The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Megerdoomian, Karine (2000). A Computational Analysis of the Persian Noun Phrase.

URL: http://www.lexicon.arizona.edu/~iranian/papers/megerdooMCCS3.pdf

(Last accessed 2005-02-15).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 175&langcode=pes (2021-09-27).


Example #1:

    (1)       in     do     t‚     ket‚b-e   kohne
    this two      CL book-EZ       old
    `These two old books'
Example #2:

    (2)       zan         budan-ash
    woman       be-her
    `her being a woman'
Example #3:

    (3)       koshtan-e          shir
    kill-EZ            lion
    `the killing of a lion'
Example #4:

    (5)       ket‚b-e       d‚ryush
    book-EZ       Dariush
    `Dariush's book'
Example #5:

    (7)       ktab dvst      pdr    daryvsh
    book   friend father Dariush
    `Dariush's father's friend's book'
Example #6:

    (9)      bh gfth        ayn xbrgzary         vzyr       xarJh    ‚yndh      kshvr   banv ‚lbrayt ast
    according to   this news agency minister foreign        future     country lady    Albright is
    `According to this news agency the future foreign minister of the country is Lad
Example #7:

    (11)     bh gfth        xbrgzary        fransh vzyr          xarJh     ‚yndh    ‚mryka        banv ‚lbrayt ast
    according to   news agency France          minister foreign   future   United States lady   Albright is
Example #8:

    (i) shir‚z-e        zib‚-ye         m‚
    Shiraz-ez     beautiful-ez our
    `our beautiful Shiraz'
Example #9:

    (13)    nkth~ay                [nokte-i]
    `a point / an issue'
Example #10:

    (14)    nkth ~ay mhm           [nokte-i mohem]
    point-IE important
    `an important point'
Example #11:

    (15)    nkth mhmy              [nokte-ye mohem-i]
    point important-IE
    `an important point'
Example #12:

    (16)    nkth Jalb            v    mhmy               [nokte-ye j‚leb    va mohem-i]
    point interesting and important-IE
    `an interesting and important point'
Example #13:

    (17)    mrdmy         Azadh   rvabT    aqtSqdy     ayran      ra    mhm     mydannd kh ...
    people-IE     noble   relations economic   Iran       OBJ important know-3pl   that ...
    `(Those) noble people consider Iran's economic relations important who...'
Example #14:

    (19)    ktabsh                [ket‚b-ash]
    `his/her book'
Example #15:

    (20)    ktab khnh~ash [ket‚b-e kohne-ash]
    book old-Clitic
    `his/her old book'
Example #16:

    (21)    hmsayganman                 ktab khnh shma               ra    brdashtnd
    neighbor-Plur-Clitic(1pl) book      old    you(2pl)      OBJ   took-3pl
    `Our neighbors took your old book.'
Example #17:

    (23)    zn       zybay         daryvsh      vard shod          [zan-e zib‚-ye d‚ryush v‚Ared shod]
    wife     beautiful-EZ Dariush         entered
    `Dariush's beautiful wife entered.'
Example #18:

    (25)    zn       zyba     daryvsh     ra      shnaxt [zan-e zib‚ d‚ryush r‚ shen‚kht]
    woman beautiful Dariush       OBJ     recognized
    `The beautiful woman recognized Dariush.'
Example #19:

    (27)      a. zn-y           kh      ktab myxvand            [zani ke ket‚b mikh‚nad]
    woman-Encl that         book   read(pres/3sg)
    `The woman who reads books'
Example #20:

    b. zn-y          kh    tv    myshnasy             [zani ke to mishen‚si]
    woman-Encl that         you    know(pres/2sg)
    `The woman that you know'
Example #21:

    (28)    danshmndan bh plak kvchk-y                     dr mQz py brdhand kh An nyz taknvn nashnaxth mandh bvd.
    scientists         to plaque small-Encl in brain found                        that it also until now unknown had remained
    `Scientists have found a small plaque in the brain that until now had remained u
Example #22:

    (29)    ayn       bchh-ha kh             az Anha Adrs myprsydy [in bacheh‚ ke az ‚nh‚ ‚dres miporsidi]
    this      kid-Plur that          from them address ask(imp/2sg)
    `These kids from whom you asked for the address'
Example #23:

    (30)    shhr-y         ke dr An                 tZahrat        shdh bvd          [shahri ke dar ‚n taz‚horat shode bud]
    city-Encl      that in      it     demonstrations become(pluperf/3sg)
    `The city in which demonstrations took place'
Example #24:

    (31)    zn-y               kh       bray-sh               ktab xrydy             [zani ke bar‚yash ket‚b kharidi]
    woman-Encl that             for-Clitic(3sg)       book      buy(past/2sg)
    `The woman for whom you bought a book'                         or
Example #25:

    (32)    flsTynyan-y              ra kh            dr xyabanha               tZahrat         mykrdnd       kshtnd
    Palestinians-Encl        OBJ that         in      streets         demonstration     do(imp/3pl)   kill(past/3pl)
    `(They) killed the Palestinians who were demonstrating in the streets.'
Example #26:

    (33)    nxstyn       kar-y       ast kh           dr ayn       kshvr        bh   nfe        fransvyha     anJam shdh ast
    first     work-Encl is           that     in   this    country to        benefit    french-Plur perform(passive/perf/3sg)
    `It is the first thing that has been performed to the benefit of the French in t
Example #27:

    (34)    bradr        av      nyz         kh       bshdt       eSbany        shdh bvd        nqshh qtl     Jan ra kshyd
    brother      his     also        that     intensely angry           had become      plan   murder John OBJ pulled
    `His brother also who had become intensely angry planned John's murder.'