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The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Antunes de Araujo, Gabriel (2004). A GRAMMAR OF SABAN : A Nambikwaran Language.

URL: http://www.cs.chalmers.se/~harald2/grammars/sabane.pdf

(Last accessed 2006-02-27).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 2474&langcode=sae (2021-09-28).


Example #1:

    (01)          towali          ay                  ≠i       ≠telon
    1SUBJ           to go               ≠VS      ≠FUT EV
    `I am leaving.'
Example #2:

    (03)              na wa.inun      ≠mi
    mani oc.CL: PD ≠REF
    `manioc meal'
Example #3:

    (01)    kiliwa ≠mi
    house ≠REF
Example #4:

    (02)    tapawulu          ≠mi
    clay pot          ≠REF
    `clay pot'
Example #5:

    (03)    ulununu                                ≠mi
    cap uchin monkey                       ≠REF
    `capuchin monkey'
Example #6:

    (04)    alowa ≠mi
    jucum ≠REF
    `jucum' (Bactris setosa)
Example #7:

    (08)    oto     ≠mi
    arrow ≠REF
Example #8:

    (09)    otopoka           ≠mi
    bow               ≠REF
Example #9:

    (12)    wayulu ≠mi
    dog    ≠REF
Example #10:

    kiata      ≠mi      *kiata
    corn       ≠REF
    `corn/   a piece of corn/the corn'
Example #11:

    (15)      anolota ≠mi
    meat ≠REF
Example #12:

    (17)    d≠      anase ≠mi
    1PO SS≠ head ≠REF
    `my head'
Example #13:

    (41)       d≠      apipa ≠mi
    1PO SS≠ hand ≠REF
    `my hand'
Example #14:

    (42)       da≠     kiliwa ≠mi
    1PO SS≠ house ≠REF
    `my house'
Example #15:

    (43)       p≠               apikata                   ≠mali
    1PO SS PL≠       table                     ≠REF
    `our table'
Example #16:

    (44)       pi≠              kiliwa                    ≠mali
    1PO SS PL≠       house                     ≠REF
    `our home'
Example #17:

    (45)       bala≠ kiliwa ≠mali
    DUAL≠ house ≠REF
    `our (me + you) house'
Example #18:

    ≠al             ≠i
    ≠PRES NEUT      ≠ASSR
    `S/he cleaves our firewood.'
Example #19:

    (47)       m≠      apipa ≠mi
    2PO SS≠ hand ≠REF
    `your hand', `your (PL) hands'
Example #20:

    (49)        ma≠     kiliwa ≠mali
    2PO SS≠ house ≠REF
    `your house', `your (PL) house(s)'
Example #21:

    (51)        ≠        apipa ≠mi
    3PO SS≠ hand ≠REF
    `her/his/its hand(s)'
Example #22:

    (53)        a≠       kiliwa ≠mali
    3PO SS≠ house ≠REF
    `her/his house(s)'
Example #23:

    (55)      maysunon. way ulu         ≠mi
    bo y.dog                  ≠REF
    `boy's dog'
Example #24:

    (56)      Gabliel.maliwunon         ≠mi
    Gabriel.b ucket           ≠REF
    `Gabriel's bucket'
Example #25:

    m≠       ≠i       ≠al              ≠i
    2O BJ≠ ≠VS        ≠PRES N EUT      ≠ASSR
    `This (pair of) scissors is mine.'
Example #26:

    (59)    wayulu ≠mi
    dog    ≠REF
Example #27:

    way ulu. mata     ≠mi
    dog.DIM           ≠REF
    `small dog'
Example #28:

    (60)    yowla ≠mi
    knife ≠REF
Example #29:

    yowla. mata       ≠mi
    knife.DIM         ≠REF
    `small knife'
Example #30:

    (73)       maliwu.anon ≠mi
    bucket.CL: H EMI ≠REF
Example #31:

    (74)     maliwu.anon.maysili                   ≠mi
    bucket.CL: H EMI. younglings          ≠REF
    `small buckets'
Example #32:

    (80)    sukwin ≠mi
    little   ≠REF
Example #33:

    ≠al                 ≠i
    ≠PRES NEUT          ≠ASSR
    `The machete is     big.'
Example #34:

    (84)     apia wa        ≠mi
    wooden bark ≠REF
    `wooden spoon'
Example #35:

    (85)     aypo      ≠mi
    axe       ≠REF
Example #36:

    aypo.ta             ≠mi
    axe.AUG M           ≠REF
    `big axe'
Example #37:

    wa nita ≠mi
    rhea     ≠REF
    `rhea' (Rhea Americana)
Example #38:

    (87)    koke ≠mi
    hawk ≠REF
Example #39:

    koketa          ≠mi
    harp y eagle    ≠REF
    `harpy eagle' (Harpia haryja)
Example #40:

    (88)    oluma ≠mi
    tapir ≠REF
Example #41:

    olumata            ≠mi
    bull               ≠REF
    (Lit. `big tapir')
Example #42:

    (91)      wayulu ≠mi
    jaguar ≠REF
Example #43:

    tapayli ≠mi
    pacoba ≠REF
Example #44:

    wayulu.tapayli ≠mi
    jaguar.pacoba ≠REF
    `spotted jaguar'
Example #45:

    (92)      wayulu.wayulupi                        ≠mi
    dog.cat                                ≠REF
    `cat dog'8
Example #46:

    (93)      ate.mitawkosi ≠mi
    man.spider    ≠REF
Example #47:

    (94)                       kiata.isu                                                              ≠mi
    corn.bone                                                              ≠REF
Example #48:

    cf. kiata ≠mi
    corn   ≠REF
Example #49:

    isu    ≠mi
    bone ≠REF
Example #50:

    (95)                       kiata.isu      ≠mi
    corn.bone      ≠REF
    `corn cob'
Example #51:

    (97)     kali             ta n           ≠tisi         ≠mi
    horned frog      to be venomous ≠CD:        RN D≠REF
    `a poisonous frog'
Example #52:

    (101)    kokwayli          isey     ≠mi
    horse             tail     ≠REF
    `horse tail'
Example #53:

    (102)    wayulu.pi         isey     ≠mi
    cat               tail     ≠REF
    `cat tail'
Example #54:

    (103)    wayulu maysunon       ≠mi
    jaguar male youngling ≠REF
    `jaguar kitten'
Example #55:

    (104)    waysili          sapa      ≠mi
    assai palm       nut       ≠REF
    `assai palm nut'
Example #56:

    (105)    misa             isi       ≠mi
    inaja palm       seed      ≠REF
    `inaja palm seed'
Example #57:

    (107)    kiliwa tapuli ≠tanon                 ≠mi
    house stone ≠CL:H EMI                ≠REF
    `stone house'
Example #58:

    (131)    kiata ≠inun ≠mi
    corn    ≠CL: PD ≠REF
    `maize flour'
Example #59:

    (133)    kanayki                      ≠inun ≠mi
    cake of manic flour          ≠CD: PD ≠REF
    `fine manioc flour'
Example #60:

    (136)   oya             ≠amoka                       ≠mi
    buriti palm     ≠CL: LONG FLX AN             ≠REF
    `buriti palm (Mauritia vinifera) larva'
Example #61:

    (137)   kiata ≠tinun ≠mi
    corn     ≠CD : PD ≠REF
    `grated corn'
Example #62:

    (141)   anon               ≠mi     san     ≠n       t≠     osa      ≠n
    CL: HEMI           ≠REF to catch ≠VS        1O BJ≠ to give ≠VS
    `Catch it (her/his calabash) and give it to me!'
Example #63:

    ≠al              ≠i
    ≠PRES NEUT       ≠ASSR
    `The whit e man sta ys on my b oat.'
Example #64:

    (147)     isi     bala        ≠n       ≠tiaka ≠ntal               ≠i
    CL:RDN DUAL         ≠VS      ≠QUOT ≠PRET NEUT           ≠ASSR
    `It is said t hat she had twins.'
Example #65:

    (155)   anose apili ≠tanon                  ≠mi
    bowl embira ≠CL:H EMI               ≠REF
    `embira-string b owl'
Example #66:

    (156)   kolowapi           ≠mi              (diachronically: kolowa.a pi)
    cot ton string     ≠REF
    `(cotton) stri ng'
Example #67:

    (157)    anipi ≠mi           (ani.api)
    liane ≠REF
Example #68:

    or       ?kanaysi            ≠mi
    pepper              ≠REF
Example #69:

    (159)    kanaysi.ta      ≠mi
    pepper.AUGM ≠REF
    `sweet red pepper'
Example #70:

    (171)   na wko ≠ko        ≠mi                 or na wko-mi
    mot her ≠CT       ≠REF
Example #71:

    (172)   waynko ≠ko        ≠mi                 or waynko-mi
    father ≠CT        ≠REF
Example #72:

    (173)   koko          ≠ko             ≠mi     or koko-mi
    grandmot her  ≠CT             ≠REF
Example #73:

    ≠al                                                ≠i
    ≠PRES NEUT                                         ≠ASSR
    `I have no dog.'
Example #74:

    (30)                   t≠      ip       ≠i                                          ≠misina                        ≠al                   ≠i
    1O BJ≠ to run ≠VS                                            ≠NEG                           ≠PR                   ≠A
    `I am not tall.'
Example #75:

    (31)                   t≠       inan ≠a                                             ≠misina                        ≠dana
    1O BJ≠ to grow ≠VS                                           ≠NEG                           ≠PRES      EV
    `I do not grow.'
Example #76:

    (33)                   ay      ≠i       ≠mina ≠tapanal                                                             ≠i
    to go ≠VS        ≠NEG ≠FUT N EUT                                                            ≠A   SSR
    `S/he does not go.'
Example #77:

    (45)       ta w   ≠i
    to cut ≠VS
Example #78:

    (46)       ta w    ≠i       ≠mina
    to cut ≠VS       ≠NEG
    `Do not cut!'
Example #79:

    (47)       osa      ≠n
    to give ≠VS
    `Give it!'
Example #80:

    (48)       osa     ≠n        ≠mina
    to give ≠VS       ≠NEG
    `Do not give it!'
Example #81:

    (49)       t≠      osa       ≠n       ≠misina
    1O BJ≠ to give ≠VS         ≠NEG
    `Do not give it to me!'
Example #82:

    (50)    t≠      osa       ≠n      ≠mina     G
    1O BJ≠ to give ≠VS        ≠NEG
    `Do not give it to me!'(request)
Example #83:

    (51)    t≠      osa       ≠n      ≠mina     H
    1O BJ≠ to give ≠VS        ≠NEG
    `Do not give it to me!' (command)
Example #84:

    (64)      t≠      ilup    ≠a        ≠telon
    1O BJ≠ to vomit≠VS        ≠FUT E   V
    `I am going to vomit.'
Example #85:

    (65)      t≠       ilup   ≠a        ≠tapanal          ≠i
    1O BJ≠ to vomit≠VS        ≠FUT N EUT        ≠A   SSR
    `I will vomit.'
Example #86:

    (76)    wayulu ≠mi     ip                 ≠i      ≠datinan
    dog    ≠REF to run                ≠VS     ≠PRET EV
    `The dog ran.'
Example #87:

    (91)    towali ilul       ≠i           ≠dana
    1SUBJ to eat      ≠VS          ≠PRES   EV
    `I eat.'
Example #88:

    t≠       osa      ≠n
    1O BJ≠ to give ≠VS
    `Give it to me, please.'
Example #89:

    t≠       osa     ≠n
    1O BJ≠ to give ≠VS
    `Give it to me, now!'
Example #90:

    (103)     ilul      ≠i
    to eat ≠VS
    `Eat it (2nd person singular)'.
Example #91:

    (104)     pi≠      kal       ≠i         ≠tinopi
    PL≠      to cut    ≠VS        ≠HO RT IN     CL
    `Let's cut it !'
Example #92:

    (105)     *kal      ≠i       ≠tinopi
    to cut ≠VS         ≠HO RT I   N CL
    `Cut it!' (plural)
Example #93:

    (107)    ilul         ≠i
    to eat       ≠VS
Example #94:

    t≠       osa      ≠n
    1O BJ≠ to give ≠VS
    `Give it to me, please.'
Example #95:

    (109)     ilul      ≠i       ≠n
    to eat ≠VS         ≠ST    IMP
    `Eat (it is an order)!'
Example #96:

    (110)     yey     ≠i        ≠n
    to stay ≠VS       ≠ST     IMP
Example #97:

    (111)     pi≠      yey     ≠i             ≠n
    PL≠      to stay ≠VS            ≠ST   IMP
    `Stay!' (plural)
Example #98:

    (112)     ay      ≠i        ≠mina ≠n
    to go ≠VS         ≠NEG ≠ST            IMP
    `Do not go!'
Example #99:

    (114)    ilul     ≠i      ≠ to
    to eat ≠VS       ≠HO RT
    `Eat!' or `You (SG ) can eat !'
Example #100:

    (117)    pi≠      ilul     ≠i        ≠tinopi
    PL≠      to eat   ≠VS       ≠HO RT IN   CL
    `Let's eat!'
Example #101:

    (118)    ta w    ≠i        ≠misina
    to cut ≠VS        ≠NEG
    `Do not cut!'
Example #102:

    (120)   pi≠      ilul     ≠i      ≠misina ≠tinopi
    PL≠      to eat ≠VS       ≠NEG ≠H ORT                                                IN CL
    `Let's not eat, peopl e!'
Example #103:

    (121)   ilul    ≠i         ≠mina ≠n
    to eat ≠VS         ≠NEG ≠ST                                    IMP
    `Do not eat (it is an order)!'
Example #104:

    (136)   m≠     ilup     ≠i       ≠tiaka ≠datinan
    2O BJ≠ to vomit≠VS       ≠QUOT ≠PRET EV
    `You vomited, they said.'
Example #105:

    (145)   towali ilul      ≠i       ≠palisin≠al              ≠i
    1SUBJ to eat ≠VS          ≠DES ≠PRES NEUT          ≠ASSR
    `I want it.' (Answer to the question: `Do you want t o eat ?')
Example #106:

    (153)   amayl ≠i           ≠datinan
    to rain ≠VS        ≠PRES EV
    `It rains.'
Example #107:

    (164)    (a)      d≠      apipa ≠mi
    1PO SS≠ hand ≠REF
    `my hand'
Example #108:

    (175)   katal ≠i         ≠dana
    to cook ≠VS      ≠PRES      EV
    `It is cooking.'
Example #109:

    (176)   katal ≠i           ≠mina ≠dana
    cook ≠VS           ≠NEG ≠PRES        EV
    (Lit.: `It does not cook.')
Example #110:

    sapa                ≠n     ≠dana
    to be flat          ≠VS    ≠PRES   EV
    `It is flat.'
Example #111:

    (186)   ta ≠     siki              ≠n       ≠datinan
    1O BJ≠ to tickle           ≠VS      ≠PRET EV
    `S/he tickled me.'
Example #112:

    sa       ≠n       ≠mina ≠ntal              ≠i
    to catch ≠VS       ≠NEG ≠PRET NEUT         ≠A          SSR
    `S/he saw it (but) s/he did not catch it.'
Example #113:

    (21)       milul               ≠i      ≠tapanal              ≠i
    to lighten          ≠VS     ≠FUT NEUT             ≠A   SSR
    `There wil l be li ghtening.'
Example #114:

    ≠ntal            ≠i
    ≠PRET NEUT       ≠ASSR
    `I gave manioc to you.'
Example #115:

    (75)    osa      ≠n
    to give ≠VS
    `Give it to her/him/it.'
Example #116:

    (84)     Gabliel    ikameyna          ay        ≠i       ≠telon
    Gabriel    tomorrow          to go     ≠V   S   FUT EV
    `Gabriel   is going out tomorrow.'
Example #117:

    (111)   da≠      kiliwa ≠mali
    1PO SS≠ house ≠REF
    `This is my house.'
Example #118:

    (113)   Manoel          kiliwa ≠mali
    Manoel          house ≠REF
    `Manoel has a house.'
Example #119:

    (09)       towali ay        ≠i           ≠dana
    1SUBJ to go ≠VS               ≠PRES      EV
    `Yes, I am leaving.'