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The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Broschart, Jürgen and Carmen Dawuda Beyond Nouns and Verbs: Typological Studies in Lexical Categorisation

URL: http://www.phil-fak.uni-duesseldorf.de/sfb282/working_papers/BEYNOUNF.pdf

(Last accessed 2005-02-18).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 505&langcode=ind (2021-09-27).


Example #1:

    (1)      tombak senjata
    spear weapon
    `a spear is a weapon' [2]
Example #2:

    (2)      kapur putik
    chalk white
    `chalk is white' [2]
Example #3:

    (3)      panas sekarang
    warm now
    `warm it is nów'
Example #4:

    (4)      saya tidur
    1.SG sleep
    `I sleep'
Example #5:

    (5)      kain     ini        sutera
    material DEM silk
    `this material is silk'
Example #6:

    (6)      jalan ini licin
    road DEM slippery
    `this road is slippery' [2]
Example #7:

    (7)      saya ini     guru
    1.SG DEM teacher
    `me here, I am a teacher' [5]
Example #8:

    (8)   (Si) Ali tidur
    PA Ali sleep
    `Ali sleeps' [6]
Example #9:

    (9)   dia di Jakarta
    3.SG LOC Jakarta
    `he is in Jakarta'
Example #10:

    (10) (Si) Aminah babu
    PA Aminah servant
    `Aminah is/was a servant'
Example #11:

    (11) Rumah itu         rumah model lama
    house DEM house model old
    `that house (was) an old-fashioned one [SDJ, 3a]
Example #12:

    (12) menteri-lah tuan         itu
    minister-LAH gentleman DEM
    `that man is a mínister'
Example #13:

    (13) akan         orang itu, maling-lah ia
    concerning man that thief-LAH 3.SG
    `as for that man, a thíef he is'
Example #14:

    (14) tidak-lah sakut       saya
    not-LAH afraid        1.SG
    `I am nót afraid'
Example #15:

    (15) bukan-lah sandagor        dia
    not-LAH businessman 3.SG
    `he is nót a businessman'
Example #16:

    untuk mengetalmi yang tiada       dikenalnya
    for know       REL not.be         know
    `there was a desire in his heart to know that which he did not know' [16]
Example #17:

    (20) surat kabar itu       ada-lah     suatu       pendapatan yang penting
    Surat Kabar DEM be-LAH INDEF                  invention REL important
    `(The newspaper) Surat Kabar is réally an important invention' [3a]
Example #18:

    (21) Peng-hasil-an nenek        ia-lah men-jual sayursayur-an
    PEN-earn-AN grandmother it-LAH MEN-sell vegetables-AN
    `grandmother's way of making a living, (it) was to sell vegetables'
Example #19:

    (22) Amerika, ia-lah         negeri rekor
    Amerika 3.SG-LAH land            record
    `America, thát's a land of records'
Example #20:

    (23) maka tuan puteri      pun ter-tidur(lah)
    TM lord princess TM TER-sleep(-LAH)
    `As for the princess, she fell asleep'
Example #21:

    (24) Saudara akan berjalan     ke rumah saya
    2.PL     FUT BER-go DIR house 1.SG
    `you will go to my house'
Example #22:

    (25) saya     sudah             mem-baca majalah   itu
    1.SG     already           MEN-read newspaper DEM
    `I have already read the newspaper' [24]
Example #23:

    (26) padi ini        tidak tumbuk
    rice DEM not grow/flourish
    `this rice does not grow here'
Example #24:

    (27) obat        bukan ratjun
    medicine no         poison
    `medicine is no poison'
Example #25:

    (28) sirop merah    yang mahal    itu yang hanya di-jual di kota
    syrup red      REL expensive that REL only DI-sell LOC city
    `that expensive red syrup which is only sold in the city' [14]
Example #26:

    (29) se-batang rokok         kretek
    one-CL      cigarette carnation
    `one carnation cigarette'
Example #27:

    (30) tiga botol bir
    3     bottle beer
    `three bottles of beer'
Example #28:

    (31) utas       pandai dua orang
    craftsman clever two CL:man
    `Two clever craftsmen'
Example #29:

    (32) segala tanah yang tingitingi         itu
    all       land    REL high           DEM
    `all the high ground'
Example #30:

    (33) perempuan di     pondok dekat tempat pembuangan sampah itu
    woman     in     hut      near     ...  dump      garbage DEM
    `the woman in the hut near the garbage dump' [14]
Example #31:

    (34) hikayat-nya      yang termasyhur itu
    epos-POSS.3.SG REL famous        DEM
    `that famous epos of his'
Example #32:

    (35) anak-ku
    `my child'
Example #33:

    (36) anak saya
    child 1.SG
    `my child'
Example #34:

    (37) suatu pendapatan yang penting
    a     invention REL important
    `an important invention'
Example #35:

    (38) gadis ini       dengan cepat memehami kedudukannya
    girl DEM with            speed MEN:learn position:her
    `this girl quickly learned her position'/'learned her position with speed' [11]
Example #36:

    (39) saya sudah        mem-baca majalah       itu
    I     already     MEN-read newspaper DEM
    `I have already read the newspaper' [24]
Example #37:

    (40) beban ini sungguh berat
    load DEM truly         heavy
    `this load is truly heavy'
Example #38:

    (42) Oposisi      ini mau-nya                 cuma menjatukkan                kabinet
    Oppostion DEM desire-POSS.3.SG only MEN-bring.down-KAN cabinet
    `as for the opposition, their desire is only to bring down the cabinet `
Example #39:

    (43) mem-biru-kan          itu      terlangsun dalam pasu tanah
    MEN-blue-KAN DEM happen                   in       bowl earthen
    `the act of dyeing cloth blue happens in a bowl of clay'
Example #40:

    (44) saya mem-biru-kan
    1.SG MEN-blue-KAN
    `I dyed (it)'
Example #41:

    (45) mem-biru-kan saya
    MEN-blue-KAN 1.SG
    `my dyeing (it)'
Example #42:

    (46) murid itu             bukan pintar, melainkan bodoh
    student DEM           NEG clever, fairly            stupid
    `the student is definitely not clever, but fairly stupid' [8]
Example #43:

    (47) bukan saya bersedekah               kepada-nya,    tidak
    NEG 1.SG give.as.present to-3.SG,                  NEG
    `not that I gave it to her as a present, no'.
Example #44:

    (48) saya-pun      bukan tidak percaya
    1.SG-TM       NEG NEG belief
    `As for my part, I do not not believe it' > ` I do believe it' [8]
Example #45:

    (49) Tak seorang juga yang dapat sungguh-sungguh tidur sepanjang malan
    NEG a.man also REL could really                  sleep during       night
    `there was not anybody/it was nobody who managed to sleep last night'
Example #46:

    (50) Tidak semna lelake
    NEG all           men
    `not all of them were men'
Example #47:

    (51) anak yang Ali
    child REL Ali
    `the child Ali'
Example #48:

    (56) dia       tidak pemarah
    3.SG      NEG PEN:hot-tempered
    he is not hot-tempered (Sneddon 1996:49)