The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Mark Donohue (2003). Morphological Templates, Headedness, and Applicatives in Barupu.

URL: http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/oceanic_linguistics/v042/42.1donohue01.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 3362&langcode=wra (2021-09-26).


Example #1:

    (11) Neni k-en-bovo-ni             oro ya          ma-biam ya    Cha Philip.
    1sg.f r-1sg.f-sleep-1sg.f house 3sg.m child-male 3sg.m Mr.       Philip
    `I slept in Philip's son's house.'
Example #2:

    (13) Bea neni kenbovoni oro ya mabiam ya Cha Philip vai,
    Bea neni kenbovoni vai oro ya mabiam ya Cha Philip, etc.
    `I didn't sleep in Philip's son's house.'
Example #3:

    (18) K-en-ute         k-e-no-n-ya-mu.
    r-1sg.f-walk r-<1sg.f>-go.along-above-2sg.f
    `I walked past you (while you were lying down).'
Example #4:

    (19) A    k-u-ai.
    rain r-3sg.f-rain
    `It's raining.'
Example #5:

    (22) Bio=venavena k-o-ke-i                   pita.
    woman=witch        r-<3sg.f>-sit      down
    `The witch sat down.'
Example #6:

    (23) Bio=venavena k-o-ke-ta                  ai.
    woman=witch        r-<3sg.f>-sit-on tree
    `The witch sat on a log.'
Example #7:

    (24) K-en-tove.
    `I'm walking around, for no reason.'
Example #8:

    (26) Ya        n-a-r-aro.
    3sg m irr-<3sg.m>-descend
    `He will descend.'
Example #9:

    (27) Nape n-a-r-aro-na-mi.
    who irr-<3sg.m>-descend-appl-1pl
    `Who will descend with us?'
Example #10:

    (29) N-e-n-aro-n-i-mu.
    `I'm descending toward you.'
Example #11:

    (30) N-o-m-aro-m-i-ni.
    `You're descending toward me.'
Example #12:

    (31) N-o-r-aro-r-i-ni.
    `She's descending toward me.'
Example #13:

    (32) N-o-m-aro-m-e-ni.
    `You're descending away from me.'
Example #14:

    (33) N-epi-p-aro-p-o-pu.
    `We will descend with you (two).'
Example #15:

    (34) N-ere-r-aro-r-o-mu.
    `Those women will descend on your behalf.'
Example #16:

    (i) K-en-pako-n-e-mu
    `I am bigger than you.'
Example #17:

    (35) K-ana-yara-ka-n-i-mu.
    `I saw him (while I was) with you.'
Example #18:

    (38) *k-ana-yara-ka              k-n-i-mu.
    r-<1sg.m>-see-3sg.m       r-1sg-accompany-2sg.f
    `I saw him, I was with you.'
Example #19:

    (40) Rau k-e-ch-a                     (k)-a-ra-i.15
    pig     r-3pl.m-shoot-3sg.m r-<3sg.m>-die.sg/du
    `They shot the pig and it died.'
Example #20:

    (41) K-ana-parara k-a-n-aro                      kikom.
    r-1sg.m-run        r-<1sg.m>-descend      mangrove
    `I ran down toward the mangroves.'
Example #21:

    (42) Ta        n-epi-ko-p-i.
    paddle(v.)     irr-<1du>-go
    `Paddling we will go.'(cf. Nepita, `We'll paddle.')
Example #22:

    (43) Pi   n-en-bere               n-e-n-aro               baket.
    water irr-1sg.f-pour       irr-<1sg.f>-descend     bucket
    `I'll pour the water into the bucket.'
Example #23:

    (50) N-epi-ko-p-i-p-o-mu.
    `We'll go with you.'
Example #24:

    (55) K-om-raivi-m-o-na.
    `Cook it for me!'
Example #25:

    (62) K-ana-yara-n-i-mu                wa.
    r-1sg.m-see-1sg-with-2sg.f       ocean.canoe
    `I saw the canoe with you.'
Example #26:

    (65) Mevova k-ere-parara           rara k-ere-ko-r-i        Atavoi.
    youth      r-3pl.f-run        road   r-<3pl.f>-ascend Ramo
    `The girls run up the road to Ramo.'
Example #27:

    (68) K-en-irai-ko-n-i-n-u-a.
    `I spoke up to him.'
Example #28:

    (69) K-e-ko-n-i      oro.
    r-<1sg.f>-ascend house
    `I went up (into) the house.'
Example #29:

    (78) Nape oi-a            k-o-r-o-ma?
    who    sago-case   r-<3sg.f>-give-2sg.m
    `Who gave you the sago?'
Example #30:

    (79) Nape oi-a            k-o-raivi-r-o-ma?
    who    sago-case   r-<3sg.f>-cook-3sg-dat-2sg.m
    `Who cooked the sago for you?'
Example #31:

    (81) Naki k-en-ore-na-ka-n-o-mu-n-i-a.
    dog    r-look-appl-3sg.m-1sg-dat-2sg.f-1sg-with-3sg.m
    `I looked for the dog with him for you.'
Example #32:

    (83) K-ana-yara-n-i-a.
    `I saw him (while I was) with you.'
Example #33:

    (84) K-om-raivi-r-o-na.
    `Cook it for me!'