The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Kenji Oda (2002). Wh-questions in V-initial languages.

URL: http://individual.utoronto.ca/koda/paper/forum.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 3613&langcode=plt (2021-06-22).


Example #1:

    b. I Sahondra no nanapaka   ity hazo ity
    Sahondra det past.at.cut this tree this
    `The one who cut this tree was Sahondra.' (Paul, 2001:711)
Example #2:

    (56)   a. Faly ny manapaka bozaka                Individual Reading
    happy det at.cut grass
    `the ones who are cutting grass are happy.'
Example #3:

    b. Sarotra ny manapaka bozaka             Event Reading
    difficult det at.cut grass
    `Cutting grass is difficult.'       Paul (2001:720)
Example #4:

    (58)       * Tsy na iza na iza no mandoko trano
    neg or who or who det at.paint house
    `It's no one who is painting houses.' (Paul, 2001:722)
Example #5:

    (59)   a. Nandeha taiza         ianao   ?
    past.at.go past.where 2sg.nom
    `Where did you go?'
Example #6:

    b.    i. Nandeha tany         Ambositra aho
    past.atgo past.where Ambositra 1sg.nom
    `I went to Ambositra.'
Example #7:

    ii. Tany       Ambositra no nandeha     aho
    past.there Ambositra det past.at.go 1sg.nom
    `It was to Ambositra that I went.'