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The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Dimitra Papangeli (2000). Pronominal doubling in Greek.

URL: http://www.sole.leidenuniv.nl/content_docs/Console2000pdfs/papangel.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 3141&langcode=ell (2021-09-28).


Example #1:

    (1) Ton           idha      to Yani  hthes.
    CL-3SGM-ACC saw-1SG the-Yani-ACC yesterday
    `I saw Yani yesterday.'
Example #2:

    d. Tu Yani # tu                    ipa tin alithia.                          (Greek)
    the Yani-GEN CL-3SGM-GEN said-I the truth1
    `Yani, I told him the truth.'
Example #3:

    (4) a. Tu Yani        tu                eho milisi.
    the-Yani-GEN CL-3SG-M-GEN have-1SG talked
    `To Yani, I have talked.'
Example #4:

    b. Tu Yani        dhen tu              eho        milisi.
    the-Yani-gen neg cl-3sg-m-gen have-1sg talked
    `To Yani, I haven't talked.'
Example #5:

    c. Tu Yani          poles fores tu                eho            milisi.
    the-Yani-GEN many times CL-3SG-M-GEN have-1sg                talked
    `To Yani, I have talked to (him) many times.'
Example #6:

    (7) a. *Afto kani            ... na katalavun         ti      akoluthi.
    this makes/leads ... to understand-3PL what follows
    *`This makes/leads ... to understand what follows.'
Example #7:

    `This makes/leads the people to understand what follows.'
Example #8:

    c. Afto tus          kani        na     katalavun      ti      akoluthi.
    this CL-3PL-ACC makes/leads SUBJ understand-3PL what follows
    `This leads them to understand what follows.'
Example #9:

    (9) a. *I kali musiki simfilioni --- me ton eafto tus.
    the-good music reconciles --- with the-self- cl-3pl-m-gen
    *`Good music reconciles --- with themselves.'
Example #10:

    ton eafto tus.
    the-self- CL-3PL-M- GEN
    `Good music reconciles people with themselves.'
Example #11:

    c. I kali musiki tus            simfilioni me ton eafto tus.
    the-good-music CL-3PL-ACC reconciles with the-self-CL-3PL-GEN
    `Good music reconciles them with themselves.'
Example #12:

    (11) a. Afti i musiki kani       tus anthropus eftihismenus.
    this- the-music makes the-people-ACC happy-PL-M-ACC
    `This music renders/makes people happy.'
Example #13:

    (14) a. Ton idha      to              Yani.
    CL-3SG-M-ACC saw-1SG          the-Yani-ACC
    `I saw Yani.'
Example #14:

    (18) a. *O Yanis idhe         aftus       hthes        tus anthropus.
    the-Yanis saw-3SG them/these yesterday the-men
    `Yanis saw these men yesterday.'
Example #15:

    b. O Yanis idhe (hthes)        aftus       tus anthropus (hthes).
    the-Yanis saw (yesterday) them/these- the-men           (yesterday)
    `Yanis saw (yesterday) these men (yesterday).'
Example #16:

    O Yanis ton               idhe     afton ton andhra.
    the-Yanis cl-3sg-acc saw-3sg him/this-          the-man-acc
    `Yanis saw this man.'
Example #17:

    tu nisiu.
    `Yanis saw you yesterday, the sailors of the island.'5
Example #18:

    (20) *Ton            katalava          ton andhra proedhro.
    CL-3SGM-ACC understood-1SG the-man-ACC president-ACC
    `I understood the man president.'
Example #19:

    (24) a. *Tu idha           to      Yani.                  Case
    CL-3SG-M-GEN       saw-1SG the-Yani-ACC
    `I saw Yani.'
Example #20:

    c. *Ton               idha ti Maria.              Gender
    CL-3SG-M-ACC saw-I the-Maria-ACC
    `I saw Maria.'
Example #21:

    d. Idha ton patera            tis Marias.
    saw-I the- father-ACC the-Maria-GEN
    `I saw Maria's father.'
Example #22:

    e. *Ton               idha        tus andhres.    Number
    CL-3SG-M-ACC saw-1SG the-men
    `I saw the men.'
Example #23:

    f. Idha     ton patera          ton koritsion.
    saw-1SG the- father-ACC the- girls-GEN
    `I saw the father of the girls.'
Example #24:

    g. *Se      idha        to Yani.                  Person
    CL-2SG saw-1SG the-Yani-ACC
    `I saw Yani.'
Example #25:

    h. Idha     ton patera          su.
    saw-1SG the- father-ACC your-GEN
    `I saw your father.'
Example #26:

    (25) Edhosa tu Yani / sto          Yani ta lefta.
    gave-1SG the-Yani / P-the- Yani the-money-ACC
    `I gave (to the) Yani the money.'
Example #27:

    (26) Tu          edhosa tu Yani       (*sto         Yani) ta lefta.
    CL-3SG-GEN gave-1SG the-Yani-GEN P-the-        Yani the-money-ACC
    `I gave Yani the money.'
Example #28:

    ti mana           tu.
    the-mother-ACC his
    `Yanis eats the pastitsio of his mother's.'
Example #29:

    to pastitsio.
    `From his mother Yanis eats pastitsio.'