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The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Broschart, Jürgen and Carmen Dawuda Beyond Nouns and Verbs: Typological Studies in Lexical Categorisation

URL: http://www.phil-fak.uni-duesseldorf.de/sfb282/working_papers/BEYNOUNF.pdf

(Last accessed 2005-02-18).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 505&langcode=tur (2021-09-19).


Example #1:

    (1)      bu        elma     (dIr)
    DEM apple COP
    `This is an apple'
Example #2:

    (2)      Ali asker          (dir)
    Ali soldier        COP
    `Ali is a soldier'
Example #3:

    (3)      Ali büyük            (tür)
    Ali tall             COP
    `Ali is tall'
Example #4:

    (4)      bu      elma degil
    DEM apple NEG
    `this is not an apple'
Example #5:

    (5)      sev-er-im
    `I love'
Example #6:

    (6)      Ali gül-üyor                  (dur)
    Ali lach-IMPF.PRES.3.SG COP
    `Ali is laughing (perhaps/definitely)'
Example #7:

    (7)      Ali gül-mü-yor
    Ali laugh-NEG-IMPF.PRES.3.SG
    Ali does not laugh
Example #8:

    (8)   para-m                 var (dIr)
    money-POSS.1.SG EX COP
    `I (truly/possibly) have money'
Example #9:

    (9)   para-m              yok
    money-POSS.1.SG NEG.EX
    `I have no maney'
Example #10:

    (10) Ali ev-de         (dIr)
    Ali Haus-LOC COP
    `Ali ist im Haus'
Example #11:

    (11) Ali burda (dIr)
    Ali here COP
    Ali is here
Example #12:

    (12) Ali burda degil (dir)
    Ali here NEG COP
    `Ali is (probably) not here' (not here, but probably somewhere else)
Example #13:

    (13) Ali burda yok (tur)
    Ali here NEG.EX (COP)
    `There is no Ali'
Example #14:

    (14) adam köpeg-i döv-dü
    man dog-ACC beat-PAST.3.SG
    `the man beat the dog'
Example #15:

    (15) adam cocug-a     top-u ver-di
    man child-DAT ball-ACC give-PAST.3.SG
    `the man gave the child a/the ball'
Example #16:

    (16) adam cocug-a top ver-di
    man child-DAT ball give-PAST.3.SG
    `the man gave the child a ball'
Example #17:

    (18) Ali-nin ev-i
    Ali-GEN house-POSS.3.SG
    `Ali's house'
Example #18:

    (19) adam-un ev-i
    man-GEN house-POSS.3.SG
    `the man's house'
Example #19:

    (20) benim bütün bu         güzel tahta    bilye-ler-im
    my        all DEM nice wooden ball-PL-POSS.1.SG
    `all these nice wooden balls of mine'
Example #20:

    (21) masa-nIn        üst-ü-n-de               dur-an      benim ...
    table-GEN       above-POSS.3.-FM-LOC stand-GER my ....
    `(all these nice wooden walls of mine) which are lying on the table'
Example #21:

    (23) o hIzlI koS-uyor
    he fast run-IMPF.PRES.3.SG
    `he is running fast'
Example #22:

    (25) adam Ali-nin    gül-me-si-n-i          iste-di
    man Ali-GEN laugh-NL-POSS.3.SG-LNK-ACC want-PAST.3.SG
    `the man wanted Ali to laugh'
Example #23:

    (26) gel-mek-isti-yor-um
    `I want to come'
Example #24:

    (27) adam gel-mek-isti-yor
    man come-INF-want-IMPF.PRES.3.SG
    `the man wanted to come'
Example #25:

    (28) adam gel-dikten-sonra          Ali ev-e      git-ti
    man come-GER-after             Ali house-DAT go-PAST.3.SG
    `after the man had come. Ali went home'
Example #26:

    (31) asker-di-m
    `I was a soldier'
Example #27:

    (32) sev-di-m
    `I loved'
Example #28:

    (33) elma-y-di
    `it was an apple'
Example #29:

    (34) ata-dI
    `he transported'
Example #30:

    (35) bu elma         ol-sa  i-di
    DEM apple be-COND COP.PAST.3.SG
    `if this were an apple
Example #31:

    (36) gül-üyor       ol-sa-y-di
    laugh-IMPF be-COND-LV-PAST.3.SG
    `if he would be laughing'
Example #32:

    = Ali gül-se-y-di
    Ali laugh-COND COP-PAST.3.SG
    `if Ali laughed'
Example #33:

    (38) bu     elma      i-se
    DEM apple COP-COND
    `if this is an apple'
Example #34:

    (39) gül-üyor            i-se
    `if he is laughing'
Example #35:

    (40) Su benim baba-m
    DEM my          father-1.SG
    `this father of mine'
Example #36:

    (41) bu /Su adam
    DEM man
    `this man'
Example #37:

    (42) bu gül-en-ler
    DEM laugh-PART-PL
    `these laughing ones'
Example #38:

    (43) bu gül-en           adam
    DEM laugh-PART man
    `this laughing man'
Example #39:

    (44) bu gül-en           adam-lar
    DEM laugh-PART man-PL
    `these laughing men'
Example #40:

    (45) erkek gibi olmak
    man like become
    `to act like a man'
Example #41:

    (46) köpek-les-mek
    `to act like a dog'
Example #42:

    (47) erkek-si
Example #43:

    (48) icki
    `(a) drink
Example #44:

    (49) icmek
    `(to) drink'
Example #45:

    (52) öld-ür-mek
    `to make dead', `to kill'
Example #46:

    (54) ev-in alt-I-n-da
    `at the underside of the house', `under the house'
Example #47:

    (55) gel-me-si                  uzun sür-dü
    come-GER-POSS.3.SG long last-PAST.3.SG
    `his coming takes long', `he is delayed'
Example #48:

    (56) gel-miS-lig-im               var
    come-REP-NL-POSS.1.SG EX
    `I have been here once before'
Example #49:

    (57) arkadaS-lar-Im         ev-de             yok-lar    (yok-tur-lar)
    friend-PL-POSS.1.SG house-LOC            NEG.EX-3.PL (NEG.EX COP-3.PL)
    `my friends are not home'
Example #50:

    (58) arkadaS-lar-Im ev-de-(ler)               (*var-lar)
    friend-PL-1.SG house-LOC-(PL)            (*EX-PL)
    `my friends are home'
Example #51:

    (59) Ali burda mI (dIr)?
    Ali here INT (COP)
    `Is Ali here?'
Example #52:

    (60) arkadaS-lar-Im         burda(-lar) mI(*lar)
    friend-PL-POSS.1.SG here-(PL) INT (*PL)
    `Are my friends here?'