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The following interlinear glossed text data was extracted from a document found on the World Wide Web via a semi-automated process. The data presented here could contain corruption (degraded or missing characters), so the source document (link below) should be consulted to ensure accuracy. If you use any of the data shown here for research purposes, be sure to cite ODIN and the source document. Please use the following citation record or variant thereof:

Lehmann, Christian (2003). Possession in Yucatec Maya.

URL: http://www.uni-erfurt.de/sprachwissenschaft/ASSidUE/ASSidUE10.pdf

(Last accessed 2005-03-29).

ODIN: http://odin.linguistlist.org/igt_raw.php?id= 847&langcode=yua (2021-09-17).


Example #1:

    E3.       chan        tanah
    little       house
    `little house'
Example #2:

    c. max il-ech?
    who         see-ABS.2.SG
    `who saw you?'
Example #3:

    E17.       a. in                  chan tanah
    POSS.1.SG little            house
    `my little house' (cf. BVS 09.01.09)
Example #4:

    b. in             on
    POSS.1.SG avocado
    `my avocado'
Example #5:

    E24.     a. yan a          kaxt-ik         a      ah-beh-il
    DEB SBJ.2 search-INCMPL           POSS.2 M-road-REL
    `you have to look for a guide'
Example #6:

    b. in        ahaw
    POSS.1.SG chief
    `my chief'
Example #7:

    E25.     a. in                ihoh / amikoh / erensiyah
    POSS.1.SG son           friend        heritage
    `my son/friend/heritage'
Example #8:

    b. in                albertoh
    POSS.1.SG Albert
    `my Albert'
Example #9:

    E26.     in             uchben atan
    POSS.1.SG      old           wife
    `my former wife'
Example #10:

    E27.     a. kom u                 y-ok
    short     POSS.3 0-foot
    `his foot is short'
Example #11:

    c. chowak            u       y-ok
    long            POSS.3 0-foot
    `his foot is long'
Example #12:

    E34.    a. t-u              y-il-ech            u          y-atan
    PAST-SBJ.3      0-see-ABS.2.SG      POSS.3 0-wife
    `his wife saw you'
Example #13:

    b. u         y-atan il-ech
    POSS.3 0-wife        see-ABS.2.SG
    `it's his wife who saw you'
Example #14:

    c. max atan il-ech?
    who      wife see-ABS.1.SG
    `whose wife saw you?'
Example #15:

    E35.    a. max atn-il?
    who      wife-REL
    `whose wife is she?'
Example #16:

    E37.     a. tan        u      kim-il           hun-tul          in            chan ihah
    PROG      SBJ.3 die-INCMPL        one-CL.animate POSS.1.SG little           daughter
    `a little daughter of mine was about to die' (FCP 276)
Example #17:

    E42.   a. in            ahaw
    POSS.1.SG chief
    `my chief'
Example #18:

    b. u          ahaw-il          in              kux-tal
    POSS.3 chief-REL           POSS.1.SG live-PROC
    `the master of my life (i.e. god)'
Example #19:

    E43.   a. in            yum
    POSS.1.SG master
    `my lord'
Example #20:

    b. seys u            tul-ul
    six   POSS.3 CL.animate-REL
    `they are six (persons)' (Lucy 1992:51)
Example #21:

    b. nuk-tak       u           wol-ol
    big-ADJ.PL POSS.3 heap-REL
    `the heaps are big' (Ch. Stolz p.c.)
Example #22:

    E78.     a. in               sih             chamal
    POSS.1.SG CL.presented          cigarette
    `the cigarette I gave away'
Example #23:

    b. in               matan        chamal
    POSS.1.SG CL.received cigarette
    `the cigarette I got'
Example #24:

    E96.     a. u          bak hun-tul           keh
    POSS.3 bone one-CL.animate deer
    `a deer's horn'
Example #25:

    b. u          bak-el       hun-tul         keh
    POSS.3 bone-REL        one-CL.animate deer
    `a deer's bone'
Example #26:

    b. u          chuch in                luch
    POSS.3 stalk       POSS.1.SG squash
    `my squash stalk'
Example #27:

    c. u          y-okom            in          nah-il
    POSS.3 0-pillar             POSS.1.SG house-REL
    `my (house-)pillar'
Example #28:

    E107. h         chik-pah      u           yum-il
    PAST appear-SPONT POSS.3 master-REL
    `there appeared the master/owner (Span. apareci el dueo)'
Example #29:

    ii. k-a             tas-ik.
    IMPF-SBJ.2     bring-INCMPL
    `you bring them.'
Example #30:

    iv. k-a             kaxt-k                   u        baloh-il,
    IMPF-SBJ.2     search-INCMPL            POSS.3 cross.beam-REL
    `you search the cross-beams,'
Example #31:

    E110. makan-mak             u          ah-beh-il?
    which-person        POSS.3 AG-road-REL
    `Who (lit. which one) is the guide?'
Example #32:

    E112. a. k-in                     ximbal
    IMPF-SBJ.1.SG       walk
    `I walk'
Example #33:

    b. t-u                y-il-ah     in            ximbal
    PAST-SBJ.3        0-see-CMPL [ SBJ.1.SG     walk ]
    `he saw me walk / my walk'
Example #34:

    E131. a. meyah-il mak
    work-REL person
Example #35:

    c. pib-il        wah
    earth.oven   tortilla
    `tortilla prepared in the earth-oven'
Example #36:

    E133. tunich-il        muknal
    stone-REL      grave
    `stone grave'
Example #37:

    E135. u             hanl-il     kol
    POSS.3     meal-REL     milpa
    `milpa meal' (traditional meal)
Example #38:

    E142. in              pal-ech              (ten)
    POSS.1.SG     child-ABS.2.SG me
    `you are my child'
Example #39:

    E150. a. yan            in                tsimin
    EXIST    POSS.1.SG horse
    `I have a horse/horses'
Example #40:

    b. yan         ten          tsimin
    EXIST    me            horse
Example #41:

    E152. a. yan            u             tsimin Hwan
    EXIST    POSS.3 horse            John
    `John has a horse.'
Example #42:

    E160. hach yan        u        xikin
    really EXIST   POSS.3 ear
    `he has fine ears'
Example #43:

    E165. kok u                   xikin
    deaf    POSS.3 ear
    `she is deaf'
Example #44:

    b. kok          (u         xikin) in                 mamah
    deaf      POSS.3 ear              POSS.1.SG mother
    `my mother is deaf'
Example #45:

    c. hun-tul                 senyorah moch, moch y-ok
    one-CL.animate       lady           lame       [lame     0-foot]
    `a lame lady, a lady with lame feet' (MUUCH 017)
Example #46:

    E174. t-in                hak-ah                u        y-ex
    PAST-SBJ.1.SG pull.down-CMPL          POSS.3 0-pants
    `I pulled down his pants'
Example #47:

    E194. a             tatah (tech)
    POSS.2     father     you
    `your father'
Example #48:

    E197. a. in            tatah-ech
    POSS.1.SG father-ABS.2.SG
    `you are my father'
Example #49:

    b. tatah-tsil-ech
    `you are a/the father'