCL ke.rain.an
    'We were caught in the rain.'
Example #130:

    49.      Dia kehujanan batu
    3SG ke.rain.an    stone
    'He was showered with stones.' (ALKV: ex14)
Example #131:

    50.      Hari ini        hujan
    day this rain
    'It's raining today.'
Example #132:

    51.      *Kami    kehujanan hujan
    1PL.EXCL ke.rain.an   rain
    (FOR: We were rained on by the rain.)
Example #133:

    52.      Batu-batu menghujaninya
    stone.DUP    AS.rain.APPL.3
    'Stones rained on him.'
Example #134:

    56.           Dia kelaparan
    3SG ke.hungry.an
    'He suffers from hunger.'
Example #135:

    57.           Dia lapar
    3SG hungry
    'He is hungry.'
Example #136:

    58.      Saya kegelapan
    1SG      ke.dark.an
    'I was overtaken by darkness.'
Example #137:

    59.      ?Saya gelap
    1SG      dark
    'I am dark.'
Example #138:

    60.      Dia kedatangan wartawan
    3SG ke.come.an      journalist
    'He was unexpectedly visited by a journalist.' (ALKV: ex11)
Example #139:

    61.      Dia didatangi          wartawan
    3SG US.come.APPL       journalist
    'He was visited by a journalist.' (ALKV: ex12)
Example #140:

    62.           Kelapa    itu      menjatuhi kepala                  saya
    coconut that AS.fall.APPL      head                  1SG
    'The coconut fell on my head.'
Example #141:

    63.           Kelapa    itu      menjatuhi atap rumah                        saya
    coconut that AS.fall.APPL        roof   house                  1SG
    'The coconut fell on the roof of my house.'
Example #142:

    64.      Ia    telah mencandu       minum kopi
    3SG past     AS.addicted   drink     coffee
    'She has become addicted to coffee.' (E&S: 103)
Example #143:

    65.      Saya tagih          rokok
    1SG     addicted cigarette
    'I am addicted to smoking.' (E&S: 540)
Example #144:

    67.      Ia      ketagihan        madat
    3SG ke.addicted.an opium
    'He is addicted to opium.' (E&S: 541)
Example #145:

    68.       Rumah saya kebakaran
    house    1SG    ke.burn.an
    'My house caught fire.'
Example #146:

    69.       Amat kebakaran rumah
    Amat ke.burn.an      house
    'Amat's house was burned down.'
Example #147:

    71.       Saya ketinggalan buku          di      rumah
    1SG       ke.leave.an  book LOC house
    'I left my book at home.' (ALKV: ex27)
Example #148:

    72.       Dia mendengar suara ibunya
    3SG AS.hear         voice mother.3
    'She heard her mother's voice.'
Example #149:

    73.       Kami      sudah melihat            film   itu
    1PL.EXCL PERF     AS.see           film   that
    'We've seen that movie.'
Example #150:

    74.       *Saya kelihatan       mobil
    1SG     ke.see.an car
    (FOR: My car was visible.)
Example #151:

    76.       Musik     itu    kedengaran oleh saya
    music that ke.hear.an           by     1SG
    'I could hear the music.' (ALKV: ex34)
Example #152:

    77.         ia      telah kecurian      barang-barangnya
    3SG PERF      ke.steal.an article.DUP.3
    'his luggage was stolen from him' (Hiorth 1976: 78)
Example #153:

    81.      Ali tagih           membaca koran
    Ali addicted AS.read             newspaper
    'Ali is obsessed with reading the paper.' (E&S: 540)
Example #154:

    83.      Dia ketagihan            berjudi
    3SG ke.addicted.an gamble
    'He is addicted to gambling.' (ALKV: ex40)
Example #155:

    85.      Saya mendapatinya minum                 kopi
    1SG      AS.find.3         drink        coffee
    'I found him drinking coffee.'
Example #156:

    87.        Dia kedapatan menggelapkan uang                            negara
    3SG ke.find.an    AS.dark.CAUS        money                state
    'He was caught embezzling state funds.'
Example #157:

    88.        Ali      didapati            minum kopi               oleh       Siti
    1SG      AS.find.3           drink    coffee          by         Siti
    `Ali was found by Siti drinking coffee'
Example #158:

    89.         Dia ketahuan        polisi    mencuri barang itu
    3SG ke.know.an police AS.steal          goods      that
    'He was caught stealing those goods by the police.' (AKLV: ex33)
Example #159:

    104.      Ia     meninggalkan negerinya
    3SG AS.leave.APPL?        country.3
    'He left his country.' (E&S: 578)
Example #160:

    kemampuan beli          petani sudah         demikian hebat
    ke.able.an        buy farmer already like.that          intense
    is already so great.' (McKay)
Example #161:

    108.     Setan masuk         ke Mas           Bengong
    devil    enter     in   brother      Bengong
    'The devil went into Begong.'
Example #162:

    109.     Mas      Bengong kemasukan (*oleh) setan
    brother Bengong ke.enter.an         by        devil
    'Bengong got possessed by a devil.' (SSAVI: ex6)
Example #163:

    110.     Mas      Bengong dimasuki           oleh          setan
    brother Bengong US.enter.APPL       by            devil
    'Bengong was possessed by a devil.'
Example #164:

    112.     Saya dijemput oleh dia              /olehnya
    1SG     US.meet      by     3SG     by.3
    'I was met by him.' (IRG: 248)
Example #165:

    113.      Siti pergi ke Surabaya
    Siti go         to  Surabaya
    'Siti went to Surabaya.'
Example #166:

    1.       Sampai Retno lupa               pada dirinya
    until       Retno forget to              self.3
    'Until Retno forgot herself.' (PYD: 187)
Example #167:

    5.       Aku tetap              c i nt a   padamu
    1SG        constant love          to.2
    'I still love you.' (E&S:118)
Example #168:

    9.       Kurasa       dia mencintaimu
    1SG.feel 3SG AS.love.APPL.2
    'I feel that he loves you.' (PYD:39)
Example #169:

    'While only we ourselves are content to become his followers.'
Example #170:

    19.        Nasi itu        mau     dia makan
    rice     that want 3SG eat
    'That rice, he wants to eat it.' (Waruno Mahdi, p.c.)
Example #171:

    20.        Rumah itu        mau      roboh
    house     that want collapse
    'The house is about to collapse.' (Waruno Mahdi, p.c.)
Example #172:

    22.       Retno sangat takut          akan      perpisahan dengan                         Sandy
    Retno very         afraid about separation          with                        Sandy
    'Retno was very afraid of parting from Sandy.' (PYD: 183)
Example #173:

    keputusan itu
    decision     that
    'And the person who is least satisfied with that decision' (SDM:28)
Example #174:

    semacam         itu
    certain kind that
    'I don't believe he knows anyone like that.' (SDPGS: 245)
Example #175:

    25.      Barangkali ia       hanya bosan pada hotel itu
    maybe        3SG only        bored    to       hotel that
    'Maybe he just got bored with the hotel.' (SDPGS: 101)
Example #176:

    26.      Dia sangat benci padaku.
    3SG very          hate    to.1SG
    'She really hates me.' (SDM:266)
Example #177:

    28.      Marisa sangat takut          kepadanya
    Marisa very          afraid to.3
    'Marisa was very frightened of him.' (SDM:259)
Example #178:

    30.        Anda yakin tentang hal               itu?
    2SG      sure    about     matter that
    'Are you sure about that matter?' (SDPGS: 147)
Example #179:

    31.        Dia malah        marah ke Presiden           Peru Fujimori
    3SG instead angry         to    President Peru Fujimori
    'Instead, he was angry with Peru's President Fujimori.' (McKay)
Example #180:

    'an organization which cares about demographic problems' (McKay)
Example #181:

    39.      Ia    memberikan       uangnya kepada adiknya
    3SG AS.give.APPL       money.3     to         brother.3
    'He handed over his money to his younger brother.' (E&S: 73)
Example #182:

    40.      Ia    memberikan       uangnya dengan adiknya
    3SG AS.give.APPL       money.3     with       brother.3
    'He handed over his money with(/*to) his younger brother.'
Example #183:

    41.      Ia    pergi dengan ayahnya
    3SG go        with         father.3
    'She went with her father.' (E&S: 138)
Example #184:

    42.      Ia    pergi pada ayahnya
    3SG go         to       father.3
    'She went to(/*with) her father.'
Example #185:

    47.       Ardi teringat           pada wajah seekor.
    Ardi ter.remember to            face     CLASS(animal)
    'Ardi was reminded of the face of an animal.' (SDM: 16)
Example #186:

    50.       Ia    mengerti          maksud       surat      itu
    3SG AS.understand       intention    letter that
    'She understands the meaning of that letter.' (E&S: 160)
Example #187:

    bersikap        selembut penampilannya
    ber.attitude    as.soft     appearance.3
    gentle as her appearance.' (SDM : 27)
Example #188:

    58.      Papa      sayang padamu,           Risa.
    father love          to.2          Risa
    'Father loves you, Risa'.
Example #189:

    59.          Risa     juga sayang Papa.
    Risa     also   love       father
    'Risa loves Father too.' (SDM: 293)
Example #190:

    sangat kenal, sangat           sayangi
    very        know     very      love.APPL
    we - from the division - know so well, love so much.'
Example #191:

    'meaning that he stepped into a terrifying danger.' (SDPGS: 274)
Example #192:

    tubuh Nicky
    body     Nicky
    'Sandy still daydreamed remembering the warmth of Nicky's body.'
Example #193:

    76.           Salahkah           kalau dia membenciku?
    mistake.EMPH if           3SG AS.hate.1SG
    'Is it wrong if he hates me?' (SDM: 229)
Example #194:

    77.           Ia    tetap       menjadi         suami      yang                   setia
    3SG constant AS.become            husband REL                       loyal
    'He certainly became a loyal husband.' (SDPGS: 70)
Example #195:

    78.           Pasti       ia      pergi karena      takut
    certainly 3SG go           because afraid
    'Certainly he left because he was afraid.' (SDPGS: 57)
Example #196:

    bersamanya ke             Jakarta
    together.3       to       Jakarta
    Jakarta.' (PYD: 181)
Example #197:

    90.      Bis    kota itu        suka terlambat
    bus city        that like      delayed
    'That bus is often / usually behind schedule.' (Waruno Mahdi, p.c.)
Example #198:

    91.      supaya           tidak merasa bosan
    in.order.that NEG        AS.feel  bored(om)
    'in order not to feel bored(om) (SDPGS: 58)
Example #199:

    sikap       anti-Asia itu
    attitude    anti-Asia that
    anti-Asia attitude.' (McKay)
Example #200:

    95.      semua benci         pada Caetano Calazar
    all        hatred to        Caetano Calazar
    `all the hatred of Caetano Calazar' (McKay)
Example #201:

    97.          rumah besar
    house big
    `the big house'
Example #202:

    98.          rumah yang besar
    house REL       big
    `the big house'
Example #203:

    rasa       cemburu warga pembayar pajak negeri itu
    feeling jealousy       citizen   payer         tax      state that
    jealousy in the tax-paying citizens of the country.' (McKay)
Example #204:

    102.     Ia    sengaja      memberitahukan kode        kepada musuh
    3SG deliberate AS.inform.CAUS          code to            enemy
    `He purposely revealed the code to the enemy.' (E&S : 74)
Example #205:

    106.     kemudian Barnes bertanya dengan nada                               heran
    then         Barnes ask             with      tone                 surprised
    `then Barnes asked in a surprised tone' (SDPGS : 318)
Example #206:

    107.     Japp memandangnya dengan heran
    Japp AS.look.at.3             with       surprised
    `Japp look at him, surprised.' (SDPGS : 269)
Example #207:

    108.     Pak Bodomo guru              bagus
    Mr    Bodomo teacher excellent
    'Mr Bodomo is an excellent teacher.'
Example #208:

    110.     Rumah kita           besar        sekali
    house     1PL.INCL big            very
    'Our house is very big.'
Example #209:

    111.     Pak Bodomo guru             anak saya
    Mr    Bodomo teacher child          1sg
    `Mr Bodomo is the teacher of my child'
Example #210:

    112.     Pak Bodomo gurunya
    Mr    Bodomo teacher.3
    `Mr Bodomo is her teacher.'
Example #211:

    117.       Pak Bodomo bukan guru
    Mr    Bodomo NEG          teacher
    `Mr Bodomo is not a teacher.'
Example #212:

    121.      Dokter   itu      wanita
    doctor that woman
    `The doctor is a woman.' (MacDonald & Darjowidjojo 1967 : 213)
Example #213:

    122.      Hari ini     hari    gajian
    day this day pay
    `Today is pay day.' (MacDonald & Darjowidjojo 1967 : 213)
Example #214:

    125.      Minuman itu         harus dingin
    drink        that must        cold
    'The drinks must be cold.' (IRG: 235)
Example #215:

    130.      anak mudah itu
    child    young     that
    'that young child'
Example #216:

    131.      ?orang menanam padi itu
    person    AS.plant        rice    that
    'The person is planting that rice.'
Example #217:

    132.      Dia mengerti          sekali
    3SG AS.undertsand     very
    'She understood very well.'
Example #218:

    'That person's height is one hundred and seventy centimetres.' (IRG:
Example #219:

    136.       rumah besar           i ni
    house      big        this
    'this big house'
Example #220:

    141.      Dia tidak setakut            saya dengan             anjing
    3SG NEG         se.afraid 1SG       with             dog
    `(S)he is not as afraid of dogs as me.'
Example #221:

    142.      Dia tidak takut           dengan anjing             seperti           saya
    3SG NEG         afraid with         dog             as                1SG
    `(S)he is not as afraid of dogs as me.'
Example #222:

    dengan kepunyaan                Mr. Morley
    with       possession           Mr Morley
    `He returned with a book which resembled Mr Morley's.' (SDPGS : 50)
Example #223:

    pada        Tuhan
    to          Lord
    `For the   first time, Fandi was reminded again of God.' (SDM :272)
Example #224:

    147.          Tiba-tiba    saja     dia teringat          suaminya
    suddenly EMPH         3SG ter.remember husband.3
    `All of a sudden, she was reminded of her husband.' (SDM : 193)
Example #225:

    'I like the house and I like its peacefulness.' (E&S : 499)
Example #226:

    bawah pancuran
    under     shower
    'She actually liked to stay under    the shower for a long time' (SDM:8)
Example #227:

    153.     Saya takut       anjing
    1SG     afraid dog
    `I am afraid of dogs.'
Example #228:

    158.    Dia    membaca          buku       itu
    3SG    AS.read          book       that
    'S/he read the book.'
Example #229:

    160.    Buku    itu  saya       baca
    book    that 1SG        read
    'The book, I read.'
Example #230:

    *'The Sasak people came with all their children.'
Example #231:

    183.          Ali mengirimi        wanita itu            surat     itu
    Ali AS.send.APPL     wanita that           letter    that
    'Ali sent the woman the letter.'
Example #232:

    184.          *Surat itu        dikirimi     wanita    itu
    letter    that US.send.APPL    woman that
    ('The letter was sent the woman.) (Chung 1976a: ex.63a)
Example #233:

    185.          Surat    itu     dikirim   kepada wanita              itu
    letter that US.send to              woman             that
    'The letter was sent to the woman.'
Example #234:

    186.       Saya mukul anak-anak itu                      kemarin         semuanya
    1SG         hit      child.DUP      that      yesterday       all
    'I hit all the children yesterday.'
Example #235:

    187.       Saya memberinya hadiah                   itu      semuanya
    1SG     AS.give          gift            that     all
    'I gave her all the presents.'
Example #236:

    188.       Anak-anak itu              suka gula-gula          itu      semuanya.
    child.DUP       that       like     sugar.DUP      that     all
    'The children    like all the sweets.'
Example #237:

    192.         orang     yang saya          suka      itu
    person REL           1SG     like      that
    'the person that I like'
Example #238:

    193.          Pegawai     itu    bekerja     di     kantor                gubernur
    employee that ber.work LOC office                           governor
    'That employee works in the governor's office.'
Example #239:

    194.          Sri mengerjakan pekerjaannya dengan baik
    Sri AS.work.APPL       work.3           with        good
    'Sri carried out her work well.' (Kana 1986: 56, ex20b,a)
Example #240:

    196.          Ibu       menidurkan        anaknya
    mother AS.sleep.CAUS        child.3
    'Mother put her child to sleep.' (Kana 1986: 57, ex.26b,a)
Example #241:

    200.       Anwar menceraikan            isterinya
    Anwar AS.separate.APPL       wife.3
    'Anwar divorced his wife.' (Kana 1986: 60, ex34b,a)
Example #242:

    202.       Saya ingin berbicara             dengan       saudara
    1SG      wish   ber.speak        with         cousin
    'I want to speak with you.'
Example #243:

    206.     Ia     menyukakan anaknya pada anjing
    3SG AS.like.CAUS       child.3       to      dog
    'She taught her child to like dogs.' (E&S: 530)
Example #244:

    207.     Bermimpi jahat tentu             menakutkannya
    dream       evil      certainly AS.afraid.CAUS.3
    'He surely was frightened by a nightmare.' (E&S:544)
Example #245:

    215.      Inilah        buku   yang Badu sudah baca
    this.EMPH book REL          Badu PERF        read
    'This is the book which Badu has read already.'
Example #246:

    9.       *Ali memikirkan         bahwanya          sakit
    Ali    AS.think.APPL    that.3            sick
    (FOR: 'Ali thinks that he is sick.')
Example #247:

    10.      *Akannya pulang
    FUT.3         go.home
    (FOR: 'He will go home.')
Example #248:

    12.      Siti      menganggapnya             bodoh
    Siti      AS.consider.3             foolish
    'Siti considers him foolish.'
Example #249:

    14.      [Orang itu]i, saya melihat                -nyai/diai
    person     that 1SG        AS.see         3SG
    'That person, I saw them.'
Example #250:

    18.        Lisai, semua orang         ingin bertemu                 dengan        diai
    Lisa     all     person wish        meet                 with          3SG
    'Lisa, everyone wants to meet her.'
Example #251:

    19.        Lisai, semua orang          ingin berbicara                 tentang     diai
    Lisa     all     person wish       talk                     about       3SG
    'Lisa, everyone wants to talk about her.'
Example #252:

    20.           Lupus langsung        menghampiri pro
    Lupus immediately AS.approach
    'Lupus immediately approached (him).' (V: 193, ex29)
Example #253:

    29.      Kelima       anaknya pandai
    ORD.five     child.3      clever
    'All five of her children are clever.' (IRG: 133)
Example #254:

    31.      satelit      kita       itu
    satellite 1PL.INCL that
    'that satellite of ours' (McKay)
Example #255:

    32.        negeri      saya ini
    country 1SG         this
    'this country of mine' (McKay)
Example #256:

    34.        guru      bahasa      saya
    teacher language 1SG
    'my language teacher'
Example #257:

    35.        sikap         tegas      bapak
    attitude      steady father
    'father's firm attitude'
Example #258:

    36.        guru      bahasaku
    teacher language.1SG
    'my language teacher'
Example #259:

    38.      buku    baru saya itu
    book new       1SG      that
    'that new book of mine'
Example #260:

    Servis    yang sempurna
    service REL         perfect
    'Then she struck the ball forcefully. A perfect service.' (SDM: 5)
Example #261:

    untuk urine-nya itu           dengan kesal
    for      urine.3      that with            cross
    'Marisa stared at the result of her urine test crossly.' (SDM: 128)
Example #262:

    50.       Membaca buku           menambahkan pengetahuan                      umum
    AS.read        book AS.increase         knowledge                   common
    'Reading books increases one's general knowledge.'
Example #263:

    ruang itu
    room      that
    'Saying thank you, he left the room.' (Voskuil 1996: 206, ex7)
Example #264:

    56.      Soal        ini    (adalah) penting             sekali
    problem this COP               important        very
    'This problem is very important.'
Example #265:

    58.      Saya menjual koran
    1SG       AS.sell    newspapers
    'I sell newspapers.'
Example #266:

    59.      Ada koran            di     meja
    exist    newspaper LOC table
    'There is a newspaper on the table.'
Example #267:

    63.      Bara cemburu berkobar               lagi     di     hati   Marisa
    fire     jealous       ber.flare.up again LOC liver Marisa
    'The fire of jealousy flared up once more in Marisa's heart.' (SDM: 100)
Example #268:

    'Arneta was a divorcee aged thirty four.' (SDM: 63)
Example #269:

    66.      Banyak siswa        belajar      bahasa            Perancis
    many      student ber.study language               France
    'Many students study French.' (IRG: 266)
Example #270:

    68.      *Banyak siswa        belajar     dulu       bahasa                 Perancis
    many      student ber.study before language                        France
    (FOR: 'Many students used to study French.')
Example #271:

    69.      Semua orang        ingin bertemu          dengan          Lisa
    all      person wish       ber.meet       with            Lisa
    'Everyone wants to meet Lisa.'
Example #272:

    70.      Saya ingin bertemu           guru      saya
    1SG      wish   ber.meet teacher 1SG
    'I want to see my teacher.' (E&S: 565)
Example #273:

    72.        Obat        itu   terminum (oleh) anak saya
    medicine that ter.drink        by      child   1SG
    'The medicine was accidentally drunk by my child.' (IRG: 115)
Example #274:

    beberapa jalan
    several       road
    'Traffic became jammed because of the closure of several roads.'
Example #275:

    'They were concerned about the occurrence of riots on the campus.'