The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:


URL: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/linguistics/WPL/WP2002/Grahek.pdf

(Last accessed 2005-02-15).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 166&langcode=slv (2021-06-15).


Example #1:

    (5)    Peter je razbil kozarec. (Slovene)
    Peter AUX break:PCP glass
    `Peter broke the glass.'
Example #2:

    (6)    Kozarec se je razbil. (Slovene)
    glass:SG:MASC:NOM SE AUX break:PCP:       SG:MASC
    `The glass broke.'
Example #3:

    (7)    Peter je odprl okno. (Slovene)
    Peter AUX open:PCP window
    `Peter opened the window.'
Example #4:

    (8)    Okno se je odprlo. (Slovene)
    window:SG:NEUTER:NOM SE AUX open:         PCP:SG:NEUTER
    `The window opened.'
Example #5:

    (9)     a. Ana se smeje. (Slovene)
    Ana SE laughs
    `Ana laughs.'
Example #6:

    b. *Ana smeje. (Slovene)
    Ana laughs
    `Ana laughs.'
Example #7:

    (10)    a. Ana se joka. (Slovene)
    Ana SE cries
    `Ana cries.'
Example #8:

    b. Ana joka. (Slovene)
    Ana cries
    `Ana cries.'
Example #9:

    (11)    a. Peter razbije okno/skledo/coln/zrcalo/jajce. (Slovene)
    Peter breaks window/bowl/boat/mirror/egg
    `Peter breaks the window/the bowl/the boat/the mirror/the egg.'
Example #10:

    b. Okno/Skleda/Coln/Zrcalo/Jajce se razbije. (Slovene)
    window/bowl/boat/mirror/egg SE breaks
    `The window/The bowl/The boat/The mirror/The egg breaks.'
Example #11:

    (13)   a. Moski je pekel kruh. (Slovene)
    man AUX bake:PCP bread
    `The man baked the bread.'
Example #12:

    b. Pek je pekel kruh. (Slovene)
    baker AUX bake:PCP bread
    `The baker baked the bread.'
Example #13:

    (14)     a. Kruh se je pekel. (Slovene)
    bread SE AUX bake:PCP
    `The bread baked.'
Example #14:

    b. *Pek se je pekel. (Slovene)
    baker SE AUX bake:PCP
    `*The baker baked.'
Example #15:

    (15)     Peter je pel cudno pesem. (unergative verb) (Slovene)
    Peter AUX sing:PCP strange song
    `Peter sang a strange song.'
Example #16:

    (16)     *Ladja se je potopila cudno potopitev. (unaccusative verb) (Slovene)
    ship SE AUX sink:PCP strange sinking
    `*The ship sank a strange sinking.'
Example #17:

    (17)   a. Ana se umiva. (Slovene)
    Ana SE washes
    `Ana washes herself.'
Example #18:

    b. Peter in Ana se gledata. (Slovene)
    Peter and Ana SE watch
    `Peter and Ana watch each other.'
Example #19:

    (18)   a. Peter se smeje. (Slovene)
    Peter SE laughs
    `Peter laughs.'
Example #20:

    b. Peter (se) joka. (Slovene)
    Peter (SE) cries
    `Peter cries.'
Example #21:

    (19)   a. Ladja se naklada. (Slovene)
    ship SE loads
    `The ship is being loaded.'
Example #22:

    b. Samo enkrat se zivi. (Slovene)
    only once SE lives
    `You only live once.'
Example #23:

    (20)   Okno se odpre. (Slovene)
    window SE opens
    `The window opens.'
Example #24:

    (21)    Ana umiva sebe. (Slovene)
    Ana washes herself
    `Ana washes herself.'
Example #25:

    (22)    Peter in Ana gledata eden drugega. (Slovene)
    Peter and Ana watch each other
    `Peter and Ana watch each other.'
Example #26:

    (23)    Ana umiva otroka. (Slovene)
    Ana washes child:ACC
    `Ana washes a child.'
Example #27:

    (24)    Peter in Ana gledata film. (Slovene)
    Peter and Ana watch film:ACC
    `Peter and Ana watch a film.'
Example #28:

    (25)    a. Peter se opomore. (Slovene)
    Peter SE recovers
    `Peter recovers.'
Example #29:

    b. Peter si opomore. (Slovene)
    Peter SI recovers
    `Peter recovers.'
Example #30:

    (29)   Okno se odpre (*od Petra). (Slovene)
    window SE opens (by Peter)
    `The window opens (*by Peter).'
Example #31:

    (31)     Vrata so se odprla sama od sebe. (Slovene)
    door AUX SE open:PCP by itself
    `The door opened by itself.'
Example #32:

    (32)     ??Ana poje sama od sebe. (Slovene)
    Ana sings by herself
    `??Ana sings by herself.'
Example #33:

    (i)      Peter ima psa. (transitive verb) (Slovene)
    Peter has dog
    `Peter has a dog.'
Example #34:

    (ii)     Peter se ima lepo. (intransitive verb) (Slovene)
    Peter SE has fine
    `Peter feels fine.'
Example #35:

    (33)   ??Peter se je potopil sam od sebe. (Slovene)
    Peter SE AUX dive:PCP by himself
    `??Peter dived by himself.'
Example #36:

    (34)   Ladja se je potopila sama od sebe. (Slovene)
    ship SE AUX sink:PCP by itself
    `The ship sank by itself.'
Example #37:

    (35)   *Ana je zardela Petra. (Slovene)
    Ana AUX blush:PCP Peter
    `*Ana blushed Peter.'
Example #38:

    (36)    Sonce (se) blesci. (Slovene)
    sun (SE) shines
    `The sun shines.'
Example #39:

    (37)    Peter je zmrznil meso. (Slovene)
    Peter AUX freeze:PCP meat
    `Peter froze the meat.'
Example #40:

    (38)    Meso je zmrznilo. (Slovene)
    meat AUX freeze:PCP
    `The meat froze.'
Example #41:

    (39)    Peter je zakrknil srce. (Slovene)
    Peter AUX harden:PCP heart
    `Peter hardened his heart.'
Example #42:

    (40)     Srce (se) mu je zakrknilo. (Slovene)
    heart (SE) he:DAT AUX harden:PCP
    `His heart hardened.' (literally: `The heart hardened to him.')
Example #43:

    (41)     Dim je pocrnil kuhinjo. (Slovene)
    smoke AUX blacken:PCP kitchen
    `The smoke blackened the kitchen.'
Example #44:

    (42)     Kuhinja je pocrnela. (Slovene)
    kitchen AUX blacken:PCP
    `The kitchen blackened.'
Example #45:

    (43)     Sovraznik je oslabil napad. (Slovene)
    enemy AUX weaken:PCP attack
    `The enemy weakened the attack.'
Example #46:

    (44)     a. Napad je oslabel. (Slovene)
    attack AUX weaken:PCP
    `The attack weakened.'
Example #47:

    b. Napad se je oslabil. (Slovene)
    attack SE AUX weaken:PCP
    `The attack weakened.'
Example #48:

    (46)    Peter jaha/jezdi brez sedla. (Slovene)
    Peter rides/rides without saddle
    `Peter rides without a saddle.'
Example #49:

    (47)    Poskusajo poevropiti prebivalce. (Slovene)
    try:PRES:3PL Europeanise:INFIN citizens
    `They try to Europeanise the citizens.'
Example #50:

    (48)    a. Moramo se poevropiti. (Slovene)
    must:PRES:1PL SE Europeanise:INFIN
    `We have to become Europeanised.'
Example #51:

    b. *Moramo poevropiti. (Slovene)
    must:PRES:1PL Europeanise:INFIN
    `We have to become Europeanised.'
Example #52:

    c. *Moramo poevropeti. (Slovene)
    must:PRES:1PL Europeanise:INFIN
    `We have to become Europeanised.'