The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

K. Demuth (1993). Issues in the acquisition of the Sesotho tonal system.

URL: http://www.cog.brown.edu/People/demuth/articles/1993%20Demuth.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 3472&langcode=sot (2021-06-15).


Example #1:

    (2)      Thabo ó-tlá-mo-rék-él-a dijó
    1T. 1SM-FUT-1OM-buy-BEN-IN 8food
    `Thabo will buy him/her food'
Example #2:

    'I refuse'
Example #3:

    (4) 3;0 yrs.    o-ngólá lengólo?
    2sSM-write 5letter
    'Are you writing a letter?'
Example #4:

    'You are sick'
Example #5:

    (6) 3;0 yrs.    ke-kopa motohó
    1sSM-ask 3porridge
    'I'm asking for porridge'
Example #6:

    (ke-háná . . .)
    'I refuse (to . . .)'
Example #7:

    (ó-ya kae?)
    1SM-go where
    'Where is s/he going?'
Example #8:

    (ke-etsa hápe)3
    1sSM-do again
    'I'm doing (it) again'
Example #9:

    'It's reversing'
Example #10:

    (é-yá-fihla ká tlu-ng)
    9SM-FUT-arrive PREP 9house-LOC
    'It will get into the house'
Example #11:

    (sefófáne sé-a-bídíka kwána)
    7airplane 7SM-PRES-turn LOC
    'The airplane is turning about over there'
Example #12:

    (wená o-mathela mâ:né Chabadímaketse kwána)
    2sPN 2sSM-run to LOC Ch. LOC
    far away'
Example #13:

    (ke-a-sébétsa móna)
    1sSM-PRES-work LOC
    'I'm working here'
Example #14:

    (ke-bínéla Aúsi Mamélo)
    1sSM-sing for sister Mamelo
    'I'm singing for Sister Mamelo'
Example #15:

    (á-étsa móna)
    6SM-do LOC
    'They're doing (it) here'
Example #16:

    (é-á-nyoloha khofú éna)
    9SM-PRES-ascend 9dumptruck 9DEM
    'It's ascending, this dumptruck'
Example #17:

    (é-á-tsamaya koloi yáka)
    9SM-PRES-leave 9car 9POSS-my
    'It's leaving, my car'
Example #18:

    (é-á-wela ntho éna...)
    9SM-PRES-fall 9thing 9DEM
    'It's falling, this thing...'
Example #19:

    (é-tsámaya      ká tsela)
    9SM-leave       PREP 9road
    'It's leaving   by the road'
Example #20:

    (dikolói tséna dí-á-tsamaya)
    10car 10DEM 10SM-PRES-leave
    'These cars are leaving'
Example #21:

    (ébilé kolói yá-ká é-a-kéna+) [HLH]
    CONJ 9car 9POSS-my 9SM-PRES-enter
    'In fact, my car is going in'
Example #22:

    (é-a-hána+)                                       [HLH]
    'It refuses'
Example #23:

    (ó-a-hána+)                                       [HLH]
    'He refuses'
Example #24:

    (25) 2;6 yrs. bá-kuká mollo                                   [HLH]
    2SM-pick up 3fire
    'They're taking the flame'
Example #25:

    (kolói yá-ká é-thothá mokúlúbe)                 [HLH]
    9car 9POSS-my 9SM-carry 3horse dung
    'My car is carrying horse dung'
Example #26:

    (nná ke-a-bídíkisa)                      [HLLHH]
    1sPN 1sSM-PRES-turn
    'Me, I'm revolving (it)'
Example #27:

    (lé-léng lé-dulá káe?)                    [HLH]
    5-other 5SM-live where
    'Where does the other one live?'
Example #28:

    (ébiléng o-tla-sháp-úwa Molólo)                 [LLHH]
    CONJ 2sSM-FUT-PASS Mololo
    'As a matter of fact, you will be lashed, Mololo'