The Online Database of Interlinear Text


The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

James H. Yoon (2004). The Independence of Grammatical Case from Interpretive Factors.

URL: http://www.linguistics.uiuc.edu/jyoon/Papers/LSK-2004-proc.pdf

(Last accessed 2009-07-23).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 3852&langcode=kor (2021-09-28).


Example #1:

    b. Cheli-ka Yenghi-lul son-ul             olunccok-ul cap-ass-ta
    C-nom      Y-acc          hand-acc right.one-acc catch-pst-decl
    `Cheli caught Yenghi by her right hand (not the left).'
Example #2:

    c. Na-nun yenghwa-ka/lul po-ko       siph-ta
    I-top      movie-nom/acc see-comp want-decl
    `I want to watch a movie.'
Example #3:

    b. Austin-eyse-ka Bill-i          kacang        hayngpok-hay-ss-ess-ta
    Austin-loc-nom B-nom           most          happy-do-pst-perf-decl
    `(Of all the places he's lived in, it was)   in Austin (that) Bill was the happi
Example #4:

    b. Cheli-nun Yenghi-lul          yengli-ha-ta-ko    sayngkakha-n-ta
    C-top       Y-acc             smart-do-decl-comp think-prs-decl
    `Cheli thinks of Yenghi     that she is smart.'
Example #5:

    (8)     a.      Cheli-eykey ton-i             manh-ta
    C-dat          money-nom a.lot-decl
    `Cheli has a lot of money.'
Example #6:

    b. Cheli-hanthey-ka      ton-i              manh-ta
    C-dat-nom             money              a.lot-decl
    `Cheli has a lot of money.'
Example #7:

    c. %Yoon kyoswunim-eykey/kkey-ka               Yenghi-ka      mwusew-usi-ta
    Y         professor-dat/hon.dat-nom       Y-nom         fearsome-hon-decl
    `(It is) Professor Yoon (who) is afraid of Yenghi'
Example #8:

    g. *?haksayngtul-i ton-i              seys-eykey       philyoha-ta
    students-nom money-nom three-dat             necessary-decl
    `(It is) three students (who) need money.'
Example #9:

    a. %cipan-eyse-ka          Swuni-eykey       namphyen-i        mwusep-ta
    house-loc-nom           S-dat             husband-nom       fearsome-decl
    `It is in the house that Swuni is scared of her husband.'
Example #10:

    c. ecey-pwuthe-ka             nalssi-ka          coh-a         ci-ess-ta
    yesterday-from-nom         weather-nom        good-comp     become-pst-decl
    `The weather turned nice from yesterday.'
Example #11:

    Ani. Yenghi-eykey-ka       (Chelswu-ka)     coh-un        kes    kath-a
    No. Y-dat-nom              C-nom            good-adn      thing seem-decl
    `Swuni seems to like Chelswu. No. Yenghi seems to like Chelswu.'
Example #12:

    c. sopangswutul-eykey-ka         kyewul-palam-i       mwusep-ta
    firemen-dat-nom               winter-wind-nom      fearsome-decl
    `Firemen fear the wintry chill.'
Example #13:

    (i )    Pangan-ulo-*(ka)                    macnun      panghyang-i-ta
    room.inside-towardPOST-nom          correct     direction-cop-decl
    `Toward the room is the correct direction.'
Example #14:

    Pihayngki-ka       747-i          khu-ta
    Airplane-nom       747-nom        big-decl
    `As for airplanes, the 747 is big.'
Example #15:

    Na-nun Yenghi-lul apeci-ka              pwuca-la-ko             sayngkakhanta
    I-top      Y-acc         father-nom rich.person-decl-comp       think
    `I consider Yenghi's father a rich man.'
Example #16:

    c. Austin-eyse-ka/*lul        Cheli-ka kongpwu-lul cal          hay-ss-ess-ta
    A-loc-nom/*acc             C-nom     study-acc      well     do-perf-pst-decl
    `It was while he was in Austin that Cheli did well in his   studies.'
Example #17:

    (33)   a. Cheli-ka(MS)       apeci-ka(GS)            pwuca-i-si-ta
    C-nom              father-nom              rich.person-cop-hon-decl
    `As for Cheli, his father is rich/It is   Cheli whose father is rich.'
Example #18:

    b. Yelum-i(MS)         maykcwu-ka(GS         ) choyko-i-ta
    Summer-nom         beer-nom                    best-cop-decl
    `Summer is the best time to have (a        cold) beer.'
Example #19:

    b. Yelum-ey          maykcwu-ka       choyko-i-ta
    summer-loc        beer-nom         best-cop-decl
    `Summer is th     e best time to   have beer.'
Example #20:

    b. Yelum-ey       Cheli-ka cip-ey      (nul)    onta
    summer-loc     C-nom      home-loc always    comes
    `Summer is    when Cheli (always) comes home.'
Example #21:

    b. *?Ilen conglyu-uy nokcha-kai(MS) [SP Cheli-ka(GS) cikum ei masi-ko                              iss-ta]
    this kind-gen         green.tea-nom           C-nom          now   drink-comp                 be-decl
    `(It is) this kind of green tea (that) Cheli is drinking right now.'
Example #22:

    ei po-ko           iss-ta/po-n-ta/po-l            swu iss-ta ]
    see-comp      be-decl/see-prs-decl/see-comp can be-decl
    `It is an American movie that people are watching/can watch in that movie theate
Example #23:

    (38)   Austin-eyse-ka Bill-i       kongpwu-lul ceyil cal            hay-ss-ess-ta
    A-loc-nom         B-nom     study-acc        most well do-pst-perf-decl
    `(It was) while he was in Austin (that) Bill did best in his studies.'
Example #24:

    (39)   *?Yelsi-ey-ka            Bill-i    cip-ey   tolaonta
    10p.m.-loc-nom          B-nom     home-loc returns
    `(It is) at 10 (that) Bill comes home.'
Example #25:

    (40)   a. *cangmachel-ey-ka           nay-ka     manhun chayk-ul           ilk-ess-ta
    rainy.season-loc-nom I-nom            many       book-acc       read-pst-decl
    `It was during the rainy season that I read many books.' (Youn 1998)
Example #26:

    b. ?cangmachel-ey-ka           salamtul-i    chayk-ul         manhi     ilk-nun-ta
    rainy.season-loc-nom people-nom book-acc                  a.lot     read-prs-decl
    `It is during the rainy season that people read a lot.' (Yoon 2001/to appear)
Example #27:

    (41)    Cheli-hanthey-ka      ton-i          manh-un kes-katha
    C-dat-nom             money-nom a.lot-adn thing-seems
    `It seems that Cheli has a lot of money.'
Example #28:

    b. Cheli-ka apeci-ka            hakkyo-ey       onul o-si-ess-ta
    C-nom        father-nom school-loc          today come-hon-pst-decl
    `As for/Speaking of Cheli, his father came to school today.'
Example #29:

    (44)   a. pihayngki-ka        747-i      khu-ta-nun         sasil-ul mollassta
    airplane-nom       747-nom big-decl-adnom fact-acc not.know
    `I didn't know about the fact that the airplane 747 is big.'
Example #30:

    b. ?Cheli-ka apeci-ka         hakkyo-ey       o-si-n             sasil-i  allieciessta
    C-nom       father-nom school-loc         come-hon-adnom     fact-nom became.known
    `The fact that Cheli's father came to school became known.'
Example #31:

    iceykkes sokassta
    till.now deceived
    `If Cheli in fact has a lot of money, we were being deceived until now.'
Example #32:

    b. Cheli-hanthey-ka        ton-i         manh-kwuna!
    C-dat-nom               money-nom a.lot-I.see
    `I see now that Cheli has a lot of money.'
Example #33:

    `The fact that (it was) in Austin that Bill did best in his studies became known
Example #34:

    (46)    a. Dodge thulek-ey      HEMI-engine-i iss-ta
    Dodge truck-loc      H-engine-nom be-exist
    ?`On that Dodge truck (on the flatbed), there is a HEMI engine.'
Example #35:

    b. Dodge thulek-ey-ka       HEMI-engine-i iss-ta
    Dodge truck-loc-nom H-engine-nom be-exist
    *?'The HEMI engine is on the Dodge (not the Ford)'
Example #36:

    c. Dodge thulek-ey-nun      HEMI-engine-i iss-ta
    Dodge truck-loc-top      H-engine-nom be-exist
    *?'On the Dodge (and not on the Ford) is a HEMI engine.'
Example #37:

    a. Cheli-eykey(GS) ton-i           philyoha-ta
    C-dat             money-nom necessary-decl
    `Cheli needs money'
Example #38:

    b. Cheli-eykey-kai (MS) [ei (GS) ton-i              philyoha-ta]
    C-DAT-nom                          money-nom necessary-decl
    `It is Cheli who needs money.'
Example #39:

    (i) Ku     noin-eykey (nulkumak-ey) yeca-ka           sayngki-ess-ta
    that old.man-dat old.age-loc            woman-nom come.to.have-pst-decl
    `That old man got a lover in his old age.'
Example #40:

    (ii) Ku       noin-eykey-ka        (nulkumak-ey) yeca-ka        sayngki-ess-ta
    that old.man-dat-nom          old.age-loc        woman-nom come.to.have-pst-decl
    `It is that old man who got a lover in his old age.'
Example #41:

    (iii)   [ku        noin-eykey t          sayngki-n]            yeca-(chinkwu)
    that       old.man-dat           come.to.have-rel      woman-(friend)
    ` Th e   lover/girlfriend that   the old man got'
Example #42:

    (vii)   a. Ku      ai-ka          apeci-ka   pwuca-i-ta
    that child-nom         father-nom rich-cop-decl
    `That child's father is rich.'
Example #43:

    (viii) a. Yelum-i           maykcwu-ka         choyko-i-ta
    Summer-nom        beer-nom           best-cop-decl
    `Summer is the best time for beer.'
Example #44:

    b. [t maykcwu-ka         choyko-i-n]       yelum
    beer-nom          best-cop-rel      summer
    `Summer, when it is best to have beer'
Example #45:

    c. *[Yelum-i     t       choyko-i-n]       maykcwu
    Summer-nom          best-cop-rel      beer
    `Beer, which is best to have in the summer'