The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Jóhannes Gísli Jónsson (2008). CASE AND DOUBLE OBJECTS IN ICELANDIC.

URL: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/linguistics/research/WP2000/Jonsson.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 165&langcode=isl (2021-12-03).


Example #1:

    b. Jn      skilai henni vasanum
    John (N) returned her (D) the vase (D)
    `John returned the vase to her'
Example #2:

    c. g synjai eim         leyfis
    I (N) denied them (D) permission (G)
    `I refused to grant them permission'
Example #3:

    d.       leynir mig sannleikanum                    (accusative - dative)
    you (N) hide me (A) the truth (D)
    `You (sg.) hide the truth from me'
Example #4:

    (2) a. Jni     leiast essir fundir
    John (D) bore these meetings (N)
    `John finds these meetings boring'
Example #5:

    b. Barninu       batnai veikin
    the child (D) recovered the illness (N)
    `The child recovered from the illness'
Example #6:

    c. eim    skotnaist essi stll
    them (D) acquired this chair (N)
    `They acquired this chair'
Example #7:

    (5)    Bkin         kostar nemendur 30 dollara
    the book (N) costs students (A) 30 dollars (A)
    `The book costs students 30 dollars'
Example #8:

    (7)    *Hva trir     hann ekki [ a bkin kosti nemendur __ ]?
    what believes he not that the book costs students
    `How much doesn't he believe that the book costs students?'
Example #9:

    (8)    *Hversu langan tma trir      hann ekki [ a etta taki mig __ ]?
    how    long time believes he not that this takes me
    `How long doesn't he believe that this will take me?'
Example #10:

    (9)    Hva trir     hann ekki [ a g hafi gefi barninu __ ]?
    what believes he not that I have given the child
    `What doesn't he believe that I gave the child?'
Example #11:

    (12) a. Manninn dreymdi sjlfan sig
    the man (A) dreamed self Refl (A)
    `The man dreamed about himself'
Example #12:

    b.*Manninn dreymdi sig
    the man (A) dreamed Refl (A)
    `The man dreamed about himself'
Example #13:

    (13) a. Mara kann honum bestu akkir              fyrir allt saman
    Mary (N) knows him (D) best thanks (A) for all together
    `Mary is very grateful to him for everything'
Example #14:

    b. g li       eim     a ekki a hafa gefist upp
    I (N) blame them (D) it (A) not to have given up
    `I don't blame them for giving up'
Example #15:

    c. Enginn     frr honum vits
    nobody (N) doubts him (D) intelligence (G)
    `Nobody questions his intelligence'
Example #16:

    d. Sumir gtu ekki unnt Jni         ess a hafa unni
    some (N) could not accept John (D) it (G) to have won
    `Some people begrudged John for having won'
Example #17:

    (14) a. Mr finnst erfitt           a ljga
    me (D) finds difficult to lie
    `I find it difficult to lie'
Example #18:

    b. Flkinu        gramdist essi framkoma
    the people (D) angered this behavior (N)
    `The people were angered by this behavior'
Example #19:

    c. ig      vantar ekki peninga
    you (A) lacks not money (A)
    `You (sg.) don't need money'
Example #20:

    b. g reyni a vira honum etta til vorkunnar
    I (N) try to respect him (D) this (A) to sympathy
    `I try to excuse him because of this'
Example #21:

    c. g reyni a skulda eim           sem minnst
    I (N) try to owe them (D) as least (A)
    `I try to owe them as little as possible'
Example #22:

    (16) a.*g reyni a finnast erfitt a ljga
    I (N) try to find difficult to lie
    `I try to find it difficult to lie'
Example #23:

    b.*g reyni a gremjast essi framkoma
    I (N) try to anger this behavior
    `I try to be angered by this behavior'
Example #24:

    c.*g reyni a vanta ekki peninga
    I (N) try to lack not money
    `I try not to run out of money'
Example #25:

    (18) a.*g reyni a kunna honum akkir            fyrir bkina
    I (N) try to know him (D) thanks (A) for the book
    `I try to be grateful to him for the book'
Example #26:

    b.*g reyni a vilja brnunum               allt hi besta
    I (N) try to want the children (D) all the best (A)
    `I try to want all the best for the children'
Example #27:

    c. Vi    skum eim     allra heilla
    we (N) wish them (D) all luck (G)
    `We wish them good luck'
Example #28:

    (20) a. g bakai mr kku
    I (N) baked me (D) a cake (A)
    `I baked myself a cake'
Example #29:

    b. Konurnar       pntuu sr     eftirrtt
    the women (N) ordered Refl (D) a desert (A)
    `The women ordered themselves a desert'
Example #30:

    c.      veiddir r       fisk     soi
    you (N) caught Refl (D) fish (A) for cooking
    `You caught yourself fish for cooking'
Example #31:

    b. Samningurinn opnar fyrirtkinu            nja mguleika
    the contract (N) opens the company (D) new possibilities (A)
    `The contract opens new possibilities for the company'
Example #32:

    (22) a. etta tki    auveldar okkur strfin
    this tool (N) facilitates us (D) the jobs (A)
    `This tool makes the jobs easier for us'
Example #33:

    c. etta sparar flkinu            mikla vinnu
    this (N) saves the people (D) much work (A)
    `This saves the people a lot of work'
Example #34:

    (23) a. Myrkri      torveldai      eim     leitina
    the dark (N) made difficult them (D) the search (A)
    `The dark made the search difficult for them'
Example #35:

    b. Vi gerum henni grikk
    we (N) did      her (D) a trick (A)
    `We played a trick on her'
Example #36:

    fley og fagrar rar...
    ship and beautiful oars (A)
    `My mother said that (they) should buy a ship and beautiful oars for me'
Example #37:

    (25) a. eir     spuru manninn frtta
    they (N) asked the man (A) news (G)
    `They asked the man if he had any news'
Example #38:

    b. Vi    krfum au       skringa
    we (N) demanded them (A) explanations (G)
    `We demanded explanations from them'
Example #39:

    c. g vil bija ig          ess a fara hljlega
    I (N) want ask you (A) it (G) to leave quietly
    `I want to ask you yo leave quietly'
Example #40:

    (26) a. jfarnir      rndu hana aleigunni
    the thiefs (N) robbed her (A) everything (D)
    `The thiefs robbed her of everything'
Example #41:

    c. etta hneyksli hefur ri       rherrann         llu trausti
    this scandal (N) has robbed the minister (A) all credibility (D)
    `This scandal has ruined the minister's credibility'
Example #42:

    (27) a. Sumir vsindamenn tengja flin             loftslagsbreytingum
    some scientists (N) connect the floods (A) atmosphere changes (D)
    `Some scientists connect the floods to changes in the atmosphere'
Example #43:

    b. Innflytjendur reyna a samlaga sig        nju jflagi
    immigrants (N) try to adapt Refl (A) a new society (D)
    `Immigrants try to adapt themselves to a new society'
Example #44:

    (28) Sveinn      er lkur mur sinni
    Sveinn (N) is similar mother Refl (D)
    `Sveinn resembles his mother'
Example #45:

    (29) a. Vinnumennirnir       hlu vagninn        heyi
    the farm workers (N) loaded the wagon (A) hay (D)
    `The farm workers loaded the wagon with hay'
Example #46:

    b. Mara    klddi barni         hljum ftum
    Mary (N) dressed the child (A) warm clothes (D)
    `Mary dressed the child in warm clothes'
Example #47:

    c. g vil ga sguna              meira lfi
    I (N) want endow the story (A) more life (D)
    `I want to make the story more lively'
Example #48:

    (32) ??Hvaa ftum trir  ekki [ a Mara hafi kltt barni __ ]?
    which clothes believe you not that Mary has dressed the child
    `Which clothes don't you believe that Mary dressed the child in?'
Example #49:

    (33) ?Hvaa ftum trir  ekki [ a jfarnir hafi rnt hana __ ] ?
    which clothes believe you not that the thiefs have robbed her
    `Which clothes don't you believe that the thiefs robbed her of?'
Example #50:

    (39) a. Jn        kveikti sr        vindli
    John (N) lit      Refl (D) in a cigar
    `John lit (himself) a cigar'
Example #51:

    b. Hann ni sr         rka eiginkonu
    he (N) got Refl (D) in a rich wife
    `He got himself a rich wife'
Example #52:

    b. essi niurstaa var llum          til sma
    this result      was everyone (D) to honour
    `This result was to the honour of everyone'
Example #53:

    b. essi atburur hlaut    litla umfjllun
    this event (N) received small discussion (A)
    `This event was not discussed much (in the media)'