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The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Jinyoung Choi (2005). Another Type of Free Choice Effect.

URL: http://www.lingref.com/cpp/wccfl/24/paper1210.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 2726&langcode=kor (2021-09-24).


Example #1:

    a.          amwu/etten koki-lato mek-umyen, ne-nun                 chaysikcuuyca-ka            ani-ta.
    Any/what         meat-even eat-if       you-Top        vegetarian-Nom              not-be-Decl
    `No matter what meat it may be, if you eat it, you are not a vegetarian.'
Example #2:

    b.          amwu             koki-na mek-umyen, ne-nun             yuta yin-i                  ani-ta.
    Any              meat-or eat-if         you-Top        Jew-Nom                     not-be-Decl
    `If you eat just ANY meat (no matter what meat it may be), you are not a kosh
Example #3:

    (13) a.       (ne cikum nai-ka            myech-intey acikto kyelhon-ul         an      ha-e?)
    you now         age-Nom how.much-but still           marriage-Acc Neg do-Q
    `Why are you still not married in spite of being such an old woman? (rhetorical)
Example #4:

    amwu/nwukwu-lato man-napwa-la
    anyone/who-even          meet-try-Imp
    `Meet any one person: I don't care who you meet.'
Example #5:

    b.     (namca-tul-un      ta    ttokkhat-ay.)
    man-Pl-Top         all   same-Decl
    `Guys are all the same.'
Example #6:

    kunyang amwu-na man-napwa-la
    just       anyone-or meet-try-Imp
    `Go and meet just ANYbody, not caring about who to meet.'
Example #7:

    b.     John-un       nwukwu-hako-na       ca-ass-e
    J.-Top        who-with-or          sleep-Past-Decl
    `John slept   with everybody.'
Example #8:

    (17)   a.   John-i         amwu         towum-ilato      cwu-ess-kessni?
    John-Nom       any          help-even        give-Past-RheQ
    `Did John give any help to Mary?' (John must have done nothing to help Mary.)
Example #9:

    (22)   Tom:       amwu/nwukwu-lato cenhwaha-myen, na-hanthey allye-cwe.
    Anyone/who-even        call-if           I-Dat          notice-Imp
    `If anyone calls, please let me know; I don't care the identity of the caller.'
Example #10:

    Sue:       nwukwu?
Example #11:

    b. etten-haksayng-i                 etten-haksayng-ul           etten-haksayng-eykey
    which-student-Nom               which-student-Acc           which-student-Dat
    `some student'
Example #12:

    Jane-un nwukwu-hako-lato             kyelhonha-yahan-ta
    J.-Top     who-with-even             marry-must-Decl
    `There is somebody Jane has to marry, the speaker doesn't care/know who it is.
Example #13:

    Jane-un amwu/nwukwu-hako-lato                    kyelhonha-yahan-ta
    J.-Top     anyone/who-with-even                  marry-must-Decl
    `Jane has to marry a man, any man is a permitted marriage option for her.'
Example #14:

    Jane-un amwu-hako-na                 kyelhonha-yahan-ta
    J.-Top     anyone-with-or            marry-must-Decl
    `Mary had to marry just ANYman, acting indiscriminately.'
Example #15:

    John-i i       mwuncey-to phwul-myen, swuhak swuep-ul               tut-cianh-ato.tointa
    J.-Nom this problem-even solve-if            math.class-Acc         take-not-be_allowed
    `If John solves even this problem, he can skip math course.'
Example #16:

    John-i      i     mwuncey-lato phwul-myen, ku-lul              honnay-ci.ahn-ulkkey.
    J.-Nom      this problem-even        solve-if       he-Acc     admonish-Neg-Decl
    `If John solves even this problem, I will not admonish him.'
Example #17:

    (37)   amwu koki-lato          mek-umyen, ne-nun chaysikcuuyca-ka                           ani-ta.
    Any     meat-even       eat-if          you-Top        vegetarian-Nom                not-be-Decl
    `No matter what meat it may be, if you eat it, you are not a vegetarian.'