The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Butt, Miriam and Tracy Holloway King (eds.) (2003). Proceedings of the LFG 03 Conference.

URL: http://csli-publications.stanford.edu/LFG/8/lfg03.pdf

(Last accessed 2005-02-18).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 308&langcode=ike (2021-09-27).


Example #1:

    (1)     Jaani       itir -tuq
    Jaani(ABS) enter-IND(3s)
    Jaani entered.
Example #2:

    (2)   Jaani-up nanuq       qukir ­ta -nga
    Jaani-ERG bear(ABS) shoot-IND-3sA:3sU
    Jaani shot the bear.
Example #3:

    (3) Jaani        nanur-mik      quki-i-juq
    Jaani(ABS) bear-SEC       shoot-AP-3s
    Jaani shot a bear.
Example #4:

    (4) nanuq      qukir-ta        -u ­laur -tuq Jaani-mut
    bear(ABS) shoot-PASSPRT-be-PAST-IND(3s) John-DAT
    `The bear was shot by John"
Example #5:

    (19)    anguti-it    arnaq       taku-laur-ta -ngat atuniit
    man-ERG.pl woman(ABS) see-PAST-IND-3plA:3sU each
    `The men each saw the woman.'
Example #6:

    (20)    arna -up anguti-it      taku-laur -ta -ngit atuniit
    woman-ERG man-ABS.pl see-PAST-IND-3sA:3plU each
    `The woman saw each of the men.'
Example #7:

    (21)    anguti-it     arna -mik taku-laur -tu -it atuniit
    man -ABS.pl woman-SEC see -PAST-IND-3pl each
    The men each saw a woman.
Example #8:

    (22)     arnaq      anguti-nik     taku-laur -tuq atuniit
    woman(ABS) man -SEC.pl see -PAST-IND(3s) each
    The woman saw each of the men.
Example #9:

    (23)   arnaq      anguti-nut    taku-ja          -u -laur -tuq (*atuniit)
    woman(ABS) man -DAT.pl see -PASSPRT-be-PAST-IND(3s) (*each)
    The woman was seen by (*each of) the men.
Example #10:

    (24) anguti-it  arna -mut taku-ja         -u ­laur -tu -it atuniit
    man-ABS.pl woman-DAT see-PASSPRT-be-PAST-IND-3pl each
    The men were each seen by the woman.
Example #11:

    (25) qimirqua-mik anguti-nut        aittu-i-laur-tu-nga atuniit
    book -SEC man -DAT.pl give-AP-PAST-IND-1s each
    "I gave a book to each of the men."
Example #12:

    (26) qimirquaqarvi-ni Jaani taku-sima-ja-ra (*atuniit)
    library-LOC.pl John see-PERF-IND-1s:3s (*each)
    `I have seen John in (*each of) the libraries.'
Example #13:

    (27) qirmusijauti -nut   nanuq     taku-ja         -u -laur -tuq (*atuniit)
    binoculars -DAT.pl bear(ABS) see -PASSPRT-be-PAST-IND(3s) (*each)
    The bear was seen with (*each of) the binoculars.
Example #14:

    (28) anguti-it       aannia-ti -laur -ta -ngit atuniit
    man -ABS.pl sick -TIT-PAST-IND-3sA:3plU each
    "It made each of the men sick"
Example #15:

    (29) anguti-nik aannia -tit ­si -laur -tuq atuniit
    man-SEC.pl be.sick-TIT-AP-PAST-IND(3s) each
    "It made each of the men sick"
Example #16:

    (30) aannia ­na -laur -tuq
    "It made people sick"
Example #17:

    (31) anguti-nut      aannia-na-laur-tuq  (*atuniit)
    man -DAT.pl be.sick-NAQ-PAST-IND(3s) (*each)
    "It made (*each of) these men sick"
Example #18:

    (32) Jaani -mit takinirsaqalaurtuq3
    John -ABL there.was.someone.taller
    "There was someone taller than John."
Example #19:

    (33) immi-nit [inutjuaq iqalunnii -galuar -su-ni] takinirsaqalaurtuq
    self -ABL giant(ABS) be.in.Iqaluit-although-APP -3s there.was.someone.taller
    "Although the gianti was in Iqaluit, there was someone/something taller than him
Example #20:

    (34) a) ulla-tuq
    "He/she is running."
Example #21:

    b) ulla-guma-juq
    "He/she wants to run."
Example #22:

    c) ulla-guma-nar-tuq        Jaani-mut
    run-want-NAQ-IND(3s) John-DAT
    "It makes John want to run."
Example #23:

    d) Jaani-mut ulla-guma-na -raluar -ti -lu -gu
    John-DAT run-want-NAQ-although-OBV-APP-3s
    "Although it made John want to run...."
Example #24:

    35.      (*immi-nit) [Jaani-mut ulla-guma-na -raluar-ti    -lu -gu] sukannisaqalaurtuq
    self -ABL [John-DAT run-want-NAQ-indeed-OBV-APP-3s] there.was.someone.faster
    `Although it made John want to run, there was someone faster (*than self).'
Example #25:

    36. Anni -mit [Jaani-mut ulla-guma-na        -raluar -ti -lu-gu] sukannisaqalaurtuq
    Anni -ABL [John-DAT run-want-NAQ-indeed-OBV-APP-3s] there.was.someone.faster
    "Although it made John want to run, there was someone faster than Anni."
Example #26:

    37. Jaani-mik ulla -guma-tit -si -galuar ­ti        -lu -gu
    John -SEC run-want -cause-AP-although-OBV-APP-1s
    "Although he/she/it made John want to run...."
Example #27:

    38.     immi-nit [Jaani-mik ulla-guma-tit -si -galuar ­ti -lu -gu] sukannisaqalaurtuq
    self -ABL John-SEC run-want -cause-AP-although-OBV-APP-3s] there.was.someone.faster
    Although he/she/it made Johni want to run, there was someone faster than himi.
Example #28:

    (45)   pattaq     inummarim-mut aittu-lauq -ta -ra
    ball(ABS) adult         -DAT give-PAST-IND-1sA:3sU
    I gave the ball to the adult.
Example #29:

    (46) *inummarim-mik pattaq           aittu-lauq -ta -ra
    adult     -SEC ball(ABS) give-PAST-IND-1sA:3sU
    `I gave the ball to the adult.'
Example #30:

    (47)   inummarik patta-mik aittu-lauq -ta -ra
    adult(ABS) ball-SEC give-PAST-IND-1sA:3sU
    I gave the adult a ball.
Example #31:

    (48)     inummarim-mut aittu-i -laur -tu -nga patta-mik
    adult       -DAT give-AP-PAST-IND-1s ball -SEC
    I gave the ball to the adult.
Example #32:

    (49)     inummarim-mik aittu-i -laur -tu -nga patta-mik
    adult       -SEC give-AP-PAST-IND -1s ball -SEC
    I gave the adult a ball.