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The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Tomic, Olga Miseska (2003). The Balkan Sprachbund properties: An introduction to Topics in Balkan Syntax and Semantics.

URL: http://wwwlot.let.uu.nl/GraduateProgram/LotSchools/Summerschool2003/Tomic.pdf

(Last accessed 2006-02-11).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 2131&langcode=ell (2021-09-28).


Example #1:

    pijena                 EGO.
    go.1Sg.Ind.Imperf I.Nom
    2. `If he had asked me, I personally would          have taken him there.'
Example #2:

    (2)   a.     Na         zísete!                                                              MG
    that.Mod live.2Pl.Perf.Pres
    `May you live (a long life)!'
Example #3:

    (7)     ánthrope                                                       (Nom ánthropos) MG
    man/human being.M.Sg.Voc
Example #4:

    `I see Jorgos.'
Example #5:

    b.       Ti(n)            vlepo             ti(n)        gata. (Nom gata) MG
    3Sg.F.Acc.Cl see.1Sg              the.F.Sg.Acc cat.F.Sg
    `I see the cat.'
Example #6:

    (17)   a.     Edhosa         to           vivlio tis      Marias . MG
    gave.1Sg.Aor the.N.Sg.Acc book the.F.Sg.Gen Maria.Gen
    `I gave the book to Maria.'
Example #7:

    (ii)     Edhosa            sto             Jorgho               ta       vivlia.                  MG
    give.1Sg.Aor      to+the.M.Sg.Acc Jorghos.Acc          the.N.Pl books.N
    `I gave Jorghos the books.'
Example #8:

    `the big beautiful house'
Example #9:

    b.       Dhos         to           mu!                                             MG
    give.2Sg.Imp 3Sg.N.Acc.Cl 1Sg.Gen.Cl
    `Give it to me!'
Example #10:

    i              Maria.
    the.F.Sg       Maria
    `Janis, Maria knows.'
Example #11:

    `As for a book, I will take it for you (but don't ask for more).'
Example #12:

    (32)    a.       Tus            pira        tus                     markadhorus.          MG
    3Pl.M.Acc.Cl took.1Sg.Aor the.M.Pl                pencils
    `I took the pencils.'
Example #13:

    `Some exercises I solved with difficulty.'
Example #14:

    to             vivlio.
    the.N.Sg.Acc book
    `I gave the book to Jorgos.'
Example #15:

    mu             to                 vivlio.
    1Sg.Gen.Cl the.N.Sg.Acc           book
    `I gave the book to a friend of    mine.'
Example #16:

    kori          su.
    daughter      2Sg.Gen.Cl
    `Jorgo saw your daughter.'
Example #17:

    b.       Tu                     pandrevete                     i        kori.    MG
    3Sg.M.Gen.Cl           marry.3Sg.M-P                  the.F.Sg daughter
    `His daughter is getting married.'
Example #18:

    lefta            mu.
    money.N.Pl       1Sg.Gen.Cl
    `He spent all   my money.'
Example #19:

    d.      Boro          na               figo/*figis.                        MG
    can/may.1Sg Subj.Mark          leave.1/2Sg
    `I/*you can/may leave.'
Example #20:

    d.      Skopevo        na              ertho/*erthis.                      MG
    intend.1Sg     Subj.Mark       come.1/3Sg.Perf.Pres
    `I intend to come.'
Example #21:

    erthi                 amesos.
    come.3Sg.Perf.Pres immediately
    `He gave an order for Maria to come immediately.'
Example #22:

    d.       Thelo          na             pao/pai                eki.                   MG
    want.1Sg       Subj.Mark      go.1/3Sg               there
    `I want/want him/her to go there.'
Example #23:

    veaglj                    di      soare.
    protect.3Sg.Subj          from sun.
    `I am looking for a hat    that would protect me from the sun.'
Example #24:

    prostatevi       apo     ton            ilio.
    protect.3Sg      from the.M.Sg          sun
    `I am looking   for a hat that would protect me from the sun'.
Example #25:

    `I came to help you.'
Example #26:

    stilume            ta            emborevmata.
    send.1Pl.Perf.Pres the.N.Pl      merchandize
    `We have someone/(noone) to whom to send the merchandise.'
Example #27:

    c.      Tha             su             dhiavaso               avrio.   MG
    will.Mod.Cl 2Sg.Gen.Cl read.1Sg.Perf.Pres             tomorrow
    `I will be reading/read to you tomorrow.'
Example #28:

    `They shouldn't have come!'