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List of documents and pages with Interlinear examples for Franco-Provençal (frp)
(Alternate names and dialects for Franco-Provençal are Neuchâtelois, Savoyard, Valaisan, Vaudois, Patois, Dauphinois, Lyonnais, Neuchatelais, Arpitan, Celle San Vito, Faeto, Valle D'aosta, Faetar, Patoé Valdoten, Valdostano, and Valdotain)

URL #         Verified Raw xml
http://www.unige.ch/lettres/linge/syntaxe/journal/pdf_volume_one/article5_Vecchi... 3High YesNo
http://www.cog.jhu.edu/faculty/legendre/papers/NLLT31.pdf 2High YesNo
http://www.cog.jhu.edu/faculty/legendre/papers/romanian.final.pdf 2High YesNo
http://www.er.uqam.ca/nobel/r32764/ftp/H&L-LSRL2002.pdf 2HighNoNo

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