The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Bill Palmer (2003). Owners into actors.

URL: http://www.surrey.ac.uk/lcts/bill.palmer/NWS_site/VCB/draft.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 2916&langcode=kji (2021-09-28).


Example #1:

    (37)   a. puna   mau      ghe-mai         ma-mu
    very   fear      AUX-1EXCP ?-CNT
    `We were very frightened. ` (Zabana - Fitzsimons 1989:109)
Example #2:

    b. veha-mo         to-ua         ara au ghe-gu             ma au         velepuhi no-gu   ma kolisi
    good-LMT        PRF-say       I       be AUX-1SGP ?        be         teacher AUX-1SGP ?  college
    `Good, I will suit myself, I will study at the college,
Example #3:

    ua-ta-na        tireni      no-gu       ma mala     velepuhi
    say-SB-?        train       AUX-1SGP ?      PURP teacher
    to train to be a teacher.' (Zabana - Fitzsimons 1989:110)
Example #4:

    (57)   a. n-e       haghe nga      n-e          hinae      ghe-na-ghu                   kia   mo
    RL-3SGS ascend CNT RL-3SGS descend AUX-3SGS-then                              PNLOC LMT
    `He embarked and went down to Kia.' (Zabana - Fitzsimons 1989:92)
Example #5:

    b. maneri di            pake       ghe-di       ragi-na
    they    IRR.3PLS not.want AUX-3PLS dance-?
    `They don't want to dance.' (Zabana - Fitzsimons 1989:110)
Example #6:

    c. o             mahai ghe-u
    IRR.2SGS eat          AUX-2SGS
    `Eat please.' (Zabana - Fitzsimons 1989:109)
Example #7:

    (58)   a.    ...a          lao ka        suga fogara la sikolu no-gu                   kesao
    IRR.1SGS go LOC house sick                    go school AUX-1SGS PNLOC
    `...I will go to the clinic, go to be schooled at Kesao.' (Zabana - Fitzsimons 1
Example #8:

    b. o     la       sesele no-u-ghu            agho
    IRR.2SGS       go       bathe AUX-2SGS-then youSG
    `You go and bathe.' (Zabana - Fitzsimons 1989:142)